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Residential Projects

Residential plan review assists customers who are constructing, remodeling, or altering a residential structure. Staff from the building inspections, planning and zoning, and floodplain management departments work together to educate customers and enforce the requirements of the Florida Building Code or FBC, Santa Rosa County Land Development Code and other local ordinances. Many different types of projects may require plan review approval and permitting prior to work commencing, including:

  • New Construction
  • Mobile Homes
  • Additions
  • Roofing
  • Remodel/Repair/Renovation
  • Windows/Doors/Siding
  • Hurricane Protection: Shutters/Panels
  • Docks/Piers/Seawalls
  • Pools
  • Screen Rooms
  • Accessory Buildings: Garage/Sheds/Pole Barns
  • Electrical service change
  • Replacement A/C unit
  • New gas fireplace

Platted residential subdivision proposals are submitted to and reviewed by the Santa Rosa County Engineering Department. Click here to view information regarding the subdivision process, or you may contact 850-981-7100.

Forms and applications required for permitting and site review are located on the "Forms" tab above. Please contact a plans examiner or permit technician with any questions about your proposed project.


Step 1 - Getting Started
Introduce yourself to the development review process and requirements. Please visit the links below for state and local regulations which we enforce. You may also call (850) 981-7000 to speak with our residential plans examiner. For property owners that wish to construct or remodel without a contractor we have an owner/builder liaison to provide assistance throughout the project.
Goal: Make sure your proposed project is feasible and familiarize yourself with the development review process.
Step 2 - Other Necessary Approvals
County permits may not be all that is necessary for your particular situation. Each situation is different and may require other federal, state and county approvals to proceed.

Health Department - If your lot does not have access to a sewer connection, you will need to obtain a permit for the installation of septic system.

Water/Sewer Connection - If potable water or sewer is available you must pay a tap fee and connect to the providing water and/or sewer system.

Driveway Permits
- If your lot is located on a state road you must receive a state driveway permit. If you are located north of I-10, contact the Florida Department of Transportation, or FDOT, at (850) 981-3000. If you are located South of I-10, contact the FDOT contractor Transfield Services, Inc. at (850) 678-2993. Lots not located on a state roadway must receive a County driveway permit. This permit is issued at the time of permitting. If you wish to install the driveway prior to obtaining your building permit please contact the Santa Rosa County Public Works Department at (850) 626-0191.

Energy Forms - Energy calculations will need to be completed on your plans. You may contact the power company that services your lot for these calculations.

Termite Treatment - You will need a letter from the company who will be performing the termite treatment specifying the type, method and chemical to be used.

Fire Impact Fee - If you are located within Midway, Holley Navarre or Avalon Fire districts you are required to pay a fire impact fee to the district.

Special Zoning Areas - If you are located within the City of Milton or Town of Jay, you will need to obtain zoning approval from these jurisdictions prior to permit issuance. If you are located within the Navarre Town Center and Bagdad Historical District, you may need specific approval before proceeding. You can apply for Navarre Town Center and Bagdad Historical District approval through our department review boards.
Goal: Ensure that all necessary permits and approvals are obtained for your project in a timely manner.
Step 3 - Plan Submission and Staff Review
Site Plan Submittal - Submit a completed application with two sets of plans. Your submission will need to include all outside approvals, a plot plan and a schedule of Florida product approval codes.
Staff Review - Residential plans are reviewed by the zoning division for compliance with the land development code, by the building inspection division for concurrence with Florida Building Code and by the flood division to determine if the parcel is located within a flood zone. Most staff reviews will be completed within seven business days.
Goal: Ensure that all required plans, information, and materials are submitted with the application.
Step 4 - Plan Approval and Permit Issuance
Plan Submittals - At the conclusion of staff review, your plans will either be approved or review comments will be issued calling for revisions or additional information. If revisions or additional information are required, a resubmittal will be necessary. There is no fee for plan resubmittals.
Revisions - You will need to submit the required information with a revision form. Revisions are reviewed within two to three business days.

Plan Approval
Permit Issuance - Once the submission is approved with all applicable regulations, staff will issue the necessary building permits. Upon payment of permit fees, the contractor may pick up the approved plans/permit and building construction can commence.
Track Your Permit
Step 5 - Inspections
Building Inspections - Schedule all required inspections as the job progresses. Please select the link below for a generic list of required inspections to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy or CO.
Driveway Inspection - If you are located on a County Maintained road a final inspection is required by road and bridge department (850) 623-1208 to ensure that no damage was done to the right-of-way.
Goal: Ensure that inspections are completed during the appropriate phase of construction.
Step 6 - Time to Occupy

The county will issue a Certificate of Occupancy, CO, or Certificate of Completion, or COC, after all final inspections have passed.

Access Management Application 231908 kb

Application for approval of new driveways located on access management roadways.

Accessory Exemption 280234 kb

Exemption form for residential storage buildings under 600 square feet.

Affidavit of Plan Review 12337 kb

Form for engineers to complete when they have completed a plan review.

Agricultural Farm Building Exemption 238333 kb

Form to apply for a permit exemption for an agricultural farm building.

Airport Zone Disclosure Form 18236 kb

Disclosure form required to be completed as part of real estate sales/leases of property located in Military or Private Airport Notification Zones.

Building Plan Revision Form 121915 kb

Form to be completed when submitting additional information or revisions required by the building inspection plan review staff.

Coastal Construction Application 139717 kb

Application for zoning approval of coastal construction activities (i.e. docks, piers, seawalls, etc.).

Copy Request Form 127064 kb
Demolition Application 369632 kb
Electrical Application 211188 kb

Application for new and existing wiring and wire-related work including phones and security systems.

Erosion Control Methods for Residential Lots 1448512 kb

Diagram of common methods used for erosion control.

Family Homestead and Parent Parcel Application 128520 kb

Application for approval of family homestead or parent parcel (unplatted) subdivision.

Gas Application 187666 kb

Application for new and existing piping and pipe-related work including water heaters and liquid petroleum tanks.

Low Voltage Alarm System Project with Label 183888 kb

Application to be submitted when low voltage alarm work has commenced using a low voltage label issued by out office to an alarm contractor upon their request.

Mechanical Application 331531 kb

Application for new and existing duct and air-related work including coolers and air conditioners.

Minor Land Clearing Application 145341 kb

Application for minor land clearing (no land disturbing, root raking)

Minor Subdivision Application 132285 kb

Application for minor (unplatted) subdivision approval.

Mobile Home Application 823499 kb

Application for the tie down or set up of a mobile home.

Notice of Commencement 46107 kb

Form that must be completed and recorded at the Clerks Office for work that is over $2500.

Owner Builder Packet for Residential 522442 kb

Application for property owners who want to build a new single family home on their lot for their use.

Owner Disclosure 39344 kb

Form required for all permits pulled by the property owner.

Permit Extension Request 129254 kb
Plumbing Application 489700 kb

Application for new and existing plumbing and plumbing-related work.

Pool Application 157932 kb

Application for a swimming pool or spa.

Refund Request for Permit 216695 kb
Replacement HVAC Certification 123084 kb

Template that HVAC contractors can use when replacing a condensing and evaporator unit.

Residential Building Permit Application 279036 kb

Application for residential structures including but not limited to: new construction, interior remodels, accessory structures over 600 sq ft and installation of windows and hurricane shutters.

Roofing Application 581353 kb

Application for roofing permit for residential structures. Application include a water barrier affidavit which is required when roofing material is torn off and new material installed.

Scope of Work 119989 kb

Form needed in addition to the application when doing small projects that do not require plans.

Temporary Power Request 130154 kb

Application for power to a structure that has not received all approved finals.


Residential Review Staff Information
Residential Review Staff
Karen Thornhill, Gordon Lay
Contact Residential Review
Phone: (850) 981-7000 E-mail Residential Review

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