May 24, 2005

File #41,42,43,44,45

Milton, Florida


Present:  Procurement Officer, Office Assistant II, Joe Yates representing Three Deuces, Inc.; Mass Blackwell Jr. representing Three Deuces, Inc.; Mike Williams representing Byrd Brothers, Inc.; Larry Porterfied representing J.B. Coxwell Contracting, Inc.; Joe Adams representing J.B. Coxwell Contracting, Inc.; Craig Helms representing Roads, Inc. of NWF; Steve Duncan representing USDA-NRCS, Lance Sheffield representing ThomCo Enterprises, Inc.; and Ann Shavers representing W and W Enterprises, LLC.  The meeting took place at 10:00 a.m.


The purpose of the meeting was to open proposals for RFP-Engineering Services Navarre Fishing Pier; and bids for the Sale of Property (2 acres), EWP-Project Package #5, EWP-CR182, and EWP-Spitfire Street. Bids and proposals were received from the following:



  RFP-Engineering Services Navarre Fishing Pier:

  1.  Dyer, Riddle, Mills & Precourt, Inc.                                   Proposal

  2.  Bergmann Associates Team                                               Proposal

  3.  Baskerville-Donovan, Inc.                                                 Proposal

  4.  Volkert & Associates, Inc.                                                Proposal

  5.  MRD Associates, Inc.                                                       Proposal

  6.  PBS&J, Inc.                                                                      Proposal

  7.  Maintenance Design Group                                                No Proposal


  Sale of Property (2 acres):

  1.  Wire World, Inc.                                                               $18,000.00 per acre


  EWP-Project Package #5:

  1.  Three Deuces, Inc.                                                            $270,222.00

  2.  Byrd Brothers, Inc.with teaming partner W.P.R., Inc.         $441,663.00

  3.  J.B. Coxwell Contracting, Inc.                                           $821,154.40

  4.  W & W Enterprises, LLC                                                Non Responsive



  1.  J.B. Coxwell Contracting, Inc.                                           $134,233.20

  2.  W and W Enterprises, LLC.                                              $135,199.34

  3.  Carterís Contracting Services, Inc.                                    $149,008.00

  4.  Roads, Inc. of NWF                                                          $170,740.00

  5.  Cahaba Disaster teaming with W.P.R., Inc.                        $182,478.00

  6.  Three Deuces, Inc.                                                            $372,222.00


  EWP-Spitfire Street:

  1.  Carterís Contracting Services, Inc.                                    $ 99,967.60

  2.  J.B. Coxwell Contracting, Inc.                                           $156,957.39

  3.  ThomCo Enterprises, Inc.                                                  $159,002.41

  4.  Roads, Inc. of NWF                                                          $185,124.00

  5.  W and W Enterprises, LLC                                               $214,271.20

  6.  Cahaba Disaster teaming with W.P.R., Inc.                        $236,020.00

  7.  Three Deuces, Inc.                                                            $492,222.00