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Approved Jan 24, 2007 - SHIP Partnership Advisory Committee Minutes


January 24, 2007
Milton, Florida

Present: Chairman Jerry Burden, Cindy Cotton, Diane Collar, Blackie Black, Michelle Parker, Oakland Ard, and Danny Holt.  Chrys Holley was absent. Also present was the County Administrator (Hunter Walker).

Approval of Minutes

Ard moved approval of the minutes from the December 12, 2006 meeting; Parker seconded, and the motion carried unanimously.  (7-0)

Introduction of Housing Program Manager

Beckie Faulkenberry, Planning & Zoning Director, introduced Janice Boone as the new Housing Program Manager within the Planning & Zoning Department. She said Boone
used to work for Amsouth Bank in their Community Development Operation. Faulkenberry said Boone has a good understanding of the issues the SHIP Partnership Advisory Committee is faced with. She said Boone was also on the SHIP Advisory Committee for Escambia County, Florida.

Boone said affordable workforce housing throughout the State of Florida is a real issue and is very close to her heart.  Boone said it is a privilege to work with the committee.
Burden asked staff to email Boone’s contact information to each member of the SHIP Partnership Advisory Committee.

Discussion of Proposed Transitional Housing Strategy

Kevin Wagner, West Florida Regional Planning Council, said he provided a rough draft of a Transitional Housing Strategy at the last SHIP Partnership Housing Committee
meeting.  He said this strategy was initiated through Family Promise’s request for funding to provide transitional housing.  Wagner said he recommends the committee go
forward with approving the strategy. He said the recommendation is for $60,000.00 per subsidy per unit. Wagner said Family Promise requested assistance with the construction
of two homes. Walker said these homes will be built for families to rotate in and out of according to Family Promise’s policy.  Wagner said this new strategy will have to be adopted by the Board of County Commissioners and then sent to the State of Florida for approval. He said once approved by the State of Florida, a Request for Proposals will be

Walker asked what the monitoring requirements will be for the strategy.  Wagner said monitoring is required for the life of the program though HHRP (Hurricane Housing
Reconstruction Program).  He said this strategy will work in conjunction with the Escarosa Coalition, which is the State of Florida’s recognized agency for this region to
address homelessness. Walker asked Wagner if he envisions an ongoing contract with Santa Rosa County through the SHIP Partnership to monitor the strategy.  Wagner said
yes.  He said some type of private partnership will have to be used in addition to the non-profit partnership.

Burden said it is his understanding the funds will be used for the construction of the homes but not for maintenance and upkeep.  Wagner said this is correct.  Burden said once the HHRP time period passes, contracts will be negotiated between the County and a particular organization.  Wagner said the contract will be negotiated as a 15 year mortgage with the County in case the agency chooses not to do transitional housing any longer.  He said this will protect the County’s funds. Burden said there needs to be some provision where the assets revert back to the County in case the agency chooses not to do transitional housing any longer.

Cotton moved approval to recommend the Transitional Housing Strategy to the Board of County Commissioners as presented; Black seconded, and the motion carried unanimously.  (7-0)

Discussion of 2007-2009 Local Housing Assistance Plan (LHAP)

Kathy Ahlen said the current SHIP Local Housing Assistance Plan expires on June 30, 2007.  She said there is a process of review, new guidelines, and other changes the State
is requiring for the new plan.  Ahlen said this is an initial discussion for proposing a workshop to develop the plan, talk about changes, and develop a new draft copy.  She said she would like to send out a draft copy that incorporates the current plan, and then members can make suggestions for the new draft copy. Ahlensaid she would like to set a date for a workshop.

Burden asked the timeframe for submitting the plan.  Ahlen said the deadline is May 30, 2007; however, the Florida Housing Finance Corporation indicated they would like the
new plan as soon as possible.  She said the plan has to be approved by the Board of County Commissioners first. Ahlen said she would like to plan a two hour workshop in
Februaryto begin the draft process.

Burden asked if anyone has conflicts with the last week of February.  Walker said normally the committee’s meeting schedule is in the last week of each month.  He said
February 28, 2007 is the fourth Wednesday in February.  Burden asked the availability of the Board meeting room.  Walker said he will verify availability of the Board room and
make the room available if necessary.  Burden suggested 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. on February 28, 2007.

Ahlen said she will get a rough draft ready for the committee and distribute a working draft copy of the plan and the current plan (for comparison) prior to the February meeting.  She said she will have proposed changes highlighted and notated.

Other Business

Wagner said last month staff was directed to create a Rental Request for Proposals (RFP). He said he is still in the process of creating this RFP.  Wagner said this RFP will be for the $1 million, most likely on a small scale development.  He said the current funds not under contract are approximately $1.4 million.  Wagner said approximately $1 million of
this figure is for the rental RFP.  He said the other $400,000.00 is money that will probably not be used out of the FEMA strategies and will need to be reallocated.  Wagner said he has to have everything under contract by June 30, 2007, and all of the money must be spent by June 30, 2008.

Burden asked for an update on funds to date. Walker said an update is needed with regard to strategies.  He asked Wagner to send the updated information to all members.
Wagner said he will work on compiling the requested information.  He said he has the amounts readily under contract and the amounts actually spent.  Burden said he would like both amounts.

Walker said the Carlisle Group is setting up the ground breaking ceremony for Belle Ridge Subdivision on February 8, 2007 at 12:30 p.m.  He said this development was a
partnership between the private sector, the County, and the Florida Housing Finance Corporation.  Walker said the SHIP Partnership Advisory Committee members are invited to attend and lunch will be provided.

Next Meeting/Adjournment

There being no further business to come before the Committee at this time, the meeting adjourned.