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Approved Dec 9, 2008 - Marine Advisory Minutes


December 9, 2008
Milton, Florida

The Marine Advisory Committee met on the above date with the following members present: Chairman Jeff Marker and members Pasco Gibson, Rick Harris and Dan Wakley. Also present were the County Administrator (Hunter Walker), County Engineer (Roger Blaylock), Marine Extension Agent (Christine Verlinde), and Public Works Director (Avis Whitfield). Chairman Marker called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.

Artificial Reef Update

Walker said Resolution 2008-40 was submitted to the US Army Corps of Engineers (USCOE) and he and Mr. Salter met with representatives from USCOE about the request. He stated that the representatives were not very encouraging. They conveyed the message that the State of Florida does not feel that other states are as protective of Florida coastlines but they did seem impressed that all five northwest gulf coast counties did make the request.

Archie Glover Dredging Update

Blaylock stated that permitting is still ongoing and we are still in negotiation with DOT in submitting our request for a spoil site and we are months away from completion. We do have a grant that we are working through to meet the provisions required in the grant.

Whitfiled said that reconstruction of the western ramp of the Archie Glover boat ramp has been completed. The only thing remaining at Archie Glover is the reconstruction of the pier. It is in bad condition and needs to be rebuilt. We will wait a little while until warmer weather. Both ramps at Archie Glover are in very good condition. The bathrooms will be refurbished with stainless fixtures and the pavilions will be refurbished and metal locking doors will be installed on the restrooms. There will be a number of improvements for Archie Glover.

Navarre Beach Park / Pier Update

Blaylock said the Navarre Beach Park has come back into the County’s coffer. The first public meeting for citizens’ input has been held and you can go online to the County’s home page to post ideas about how the public would like to use the park.

The permit to construct from the Army Corp of Engineers has been approved and the bid process should begin right after the first of the year with potential for award in March. It will be bid with multiple alternatives. One alternative will be a 12 month construction time frame a second alternative will be a 16 months time frame as well as bidding the entire 15,000 feet with deductive alternates for 100 foot increments. Blaylock stated that the County should be able to build a pier with the money available. Funding for an $8,000,000.00 project has been identified. Also, on a technical issue, we have two alternates on the strength of the steel.

Walker stated the Submerged Land Lease has been approved for that site.

Discussion continued on possible uses for the State Park area but no action was taken.

Other Business

Walker said that Dan Wakley will be appointed December 11, 2008, by the Board of County Commissioners to replace Matt Hewatt and since this is an advisory board it is permissible for him to participate on the board at this meeting.

Tom Scott presented a project that the Blackwater River Pirates would like to develop to assist emergency responders on rivers in our area. They would like to place markers along the rivers beginning with Coldwater Creek that would easily identify the sections of the river for citizens and emergency responders. He is asking the county for assistance with permitting through Florida Fish and Wildlife.

After considerable discussion it was determined that this project would be a worthwhile project for presentation to the Board of County Commissioners and requested that the Pirates prepare a plan for submission to the Marine Advisory Board for further consideration. Discussion continued but no action was taken.

Commissioner Cole expressed his appreciation to the Marine Advisory Committee for their hard work and commitment.

Next Meeting Date

The next meeting is scheduled for January 6, 2009, at 5:00 p.m.


There being no further business to come before the Committee at this time, the meeting adjourned at 6:32.