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Approved Mar 13, 2001 - Stormwater Task Force Minutes


March 13, 2001

The Santa Rosa County Stormwater Task Force met on the above date with the following members present: Chairman Geoffrey Maddux, Steve Duncan, Vernon Compton, Alan Miller, John Harper, Jack Sanborn, Wayne Newsome and Debbie Dawsey. Dr. Joe Lepo, County Administrator Hunter Walker, County Engineer Roger Blaylock, County Zoning and Planning Director Kristen Andersen, Frances Dunham, and Dr. Enid Sisskin were also present. Karla Cook and Kathi Martin were absent. Chairman Maddux called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.

Duncan moved approval of January 24, 2001 minutes, which was seconded by Miller and carried by unanimous vote.

The board engaged in a roundtable discussion concerning text on topic grouping. The board members decided to write one-half-page to one-full-page of text on the various topics. The topics were assigned as such:


Current status of activities

Lepo agreed to write text on these topics.

Major Topics

Master Plan
Funding sources
Quantity Problems
     Mapping of impermeable surfaces
Identification and characterization of outfalls

Newsome agreed to write text on these topics.

The board decided that Master Plan would better fit under Public Education.

Stormwater Management Plan

Public Education

Public Education
     Create handouts! Blab. Ch. 27 / Radio / group presentations 
          Buffer zones
          Runoff treatment
Citizen involvement
     Envision EscaRosa
Stormwater Czar
     Blab /Ch. 27 / Radio / group presentations

Lepo agreed to write text on these topics.

New Construction

Runoff treatment
The board decided that Runoff treatment would better fit under Retrofit.

Design flexibility

Andersen agreed to write text on Design Flexibility.

     Buffer zones
     Control facilities
     Stop grandfathering

Lepo agreed to email a list of BMPs to members and asked members to email input back to him concerning BMPs.


Lepo agreed to write text on TMDLs.

Wetland Mitigation Bank

Maddux agreed to write text on Wetland Mitigation Bank.


Runoff treatment

The board agreed that runoff treatment linked to BMPs and agreed to give input and to email input to Lepo.

Pave dirt roads

Compton agreed to write text on Pave dirt roads.


The board agreed to strike Dredging from the list of topics.


Lepo agreed to write text on TMDLs.

Legislative (both State and Local)

New Ordinances / LDC / permitting

The board agreed to have Dawsey write text on Legislative issues.

Design flexibility
Runoff treatment
     Quantity / quality
     Direct discharge

Lepo asked board members to give input on each issue and email input to him.


Lepo agreed to write text on TMDLs.

Tree ordinances

Compton agreed to write text on Tree Ordinances.

Discussion took place concerning isolated wetlands. Sisskin agreed to write text concerning isolated wetlands

Maddux agreed to write text concerning a stormwater utility funding source.

Lepo asked that every board member provide him with a short biography of themselves.

Discussion took place concerning construction of text. Lepo agreed that if members would email text to him, he would paste text into the body and email it to each member roughly one week before the next meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 6: 48 p.m.

The next meeting will be April 17, 2001 at 5:00 p.m.