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    A partnership between Santa Rosa County and the Santa Rosa Clean Community System, Inc.

    Help Keep Santa Rosa County Beautiful!

    Trash along our roadways is a problem that we all can see- a problem which looks like it is getting worse by the day. It can make any community seem uncaring and damper the beauty of our natural environment our residents prize. Besides being unsightly, litter can also be a starting point for other community blight. Help keep Santa Rosa County beautiful and stop the cycle today.

    According to Keep America Beautiful, there are 3 places that people tend to litter:

    1) Where they feel no sense of ownership,
    2) Where they think someone else is paid to clean it up and
    3) Where trash has already accumulated, also called the “magnet     effect”.

    If we all share responsibility- individuals, business, and organizations- we can positively affect the behavior of others in their community. By joining the Santa Rosa Adopt-a-Spot program, you can you are placing a sense of ownership on your area, showing that volunteers are giving their time to keep Santa Rosa Clean and eliminating the magnet effect. When you adopt-a-spot you will receive one or two signs (depending on the area) recognizing your group’s Earth-friendly efforts and community pride in keeping Santa Rosa County Beautiful. You’ll also receive some of the tools needed for completing your clean up including reporting forms, garbage bags and disposal of garbage bags.

    When you adopt a spot, you are agreeing to:
    • Pick up light trash in your assigned area.
    • Report any large items to the number provided.
    • Put the filled bags by your sign and call us to pick up the bags.
    • Send us a report form.
    • All minors will be accompanied by an adult.
    • You will pick up litter six times a year or more. One of those pick-ups must be during the Great American Clean-Up which is the third Saturday in April.
    Ready to get started? Click here to fill out the online application or contact us at:
    Santa Rosa Clean Community System, Inc.
    PO Box 453
    Milton, FL 32572
    (850) 623-1930
    email: srclean

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