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Approved Oct 18, 2006 - Aviation Advisory Minutes


Aviation Advisory Committee
October 18, 2006
Milton, Florida

The Aviation Advisory Committee met on the above date with the following members present: Chairman Randel Compton, Vice Chairman James Hopmeier and members Jimmie Beavers, Carlos Diaz, and Marty Martin. Also present were the County Administrator (Hunter Walker), Administrative Services Manager (Tammy Simmons), and County Engineer (Roger Blaylock). Chairman Compton called the meeting to order at 5:03 p.m.

Beavers moved approval of the minutes from the August 16, 2006 meeting; Diaz seconded, and the vote carried unanimously.

Review of Draft Minimum Standards and Airport Rules

Blaylock introduced John Mafera with Post, Buckley, Schuh, and Jernigan (PBS&J). He said Mafera is prepared to receive input and answer any questions the committee members may have regarding the draft of the Minimum Standards and Airport Rules. Mafera said adjustments will be made to the draft documents as recommended by this committee and the Board of County Commissioners. He said the documents will also go through a legal review bythe County Attorney.

The members reviewed the Airport Rules and Regulations page by page for comments and recommendations. There was discussion regarding leaseholders being allowed to store non aviation equipment in hangars. Blaylock said the county’s lease agreement allows for storage of non aviation items.

Martin said throughout the document it changes back and forth between Airport Manager and County Engineering Department, and he felt it will be better to stay with one or the other for clarification. He also requested a definition of “Class C” be included in the definitions section of the Airport Rules and Regulations. Martin suggested the Airport MinimumStandards introduction be at the beginning of the documents.

There was discussion regarding clarification of several items in the document.  Martin recommended requiring magnetic yellow flashing lights on vehicles that are routinely on the taxiway or runway as a safety feature. Davis Glass and Blaylock said vehicles currently use vehicle emergency flashing lights while on the airport. Martin said he felt this afetyrequirement should be included in the document.

Hopmeier asked if FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) advisory circulars were researched while compiling the documents, and if there are any items contrary to an advisory circular. He also asked if any FAA recommendations have been left out of this package. Mafera said he felt there are no items that violate FAA requirements. He said many standard items FAA ecommends included in Minimum Standards and Airport Rules and Regulations are incorporated into the documents. Hopmeier asked if FAA provides any type of formal approval of the documents. Mafera said there is no formal FAAapproval process. He said the county will review and accept the documents. He said FAA will get involved only if there is an issue at the airport that needs to be addressed. There was briefdiscussion regarding safety procedures and airport security.

Next the committee members reviewed the Airport Minimum Standards. There was discussion regarding criminal background checks of hangar tenants. Mafera said a criminal background check is included in the minimum standards at the option of the county. There was discussion regarding background checks ofprincipals of a corporation. Blaylock said he will refer this question to the County Attorney for input.

Hopmeier questioned the required 10,000 gallon storage tank for each type of fuel under Section 6.1.2 page 17. Mafera said the storage capacity can be revised. Hopmeier recommended the tank size be eliminated from the requirement. Mafera said there needs to be language to require an adequate amount of fuel. After discussion it was decided the
tank size can be amended in the future if needed.

Mafera noted an error in Section 6.1.2 regarding the aviation engine oil tank capacity of 5,000. He said the document should read 500 gallon capacity of engine oil. After discussion it was decided to strike the second sentence that identifies the capacity of engine oil.

There was discussion regarding commercial business facilities at the airport, controlled access, and airport security.

Diaz discussed Section6.2.3.1 regarding the FBO requirement to have 6 aircraft available for rental. He said if this number becomes a hardship he will appeal to the Board of County Commissioners for an amendment. Hopmeier suggested broadening Section 6.2.4 Aircraft Charter and Air Taxito include helicopters.

There was discussion on Section that restricts banner towing to an area 500 feet away from active runways and taxiways. Hopmeier said this requirement prohibits banner towing at Peter Prince Airport, and he would like to see banner towing allowed in a structured and safe fashion. Compton agreed. Mafera said FAA’s opinion is that banner towing can not be banned, but it can be restricted to insure the safety of this type of operation. Mafera reviewed the banner towing operation requirements. There was lengthy discussion concerning banner towing operations with proper restrictions, hazards, and liability issues. Davis Glass spoke in favor of banner towing operations. Hopmeier asked Glass if he will write the banner towing requirements since he has experience withbanner towing. Glass agreed.

Don Weloth said if banner towing is allowed at the airport as a mobile operation it will open the door for crop dusters. Hopmeier said crop dusting is an acceptable activity at the airport. Martin said crop dusters lease space, and he recommends standards and procedures which require notification from crop dusters in a timely manner for briefing. The committee recommended amending Section omitting the requirement of crop3 dusters to lease a building. There was discussion concerning crop dusters buying fuel at the airport versus bringing their own fuel and the liability of contamination from a chemical spill. Hopmeier said the county needs to be compensated for use of the airport and protected. Mafera said there are a number of requirements on service providers in the document. He said the requirements will apply to all service providers. Diaz noted crop dusters provide a service to the crops of Santa Rosa County. Blaylock said the number of operations at Peter Prince Airport is increasing and space at the airport may not be available much longer for mobile operations.

Blaylock said Mafera will update the document and email the amendments to the committee members for final approval at the next meeting. He requested the members reply to all on all responses. Blaylock said this way everyone can see everyone’s comments.

Chairman/Member Issues

Martin said the numbers on the runways at Santa Rosa Field are being painted out because this field is used for helicopter operations. He said the runway at this field is inactive.

Martin said there is a new syllabus in night vision goggles, and there will be a lot ofnight vision goggles training inthe area ofSanta Rosa and Harold Fields at night.

Pensacola Flight Watch

Dale Holbert said the new chairman of the Safety Committee of Pensacola Flight Watch is Bill Stinson. He said he will remain as the liaison with Santa Rosa County and Peter Prince Airport.

Holbert discussed the opening of Phase I of Discovery Park that took place on October 7th. He said progress will proceed as rapidly as possible with Phase II. Holbert said there is sufficient funding for the picnic tables, umbrellas, benches, playground equipment, radios for the control tower, and the Plaza of Honor. He said funds are available to do everything except the covered observation platform. Holbert said Pensacola Flight Watch is open to any suggestions regarding the park. He said Discovery Park should be complete by early spring.

FBO Issues

Davis Glass said an environmental correct wash rack is under construction at the airport. He said the wash rack is located north of the fuel tanks.

Glass said there are more deer incursions at the airport. He said an aircraft was hit by a deer last May or June causing $6,000.00 damage. Glass said in July there was a near miss with a deer. He said the pilots have been briefed and are aware of the deer.

Glass said the entrygate was hit by lightning and asked the status of repair. Blaylock said Ingram Electric has ordered the motor assembly to repair the gate. He said Ingram Electric has been advised to have a back up motor assembly in house for future repairs. Blaylock notedthe deer issue is being addressed.

Hopmeier asked when the new hangar contract will be bid. Blaylock said an RFP (Request for Proposals) will go out on the first 24 hangars within 30 days.

There was further discussion regarding the operation and repair of the entrygate.

There being no further business to come before the Aviation Advisory Committee at this time, the meeting adjourned at 6:40 p.m.