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Approved Apr 19, 2007 - Electrical Code Board of Adjustments Minutes


APRIL 19, 2007

The regularmeeting of the Santa Rosa County Electrical Code Board of Adjustments and Appeals was heldApril 19, 2007, at 3:00 p.m. in the conference room of the Santa Rosa County Building Inspection Department located at 6051 Old Bagdad Highway, Milton, FL32583.  Board members present were Mr. Mark Cotton, Chairman; Mr.Jim Settle, Vice Chairman; Mr. Steve Salterand Mr.Mark Turner.

Building Inspection Department staff in attendance was Mrs. Rhonda Royals,Deputy Building Official and Mrs. Robyn Leverton, Administrative Assistant.

Mr. Tom Dannheisser, County Attorney, was absent from the meeting.

The sound system was not working properly therefore the tape is of poor quality.

Mr. Mark Cotton called the meeting to order at 3:02 p.m.

Approval of Agenda:
Mr. Settle made a motion to accept the agenda.  Mr.Turnerseconded the motion. The motion carried with a unanimous vote.

Approval of Minutes:
Mr. Settle made a motion to approve the minutes from the January 19, 2006 meeting.  Mr. Turnerseconded the motion.  The motion carried with a unanimous vote.

Next Meeting:
The next regularly scheduled meeting is Thursday, July19, 2007, at 3:00 p.m. in the Building Inspection Department Conference Room.

New Business (License Reinstatement)
William H Bozeman d/b/aBozeman Contracting, Inc. (originally registered with Santa Rosa County as Vance Electric Contracting)

Mrs. Royals gave a brief history of Mr. Bozeman’s case.  Mr. Bozeman obtained his Master Electrical competency card in SRC in Nov 1990 and was granted a local license based on a passing grade of 75% on the Block Proctor Exam.  He maintained his license thru Sep ’92; it expired at the end of Sep ’93. He has failed to maintain his license in SRC since that time.

Mrs. Royals continued, “If a certificate competency card is not renewed within one year from the due date, the contractor will be required to take the required examination or furnish written proof to the board of active contracting.”  Rhonda stated that the Board members should have received information, in their packets, from Mr. Bozeman proving that he has been actively contracting in a neighboring jurisdiction.

Mr. Bozeman spoke before the Board.  He stated that he was current with continuing education.  A discussion ensued with the Board and Mr. Bozeman.

Mr. Turner made a motion to reinstate Mr. Bozeman’s license.  Mr. Salter seconded the motion.  The motion passed with a unanimous vote.

Open Forum
Rhonda spoke to the Board regarding the inactive status of contractors.  Currently contractors can only go inactive for six years then they must activate their license and pull permits for two years then they can go inactive again for another six.  She asked if the Board would like to join the Building BOAA in sending a recommendation to the County Commissioners to allow a contractor to go inactive indefinitely, but, upon reactivation, they would have to show continuing education for each year that they were inactive. The Board agreed to send hirrecommendation along with the Building BOAA.

Several members of the Board asked questions regarding unlicensed contractors. Randy stated that law enforcement will only get involved in extreme cases and only when there is a victim.  In a circumstance such as that DBPR and the States Attorney will also get involved.  The Board requested that this be on the agenda for further discussion at the next meeting.

Mr. Turnermade a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Mr.Salterseconded the motion. The motion carried with a unanimous vote.

Mr. Cotton adjourned the meeting at 3:27 p.m.