February 14, 2006

File #33,34,35,36

Milton, Florida


Present:  Procurement Officer; Office Assistant II; Richard Summerville representing Lafarge N.A.; and Shannon Ogletree representing TEAM Santa Rosa. The meeting took place at 10:00 a.m.


The purpose of the meeting was to open proposals for Artificial Reefs; and bids for Sale of Property 15 acres, Drilling & Well Construction Services, and 4WD 9200 GVWR Crew w/Towing Package. Proposals and bids were received from the following:


  RFP-Artificial Reef:

1.      No Response



  Sale of Property – 15 acres:

  1.  Mohr Partners, Inc.                       1-8 acres          $50,000.00 per acre

                                                            2-15 acres        $25,000.00 per acre


  2.  Maisel Family Properties, LLC                              $23,500.00 per acre



  Drilling & Well Construction Services:

  1.  Prosonic Corporation                                            multiple unit costs



  4WD 9200 GVWR Crew w/Towing Package:

  1.  Freedom Ford, Inc.                                               $25,898.00

  2.  Orville Beckford Ford-Mercury                             $26,199.00

  3.  Tropical Ford                                                        $26,427.00

  4.  Cowin Equipment Company, Inc.               No-Bid

  5.  Ingram Equipment Company, LLC             No-Bid

  6.  Gulf Coast Truck and Equipment Co., Inc. No-Bid