April 26, 2005

File # 037

Milton, Florida


Present:  Procurement Officer, Office Assistant II, Tim Brown representing W & W Enterprises, LLC; Randy Peterson representing Advance Construction Services, Inc; Bobby Evers representing Evers Site Work and Excavation, Inc.; Dennis Atwell representing Crowder-Gulf Joint Venture, Inc.; Lance Sheffield representing ThomCo Enterprises, Inc.; and Steve Duncan representing Natural Resource Conservation.  The meeting took place at 10:00 a.m.


The purpose of the meeting was to open bids for Emergency Watershed Protection Package #4. Bids were received from the following:


  EWP Package #4:

 1. Three Deuces, Inc.                                         $162,222.00

 2. W & W Enterprises, LLC                             $166,950.00

 3. Crowder-Gulf Joint Venture, Inc.                $216,400.00

 4. Advance Construction Services, Inc.            $229,000.00

 5. ThomCo Enterprises, Inc.                              $239,915.00

 6. Evers Site Work and Excavation, Inc.            $246,000.00

 7. Herve Cody Contractor                                $490,000.00