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Approved Nov 3, 2009 - Marine Advisory Minutes


November 3, 2009
Milton, Florida

The Marine Advisory Committee met on the above date with the following members present: Chairman Jeff Marker and members Pasco Gibson, Rick Harris and Dan Wakley. John Griffing was absent. Also present were the County Administrator (Hunter Walker), Public Works Director (Avis Whitfield) and Marine Extension Agent (Chris Verlinde). Chairman Marker called the meeting to order at 5:10 p.m.

The minutes of the October 6, 2009 meeting were approved.


Avis Whitfield reported that Morgan Salvage and Recovery, LLC has agreed to look at the Sypmhonia to see if they want to give a proposal for removal.

Mr. Whitfield also reported that Morgan Salvage and Recovery, LLC has offered to remove the abandoned sailboat south of the boat ramp at Shoreline Park for $300.00. They will float the vessel and move it to the boat ramp where it will be loaded on a truck and the County will give them free tipping fees for disposal at the landfill. Mr. Walker asked about the permitting and if the vessel has been declared derelict. Mr. Whitfield said that he has contacted the City of Gulf Breeze and has been advised that it is a derelict vessel. Rick Harris made a motion that contingent upon verification of the permitting and derelict vessel status, staff move forward on removal of the derelict sailboat at Shoreline Boat Ramp with funding to be used from Boating Improvement Funds. The motion was seconded by Pasco Gibson and approved unanimously.


Mr. Whitfield provided an aerial map (see attached) of possible property available for a parking lot near the Holley Boat Ramp. He recommended a quarter acre lot located on Live Oak Street approximately 400 feet from the ramp. He also noted that the property adjoining the lot to the East on Hickory Street is also available. His recommendation is for the County to purchase the property on Live Oak Street and make a lime rock parking lot which will provide about a dozen parking spaces and to continue to negotiate with the property owner on Hickory Street for expansion which will then provide additional parking of a dozen or more spaces. Jeff Marker said he would like to talk to the owner of the Noah Street property one more time, which is more convenient to the ramp, before the Committee makes a recommendation. After further discussion Mr. Walker suggested that this item be tabled until the December meeting.

Dan Wakley updated the Committee on his prior suggestion about boating safety awareness. He said he learned after speaking with all three auxiliary Coast Guard units (Milton, Pensacola and Destin) that the week prior to Memorial Day is National Safe Boating Week. It is his suggestion that a proclamation declaring May 22, 2010 as Safe Boating Day in Santa Rosa County and Boating Appreciation Day for the Auxiliary Coast Guard and Fish and Wildlife Officers. He will arrange a Gala Nautical Safe Boating event at the Navarre Boat Ramp with free inspections, static displays and demonstrations. Mr. Wakley made a motion that the week of May 22, 2010 be declared Safe Boating week in Santa Rosa County. The motion was seconded by Pasco Gibson and unanimously approved.


Mr. Marker stated the Boat Registration Fee Fund has a current balance of $493,864.


Jeff Marker said that it sounds like the contractor on the pier project is going to dispose of the pier ruble in a reefing program. However, the contractor contacted Robert Turpin to get coordinates to determine his closest point to drop. Mr. Marker also asked Mr. Turpin to plot the coordinates for his information and Mr. Turpin replied that basically it is a draw between East LAARS and the Nearshore reef zones. He noted that it is the contractor’s option and the deployment may take place next month if it meets permit requirements. Mr. Turpin is looking for a variance to the current permit requirements. Currently, the permit requires that whatever is dropped can’t be more than 8 feet high off the bottom. Mr. Marker suggested that Roger Blaylock contact the contractor to determine the configuration of the ruble so that the opportunity to get this debris in the Nearshore zone is not missed.

Hunter Walker said that all things being equal the Committee preference is for it to be deployed at the Nearshore reef and Roger Blaylock needs to get with Robert Turpin and either the contractor or PBS&J to communicate the Committee’s preferences.

Mr. Wakley commented that Captain Sumner had mentioned that she had talked with someone about the “No Wake” markers. Avis Whitfield said that he had talked with Mr. Barryman with the FWC and Mr. Barryman understood that as long as the buoys were part of a permit then they can be enforced. However, he said that (Navarre Boat Launch) is not a place they enforce unless they just happen to be there. He said that enforcement is up to local law enforcement officers but if they (FWC) see a violation they can and will enforce it. Mr. Wakley stated that based on that response, we do not need to go with the big signs.

Mr. Marker noted that he has been the Chairman for a long time and will continue if that is the wish of the Committee but would entertain a motion for a new chair if someone would like to make the motion. Mr. Walker said the reorganization is usually held after the first of the year. After further discussion it was determined that no action would be taken at this time.


The next meeting is scheduled for December 1, 2009 at 5:00 p.m.


There being no further business to come before the Committee at this time, the meeting adjourned at 6:00 p.m.