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Approved Aug 3, 2010 - Marine Advisory Minutes


August 3, 2010
Milton, Florida

The Marine Advisory Committee met on the above date with the following members present: Chairman Jeff Marker and members Rick Harris, Dan Wakley and Wayne Hawthorne. Pasco Gibson was absent. Also present were the County Administrator (Hunter Walker), Public Works Director (Avis Whitfield) and County Engineer (Roger Blaylock). Chairman Marker called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.

The minutes of the June 1, 2010 meeting were approved.

Chairman Marker opened the meeting with a word of appreciation for Mr. Walker and staff for their responses to the oil spill. Rick Harris added his appreciation of the hard work by EOC staff and other staff members.


Mr. Marker noted that it would be nice when crowded to be able to use both sides of the dock to tie boats. He also noted that the port-a-potty is right next to the gazebo at the oyster pile boat ramp and there is also one next to the picnic tables at the Marquis Basin boat ramp. Staff needs to take a look and make sure we are not placing port-a-pots next to where people are preparing their food.

Mr. Whitfield said that staff inspected the two short piers at Marquis Basin and both are in reasonably good condition as far as the pilings and stringers. The decking is not quite
as good and the least expensive fix will be to repair decking boards as needed. If we choose to re-deck the whole pier it will be very expensive. A materials estimate for the composite material would be about $3,812 compared to $850 for the 2 x 6 treated lumbers we are using now. Another option would be to go with the five quarter treated decking which is not quite as thick but is adequate and it has the curved edges which is a good appearance and a nicer looking pier and it comes in at $782. He noted the only time he would recommend the composite would be if building a new pier. He said he would not put that kind of money in with old pilings and stringers. He also noted that new bumpers were added this week.

Mr. Harris and Mr. Marker agreed that the curved edges would be aesthetically appealing and the five quarter decking is adequate. Mr. Marker asked if there were other docks in the area in that condition. Mr. Whitfield said that he will begin inspections soon.

Mr. Wakley said that the five quarter decking will not hold up well with anything heavy. He recommended that we make repairs with the sturdier 2 x 6 treated wood. He made a
motion to that effect which was seconded by Mr. Harris and passed unanimously.

Mr. Walker told Mr. Whitfield to do a budget amendment and use Boat Registration fees to fund it.


Mr. Walker provided the Committee with copies of Mr. Bonney’s email outlining his request and a copy of the 2009 Florida Statutes on Boating-restricted areas allowing everyone to see what the latest FWC boating restrictions are. He noted that the criteria have changed substantially and mentioned that the County is still trying to get the area around Jim’s Fish Camp declared as a “No Wake” zone. He outlined the process the county has been using for a number of years and mentioned that the County is in compliance. He noted that a Resolution has been adopted. The Ordinance has been passed and everything has been sent to FWC for their approval to allow us to put out the signage. Our Public Works, Road and Bridge crew actually sets the signage once the approval is received from FWC.

Jack Bonney of 817 Dolphin Road, Milton, asked the Board to consider implementing rules county-wide that would impose speed limits consistent with no wake zone speeds
within 1000 feet of the shoreline. The Committee discussed the advantages and disadvantages and noted that the FWC has some rules already in place. No motions were


Mr. Whitfield updated the Committee regarding the Sandy Landing Boat ramp. He noted that the river bank that has protected the ramp has eroded away. If you could get the
permits to do the repairs it could cost about a half million dollars and he would not recommend repairs of that magnitude to property the county does not own. The property
is owned by Resource Management Service Timber Company and is leased to us. His department is looking for property north of the lake in a protected area off the main run
of the river and out of the current for a new dock. An environmental study is being done and Three Rivers is helping with it so it will not cost the County anything. An archeological study may be needed as there may have been Indian tribes in the area. The County Attorney will need to check to see if Boater Registration Funds could be used to fund the archeological study.

Mr. Whitfield advised the Committee that the property owner on Live Oak who is offering her property for sale to build a boat ramp parking lot has lowered her price to $35,000. He noted that this is a reasonable price. Mr. Marker said he would prefer not to fund this project 100% from Boater Improvement Funds. Mr. Wakley made a motion that the MAC recommend to the Board that they purchase the property on Live Oak Street with a preference that funding be used as 50% Boater Improvement Funds and 50% from Recreation Funds.

Mr. Blaylock reported that the contractor for the Archie Glover Dredging project has come into compliance with his spoil site. He had to be shut down at one point because he
failed to comply with contract documents but has since complied. The unfortunate thing is that he pumps one day and has to rest between18 to 24 hours to get recovery because
our DEP permit did not allow any return water. We will see this requirement on dredging permits from now own because DEP is not going to allow any of that dredge water to
return by gravity. It will have to percolate through the ground or evaporate. The contractor is about 40% complete with the dredging to date.

Dan Wakley reported that the Symphonia no longer exits. It has been removed. There is a nice little fishing hole left in its place. He also questioned who is monitoring the artificial reefs and how the oil spill may have affected them. Mr. Walker will ask Chris Verlinde to contact Robert Turpin and see if they can pursue a claim, if needed, with BP.

Rick Harris noted that the Mulat Tussle is getting low. If it could be opened up or raised up by CSX it would be helpful to fishermen and help avoid dredging in that area. He also
questioned if a ramp could be added to the Bagdad Mill site. Mr. Walker said there may be specific reasons why we could not have a launch there, possibly the river current or the steep bluffs but there is plenty of room and it will be a passive park forever so a ramp would not be out of character with the area. He recommended that Mr. Harris meet with
Stephen Furman and report back to the committee at a later date.


The September 7th meeting is cancelled because of a conflict with a Budget meeting for the next MAC meeting will be October 5, 2010 at 5:00 p.m.


There being no further business to come before the Committee at this time, the meeting adjourned at 6:10 p.m.