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Keep Santa Rosa County Beautiful

Santa Rosa Clean Community System, Inc.
P.O. Box 453
Milton, FL 32572

Call Us: (850) 623-1930

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We ask that you pick-up your assigned area a minimum of six times each year. This is certainly not a maximum amount. As a matter of fact, we are counting on you to be our eyes in that section, and monitor it whenever you can. You may come and get trash bags at the Clean Community System or use your own. After you pick-up, bags can be left at the base of the sign and will be picked up after you give us a call. Also feel free to throw them in your vehicle and dispose of them if there isn’t too much. The main thing is that we get the Clean-Up Reporting form back for each clean-up. You can also feel free to
e-mail us the relevant information at srclean

If you keep your area clean on an ongoing basis, give us your best “guesstimate monthly as to how much you have picked up. No need to report to us every time you pick up if you are doing it that often, once a month or every other month is fine.

If you find any large items (appliances, couches, etc.), give us a call and the county road department will pick them up. All calls regarding the program should be directed to the Clean Community System at 623-1930.

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