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Approved Dec 13, 2006 - Aviation Advisory Minutes


Aviation Advisory Committee
December 13, 2006
Milton, Florida

The Aviation Advisory Committee met on the above date with the following members present: Vice Chairman James Hopmeier and members Jimmie Beavers, Carlos Diaz, and Clay McCutchan. Also present were the County Administrator (Hunter Walker), Administrative Services Manager (Tammy Simmons), and County Engineer (Roger Blaylock). Vice Chairman Hopmeier called the meeting to order at 5:10 p.m.

Diaz moved approval of the minutes from the October 18, 2006 meeting; McCutchan seconded, and the vote carried unanimously. (4-0)

Review of Draft Minimum Standards and Airport Rules

Hopmeier asked if there needs to be further discussion concerning the Draft Minimum Standards and Airport Rules. Diaz said Davis Glass has prepared a short presentation regarding the operation of Banner Towing at Peter Prince Airport.

Glass suggested aircraft refueling standards be added to the rules and regulations. He said in the past a number of people have fueled their aircraft with automobile fuel. Glass said
the rules and regulations should specify that refueling can not occur inside a hangar. He recommended designating an area to refuel away from any building for safety. Blaylock said aircraft refueling is addressed in the individual hangar leases. He said no one should be refueling inside a hangar for any reason. Simmons said item 16 of the hangar lease agreement specifies no refueling shall take place inside a hangar. McCutchan asked if it is legal to refuel an aircraft on the taxiway between the hangars. Hopmeier said the rules than govern fuel rucks should govern any refueling. He said he felt aircraft refueling should be included in the Minimum Standards. Diaz agreed. Blaylock said refueling can be added to the Airport Rules.

Glass identified the area used in the past for banner towing on an aerial map of Peter Prince Airport. He discussed proposed flight instructions for banner towing operations in detail. He recommended banner tow operations be located at the southeast side of the runway away from the new hangars and that the aircraft fly at an altitude of 500 ft. while towing a banner.

Hopmeier asked Darren Meek (Meek’s Aerial Advertising) if he has any issues with relocating banner tow operations to the southeast side of the runway. Meek said no. He said his only concern is with the length of the runways. Hopmeier said the Aviation Advisory Committee does not want to do anything that might create a hazard to banner tow operators. There was detailed discussion regarding non standard procedures when a banner can not be released from an aircraft before landing. Hopmeier said after discussion the consensus is banner tow operations will be located on the southeast section of the runway for normal pick up and dropping off of banners.

Hopmeier asked what the requirements will be for banner towing at the airport. He asked the established amount of liability insurance required. Meek said he carries $1 million liability insurance. Diaz said the requirements previously discussed include county permission, a current physical, appropriate commercial license, appropriate waiver from FAA (Federal viation Administration), and liability insurance. Hopmeier recommended eliminating the airport requirement that states any commercial activity has to take place from a building at the airport. He said banner towing does not require the use of a building.

Diaz said banner towing is a commercial operation at the airport and asked if the county needs any compensation from the operator. Walker said staff will look at what other airports are doing for compensation. Blaylock said FAA requires any commercial operation at Peter Prince Airport to compensate the county. He said this is a requirement for federal grants. There was discussion regarding an appropriate amount of compensation.

McCutchan said he personally does not have anything against banner tow operations at Peter Prince Airport. He said he felt banner towing can be done safely. McCutchan said the airport is getting more traffic and his only concern is safety. He said if Meek is held accountable for compensation to the county, anyone operating a business at the airport should compensate the county. Hopmeier suggested Meek attend the next Aviation Advisory Committee meeting to discuss compensation to the county for use of the airport.

Chairman/Member Issues

Hopmeier said this will be his last meeting. He said his replacement is in place, and he felt sure the new appointee will do a great job. Hopmeier said it has been wonderful working with the Aviation Advisory Committee and county staff. He thanked Dale Holbert for always providing good and worthy information. Holbert asked the name of Hopmeier’s replacement. opmeier said the new appointee will be Mike Harris. He provided a brief summary of Harris’ qualifications. Holbert said it will be helpful to be provided with background qualifications on all appointees as they are appointed.

Pensacola Flight Watch

Holbert provided a presentation on the Grand Opening of the Aviation Discovery Park Phase I. He said funds are in place for the picnic tables with umbrellas, benches, miniature bouncy airplanes, and plaza of honor. Holbert said funds are still needed for the covered observation platform. He thanked everyone that has contributed to the Aviation Discovery Park. Holbert said the items already funded will be complete by next spring.

Holbert provided an update on the runway improvements underway at Pensacola Regional Airport.

Diaz asked the amount of funding needed to complete the Aviation Discovery Park. Holbert said $75,000.00. Diaz asked who to contact for contribution information. Holbert said he will provide Pensacola Flight Watch’s address.

FBO Issues

Davis Glass said there is nothing in the rules and regulations regarding vehicle runway incursion. He said he has requested all vehicles cross the runway on either end and preferablyonthe departure end.

Glass said the new wash rack is finished and operational. He said he is in the process of having a shelter constructed to cover the pump, filter housing and fuel spill kit. Glass said they are in the process of locating a suitable biodegradable detergent to wash aircraft.

Beavers said there are three aircraft and one utility trailer parked between the hangars. He asked if the owners have permission to use this area. Blaylock said the owners will be asked to move the aircraft, and if they are not moved legal action will occur. He said this is not an approved area to park.

Engineer/Administrator Issues

Blaylock said the gate is broken, and Ingram Electric has ordered parts to repair the gate. He said in the interim a lock and chain will be used to manually open and close the gate.

Hopmeier requested an update on bids forthe new hangars. Blaylock said the bid date has not been established by the Procurement Department. He said the plans and specifications are prepared, and the county anticipates a quick turn around once the bid date is provided. McCutchan asked the next step of the Minimum Standards and Airport Rules. Blaylock said this committee will need to vote to move the Minimum Standards and Airport Rules forward to the Board of County Commissioners as amended. He said the final draft will be presented to the Board of County Commissioners for adoption.

Blaylock said an addendum concerning aircraft refueling will be included in the rules and regulations. Walker said a banner towcomponent will also be added.

Hopmeier and Diaz abstained from voting. Beavers clarified that his sole concern with banner towing operations at the airport is the liability to the county and proper procedures.

After discussion it was decided to move the Draft Minimum Standards and Airport Rules forward to the Board of County Commissioners and add the banner towing component at a later date as an amendment.

Beavers moved approval to move the Draft Minimum Standards and Airport Rules forward to the Board of County Commissioners; McCutchan seconded, and the vote carried with Beavers and McCutchan in favor. Hopmeier and Diaz abstained. (2-0- 2)

Other Business/Adjournment

Terry Ogle said he is the AOPA (Airport Owners and Pilots Association) volunteer for the airport. He provided literature to the committee regarding Airport Watch. Ogle said the literature provides information about being aware of people at the airport to make sure no one is there to do harm to the aircraft or people using the airport.

Hopmeier said he wishes to thank his fellow committee members.

The next scheduled meeting of the Aviation Advisory Committee will be on Wednesday, January 17, 2007 at 5:00 p.m.

There being no further business to come before the Aviation Advisory Committee at this time, the meeting adjourned at 6:10 p.m.