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Approved Feb 22, 2000 - Stormwater Task Force Minutes


February 22, 2000
Milton, Florida

Present:  Chairman Maddux, Jack Sanborn, Byrd Mapoles, Debbie Dawsey, Steve Duncan, Alan Miller, Dr. Enid Sisskin, Frances Dunham, County Administrator and County Engineer. Absent: Deputy Clerk, John Harper and Mark Cotton. The meeting took place at 5:00 p.m.

Members asked questions concerning the stormwater regulations, stormwater out fall inventory and mitigation projects. Discussion took place concerning stormwater run off and septic tanks. The board concluded that the Utility Board is presently working on a septic tank abatement ordinance and this board’s main purpose is to deal with the stormwater run off.

Duncan made a presentation in reference to the conservation projects in Santa Rosa County. He included slides of some of the projects that he has participated in in various parts of the county. Dawsey and Mapoles suggested having Duncan take board members around to various sites in the county and show what has been done and what needs to be done to handle stormwater in the future.

The board decided the help of a facilitator may be the best route to take in aiding this board in its duties. Walker agreed to handle the affairs of getting the facilitator by the next meeting, which is scheduled for March 21, 2000. March 28, 2000 was also scheduled as an alternate date, in the event that Walker may not have sufficient time to get the facilitator in place for the regular scheduled meeting of March 21st.

The board made the suggestion of getting a notice in the newspaper to inform the public about the meetings. The board also requested getting a copy of the Livingston report done in the study for Champion as an informational piece and also to see where Escambia County is in their Stormwater Task Force Committee.

See attached handouts consisting of clip-outs from the News Journal and Pointless Pollution:     Preventing Polluted Run-off and Protecting America’s Coasts.

Earlier announced, the next meeting is March 21, 2000, with an alternate date of March 28, 2000.

Meeting adjourned at 6:36 p.m.