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Approved Jul 9, 2001 - Stormwater Task Force Minutes


July 9, 2001

The Santa Rosa County Stormwater Task Force met on the above date with the folowing members present: Chairman Geoffrey Maddux, Debbie Dawsey, Jack Sanborn, Vernon Compton, Wayne Newsome, Steve Duncan, Man Miller and Carla Cook. Also present were D. Joe Lepo, County Administrator Hunter Walker, Planning and Zoning Director Kirsten Anderson.

Newsome moved approval of May 29, 2001 minutes, Maddux seconded and it was carried by unanimous vote.

The board engaged in a round table discussion in regard to the Draft Report. Dr. Lepo was asked by other committee members to revise by including or rejecting certain items in the report. The master plan was discussed and Dr. Lepo suggested that members of the board e-mail him with their suggestions. Included in the discussion was identification of Florida Areas of Inventory, and then the committee discussed run off, e.g. parking lots as well as other areas. Further discussion was as follows:

New construction, Buffer Zones, Previous Surfaces and Tree Preservation.

Maddux moved the meeting be adjourned which was seconded by Newsome and unanimous vote.  The next meeting will be held July 30, 2001.  Meeting adjourned at 6:53 p.m.