Commissioner Committee
Monday, November 06, 2017 - 9:00 a.m.
Santa Rosa County Administrative Center Board Room, 6495 Caroline Street, Milton
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9:00 a.m. Call to Order - Chairman: Rob Williamson
Information Only - Thursday, November 9, 2017
  • Veterans Day
  • National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week

Information Only - Thursday, November 9, 2017
Conclusion of Meeting:  Board Reorganization 2018  

Administrative Committee   -  Williamson & Cole
1) Event Request - Night in Bethlehem
Discussion of the request from Coastline Calvary Chapel of Navarre to utilize Navarre Park for a Night in Bethlehem scheduled for December 8, 2017 from 12:00 pm to 9 pm.

2) Triumph Pre - Application for Whiting Aviation Park and Northwest Florida Industrial Park @ I-10
Discussion of authorization to submit Triumph pre-applications for the infrastructure construction development at Whiting Aviation Park and the Northwest Florida Industrial Park @ I-10 while committing a 20% match toward both projects.   

3) Pier Agreement - Growing Santa Rosa Enterprises
Discussion of approval of agreement with Growing Santa Rosa Enterprises, LLC for the operation and management of the Navarre Beach Gulf Pier and Concession.

4) HBTS BearWise Grant Fund Application
Discussion of approval of correspondence to Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission regarding the Holley-by-the-Sea HOA BearWise grant funding as requested by the Bear Management Program Coordinator.

5) Alcohol Variance Request - James Long
Discussion of the request from James Long to serve alcohol at their family Christmas party scheduled for December 16, 2017, at the Pace Community Center.

6) Triumph
Discussion of letter of support for two Triumph proposals submitted by the Town of Jay as well as discussion of desired process for project proposals from private entities.

7) Pay Scale Modification
Discussion of approval to amend the County’s pay scale to meet the upcoming change in Florida’s Minimum Wage change.

8) Bear Encounters - Letter to Florida Fish & Wildlife
Discussion of approval of correspondence to Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission seeking action to reduce the danger, by population reduction if necessary, of bear encounters in Santa Rosa County.

9) Presentation - The Nature Conservancy - NFWF Oyster Reef Project Update
Anne Birch, with The Nature Conservancy, will provide a presentation on the status of the NFWF funded project "Restore Oyster Habitat in East and Blackwater Bays".

10) Coastal Partnership Initiative Grant Amendment for Bagdad Mill Site Park Bathroom Construction
Discussion of Amendment No. 2 to DEP Agreement CM 632 extending the deadline for project completion through June 30, 2018 and revising the scope of work and budget to reflect approved contract and budget for restroom construction.

11) Justice Assistance Grant - Certificate of Participation
Discussion of approval of Certificate of Participation for 2018 Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (State Solicitation) in the amount of $46,863 and designation of Marcia Arnold of Sheriff's Office as the Point of Contact. 

12) Add-on Commissioner Parker

13) Add-on Commissioner Cole

14) Add-on Commissioner Williamson

Economic Development Committee   -  Williamson & Cole
1) Gulf Tourism and Seafood Promotional Funds Grant
Discussion that the Santa Rosa County Tourist Development Office has been selected to submit a marketing proposal to BP and the Plaintiff Steering Committee to receive a final Gulf Tourism and Seafood Promotional Funds grant in the amount of $150,000. 

2) Project PS2 Request to Advertise for Sale
Discussion of request from staff to advertise for the sale of approximately 15 acres on Armstrong Road in the Santa Rosa Industrial Park.  

Engineer's Report
1) Geosyntec Consultants Task Order for Central Landfill Operations Permit Renewal
Discussion of a Task Order with Geosyntec Consultants to provide engineering services related to the Central Landfill Operations Permit renewal for the Class I, Class III and Yard Waste Processing Facility at a cost of $149,900.00 and authorize the Chairman to sign all necessary documents.

2) Little Duck Circle MSBU Acceptance
Discussion of MSBU Acceptance for Little Duck Circle, a portion of Section 27, Township 2 South, Range 28 West, Santa Rosa County, Florida.  (District 5)  Location:  1/2 mile, more or less, South on Central Parkway from Gulf Breeze Parkway.  Quiet Court:  493 LF Central Parkway:  278 LF Jaetin Court:  526 LF Little Duck Circle:  694 LF

3) Nature’s Cove Preliminary Plat
Discussion of Preliminary Plat for Nature's Cove, a 89 lot subdivision, a portion of Section 26, Township 2 South, Range 28 West, Santa Rosa County, Florida.  (District 5) Location:  0.8 mile, more or less, South on Nantahala Beach Road from Gulf Breeze Parkway, 1.3 miles, more or less West on Soundside Drive, property on North Side of Soundside Drive.

4) Nature’s Cove Subdivision Variance
Discussion of Variance to allow low-pressure sewer in Nature’s Cove Subdivision.

5) Pace Patterson HMGP Construction Contract Award
Discussion of contract award to Panhandle Paving and Grading for the Pace Patterson HMGP flood mitigation project.

Public Service's Committee   -  Cole & Parker
1) Subordination Request for 4989 Mayo Circle - Pace
Discussion of approval of the SHIP mortgage subordination request for the property located at 4989 Mayo Circle, Pace.  Agreement is consistent with Board policy.

2) FDOT Roadway Project Updates and Discussion
Discussion of current Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) roadway projects along US 90, US 98 and SR 87 Connector.

Public Works Committee   -  Salter & Lynchard
1) Request for Golf Cart Legal Streets in the Paradise Bay Subdivision
Discussion of request from the Paradise Bay HOA for a resolution allowing golf carts to operate on the roadways in the Paradise Bay subdivision.

2) Sidewalk Mowing Bids
Discussion of awarding a sidewalk mowing contract to Gulf Coast Environmental Contractors in the amount of $110,441.00 annually. The funding source is to be determined.

3) Navarre Park Pier Demolition Bids
Discussion of awarding the removal of the boardwalk and performance pier at the Navarre Park to FIDS Marine in the amount of $29,500.00 as the low quote received.  The funding source will need to be determined.

4) John Deere Tractor Buy Back
Discussion of purchase of five (5) model 6105E tractors from Smith Tractor Co. for $8,500 each, for a total of $42,500, including the trade-in of five (5) two-year-old model 6105 tractors, in accordance with the agreement approved at the November 12, 2015 meeting.

Budget & Financial Management Committee   -  Parker & Lynchard
1) Bid Action
 Discussion of bids received for the demolition and re-construction project for the property located at 4473 Limit Street in Bagdad, Florida. Low bidder meeting specifications is Bill Walther Construction with a bid of $82,968.00.

2) Landfill Loan Agreement and Resolution
Discussion of approval of the Resolution and Loan Agreement with the Florida Association of Counties authorizing  the borrowing of not exceeding $3,000,000 to finance the costs of the Landfill Phase V Expansion Project.

3) ExtraHop - Network Performance Monitoring
Discussion of the approval for the purchase from Presido for monitoring the Local Area/Internal Network (LAN) infrastructure at a cost of $52,145. The complex LAN system is requiring much of staff time and this will provide the much needed dashboard and insight into the county's internal wired and wireless traffic while providing additional security at the pc and server entry points. This monitoring software is in the FY18 budget.

4) Budget Amendment 2017-194
Discussion of Budget Amendment 2017-194 in the amount of $196,000 to transfer funds from the General Fund to the Beach Berm Restoration Fund for the balance of the restoration project cost for FY2017.

5) Budget Amendment 2017-195
Discussion of Budget Amendment 2017-195 in the amount of $1,943 to close out Joseph Circle MSBU for FY2017.

6) Budget Amendment 2017-196
Discussion of Budget Amendment 2017-196 in the amount of $1,469,817 to correct Budget Amendment 2017-053. The original budget amendment showed a balance brought forward instead of recognizing grant revenue.

7) Budget Amendment 2018-046
Discussion of Budget Amendment 2018-046 in the amount of $3,155,828 to carry forward fund balances in the Recreation Funds and places in reserves.

8) Budget Amendment 2018-047
Discussion of Budget Amendment 2018-047 in the amount of $33,842 to purchase an Integrated Service Digital Network at a cost of $30,621 and a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for 911 voice calls at a cost of $3,221 as approved at the October 26, 2017 meeting.

9) Budget Amendment 2018-048
Discussion of Budget Amendment 2018-048 in the amount of $744 to fund the annual expense for the lights and water fountain that serves Swenson Park from District 5 Recreation Funds.

10) Budget Amendment 2018-049
Discussion of Budget Amendment 2018-049 in the amount of $2,378,658 to carry forward prior year Electric Franchise Fee balances of $2,378,658 to Economic Development Reserves ($1,905,753) and to the Road & Drainage Reserves ($472,905).

11) Budget Amendment 2018-050
Discussion of Budget Amendment 2018-050 in the amount of $208,073 to establish the Floridatown Park Project  #106 by recognizing FRDAP grant of $50,000; approved LOST funding of $140,119 and District 1 Rec funding of $17,954 and allocate for expenditure.

12) Budget Amendment 2018-051
Discussion of Budget Amendment 2018-051 in the amount of $158,836 to establish the Chumuckla Park Project  #301 with approved LOST funding of $150,000 and District 3 Rec funding of $8,836 and allocate for expenditure.

13) Budget Amendment 2018-052
Discussion of Budget Amendment 2018-052 in the amount of $435,794 to transfer funds from the Future Capital Outlay account to the Paving Project account in the LOST Fund for the remainder of the Woodbine road resurfacing project ($194,908) and the Allentown Road Widening and Resurfacing Project ($240,886).  

14) Budget Amendment 2018-053
Discussion of Budget Amendment 2018-053 in the amount of $37,825 to carry forward unspent funds for the rust removal, ospho prime and re-painting of structural beams, purlins and stringers in hangar buildings E through M from Ezra Sweeney Painting Co., Inc. as approved at the May 11, 2017 meeting.

15) Budget Amendment 2018-054
Discussion of Budget Amendment 2018-054 in the amount of $284,266 to establish the Optimist Park Project #214 by recognizing approved LOST funding of $230,000 and LOST/ADA funding of $3,642 and District 2 Rec funding of $50,624 and allocate for expenditure.

16) Budget Amendment 2018-055
Discussion of Budget Amendment 2018-055 in the amount of $17,580 to return unspent funds to District 1 & 3 Rec Funds for the Santa Rosa Sportsplex projects.

17) Budget Amendment 2018-056
Discussion of Budget Amendment 2018-056 in the amount of $22,791 to carry forward authorized unspent funds for the metal roof of the batting cage ($17,959) at the Santa Rosa Sportsplex and the rollup door at Navarre Gym ($4,832).

18) Budget Amendment 2018-057
Discussion of Budget Amendment 2018-057 in the amount of $25,000 for the annual distribution for parks and recreation for the Town of Jay from Dist. 3 Rec Funds.

19) Budget Amendment 2018-058
Discussion of Budget Amendment 2018-058 in the amount of $745,000 to roll over prior year budget authorization for expenditure for FY 2018 for the CDBG funded sewer project in Legend Creek.

20) Check Register
Discussion of approval of check register.

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