Commissioner Regular
Thursday, May 12, 2016 - 9:00 AM
Tiger Point Community Center, 1370 Tiger Park Lane, Gulf Breeze
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9:00 AM Call to Order - Chairman: Lane Lynchard
Prayer - Associate Pastor Andrew Bosak, Midway Baptist Church

Pledge of Allegiance

Approval of Minutes
Approval of the minutes of the April 28, 2016 Regular and Special Meetings

Approval of the Agenda


9:30 AM Public Hearings
1) Proposed Ordinances
  1. Street lighting MSBUs for Avalon Estates and Duncan Ridge
  2. Polynesian Isles Canal Maintenance Dredging
  3. Ponderosa Drive Design/Planning and Construction of Paving/Water/Sewer MSBU
  4. Section of Camden Drive between Hartland Street and Castlewood Street and approval of attached resolution

US 98 Retiming Project
Administrative Committee   -  Lynchard & J. Williamson
1) HOK Final Concept Report
Recommend Board acceptance of the HOK final conceptual report on courthouse siting and design.

2) Local Option Sales Tax
Discussion of draft ballot language for the Local Option Sales Tax referendum for inclusion on the August primary ballot and approval to schedule and advertise a public hearing on June 9, 2016 for consideration of the related ordinance.

3) MSBU Tentative Rate Resolution
Recommend approval of the tentative rate resolution for 2016-2017 Municipal Service Benefit Unit (MSBU) projects.

4) Bagdad Mill Site Park - TDC Reallocation
Recommend approval of the reallocation of $25,000.00 in TDC funding to the Bagdad Mill Site Park from amount previously allocated to the Bagdad sidewalk project.

5) Enterprise Wide Risk Assessment
Recommend advertisement of an RFQ for a consultant to provide an Enterprise Wide Risk Assessment in order to meet the federal requirement to be a direct recipient of federal funding.

6) Revised Rate Resolution
Recommend approval of amended fee schedule resolution for the Florida Department of Health in Santa Rosa County.  

7) Surplus Property Items
Recommend declaration as surplus property items from Emergency Operations Department as recommended by the Clerk of Courts.

8) Mad Dash for Missions in Color
Recommend approval of the request by Woodbine UMC to reschedule the Mad Dash for Missions in Color to June 18, 2016.

9) Six Cent Local Option Gas Tax Renewal
Recommend approval to schedule and advertise a public hearing for renewal of Ordinance 2006-13 on June 9, 2016.

10) Meeting Announcement
Information Item - The Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Florida Coastal Office will hold a public meeting to receive comments on the Yellow River Marsh Aquatic Preserve draft management plan which will be held on May 23, 2016, 6:00-7:30 p.m. at the County Extension Office at 6263 Dogwood Drive, Milton.

11) Meeting List
  • Commission Committee                                                  May  23                    9:00 a.m.
  • Bagdad Architectural Advisory Board                             May  25                    8:30 a.m.
    • Public Services Conference Room, 6051 Old Bagdad Hwy., Milton
  • Parks and Recreation                                                     May  25                    5:30 p.m.
  • Commission Regular                                                      May  26                    9:00 a.m.
  • Commission Special – Rezoning Meeting                      May  26                    6:00 p.m.
  • Tourist Development South End Committee                  May  31                    8:30 a.m.
    • Navarre Visitors’ Center, 8543 Navarre Parkway, Navarre

Economic Development Committee   -  J. Williamson & Lynchard
1) Bid for 20 Acres from Fabbro Marine-Project Anchor
Recommend acceptance of bid from Fabbro Marine for the purchase of 20 acres on Jeff Ates Road in the Santa Rosa Industrial Park East.
Engineer's Report
1) Recycle Warehouse Modifications
Recommend award of modifications to the recycle warehouse to Farrington Enterprises, Inc. in the amount of $14,885.00 based on comparison shopping.

2) Landfill Gas Well Sedimentation Removal
Recommend sediment removal from six LFG wells by Florida Jetclean for a maximum of three (3) days at a total cost of $16,525.00. 

3) Central Landfill Class I Permit Modifications
Recommend Change Order No. 1 to Task Order 15-03 with SCS Engineers in the amount of $17,600.00 to complete the Central Landfill Class I Permit modifications for submission to Florida Department of Environmental Protection. 

4) CSX Right-of-Way at Peter Prince Field
Recommend CSX remove trees in their right-of-way at Peter Prince Field with associated costs being paid from Peter Prince reserves.

5) Peter Prince Field Runway Rehabilitation Project
Recommend submittal of bids for the Peter Prince Field runway rehabilitation project to FAA for grant funding.

6) Coastal Concessions Operations
Recommend use of the sandy area northeast of pier building for Coastal Concessions operations.

7) Creets Landing Preliminary Plat
Recommend approval of Preliminary Plat for Creets Landing, a 44 lot subdivision located in District 4. 

8) Creets Landing Construction Plans
Recommend approval of Construction Plans for Creets Landing, a 44 lot subdivision located in District 4.

9) Oceans Five Preliminary Plat
Recommend approval of Preliminary Plat for Oceans Five, a 6 lot subdivision located in District 5.    

10) Oceans Five Construction Plans
Recommend approval of Construction Plans for Oceans Five, a 6 lot subdivision located in District 5.  

Public Service's Committee   -  Cole & R. Williamson
1) Request for Abatement Bid Proceedings
Recommend approval for staff to proceed with the abatement bid process for the following properties:
  • 5350 Bob Sikes Blvd., Jay
  • 6885 Chuck Wagon Ln., Milton
  • 6004 East Bay Blvd., Gulf Breeze
  • 4598 Highway 182, Jay
  • 9028 Navarre Pkwy., Navarre
  • 9213 Navarre Pkwy., Navarre
  • 4608 Simpson St., Milton

2) Hazards Analysis Agreement
Recommend acceptance of funds for the 2016/2017 Hazard Analysis Agreement between the Florida Division of Emergency Management and Santa Rosa County in the amount of $9,475.00 and authorize the execution of the relevant documents. There is no match requirement.

Public Works Committee   -  Salter & Cole
1) Navarre Park Splash Pad Contract
Recommend approval of contract with Prescription Pools and Spas, L.L.C. for testing and servicing of the Navarre Park Splash Pad as required by code with funding from the TDC budget.

2) NYSA Utility Vehicle
Recommend purchase of one (1) John Deere PR15 Gator TX utility vehicle for the Navarre Youth Sports Association in the amount of $6,887.16 from Beard Equipment Co. based on comparison shopping, with funding from District Four Recreation Funds.

Budget & Financial Management Committee   -  R. Williamson & Salter
1) Bid Recommendation
Recommend bid in the amount of $34,970 from Wolfe Construction, Inc. for a substantial rehabilitation project located at 6642 Grace Street, Milton, FL. The total project cost with fees is $36,821.54, which exceeds the policy limit of $35,000.

2) Budget Amendment 2016-134
Recommend Budget Amendment 2016 - 134 in the amount of $6,900 to transfer funds from District IV Rec Fund to the Parks Department for one (1) Gator TX as requested by Navarre Youth Sports Association for the Navarre Sports Complex. 

3) Budget Amendment 2016-135
Recommend Budget Amendment 2016 - 135 in the amount of $23,000 to transfer funds from Regular Salaries originally intended to fund the Procurement Manager position that will not be filled this remaining fiscal year to Other Contractual Services to pay for a Landrum employee.

4) Budget Amendment 2016-136
Recommend Budget Amendment 2016 - 136 in the amount of $40,000 to fund the right-of-way costs and acquisition expenses for the Hamilton Bridge Road Sidewalks LAP Project from District I Rec Funds ($10,000) and Area 2 Impact Fees ($30,000) as approved at the April 28, 2016 meeting.

5) Budget Amendment 2016-137
Recommend Budget Amendment 2016 - 137 in the amount of $1,550 transferring funds from District III Recreation Fund to the General Fund, Parks Department. This is to add two irrigation zones (including wiring, timer, and labor and tying into existing mainline) around the playground at the Pace Community Center.

6) Budget Amendment 2016-138
Recommend Budget Amendment 2016 - 138 in the amount of $125,000 to fund the Board approved Pugh settlement  of $75,000 and to cover an unforeseen increase of $50,000 in the cost of property and flood insurance policies.

7) Budget Amendment 2016-139
Discussion of budget amendment 2016 - 139 in the amount of $25,000 to reallocate funds available for sidewalk improvements in Bagdad to the Bagdad Mill Site Park needed for additional park improvements.

8) Check Register
Recommend the County Check Register.

County Administrator   -  Tony Gomillion
County Attorney   -  Roy Andrews
Public Forum