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Approved May 23, 2007 - SHIP Partnership Advisory Committee Minutes


May 23, 2007
Milton, Florida

Present: Chairman Jerry Burden and members Cindy Cotton, Michelle Parker, Oakland Ard, Diane Collar, Danny Holt, Blackie Black, and Chrys Holley.  Also present were
Janice Boone (Housing Program Manager), Tony Gomillion (Public Services Director), Beckie Faulkenberry (Planning & Zoning Director), Kevin Wagner (West Florida Regional Planning Council), Sharon Marsh (Grants Coordinator), Debbie Nickles (West Florida Regional Planning Council), and Debbie Laird.

Approval of March and April 2007 Minutes

There were no minutes available for approval.

Recommendation to Fill Vacancy

Burden said Boone has not received any recommendations to fill committee vacancies. Cotton said Robbie Foster with Tri-Star Builders said he is willing to serve but was told
he can not serve.  She said Mr. Walker said certain members of the Board of County Commissioners hope to find someone to serve from the south end of the county.  Boone
said she will take forward anyrecommendations to the Board of County Commissioners.

Black nominated Debbie Laird as a recommendation to fill the current vacancy; Collar seconded, and the motion carried unanimously. (8-0)

Burden said Laird’s name will go forward to the Board of County Commissioners as a recommendation in the event no other names are submitted.

HHRP (Hurricane Housing Recovery Program) Report-Kevin Wagner

Wagner said Boone plans to do a monthly comprehensive report to track hurricane housing.  He referred to page 3 in each member’s backup material.  Wagner said the
hurricane status report consists of several pages and provides information on each strategy.  He discussed the report and each strategy in detail.

Burden said under the Home Purchase Strategy, line item 53-55 lists a builder and developer.  Wagner said CEII has submitted files, and they are working with a bank.  He said the home is near the Certificate of Occupancy (CO) phase. Wagner said he is unsure if CEII will use the Construction Development Strategy or the Home Purchase Strategy;
therefore, he has not filled in all information with regards to the name. He said if the homebuyer purchases a home already built, money will be taken out of the Construction Development Strategy. Wagner said if CEII builds a home in the free market, money will be allocated through the Home Purchase Strategy. He said this is why he is not sure how these items with CEII should be listed.  Gomillion said CEII is receiving a subsidy to build homes, and this subsidy prices the house downward.  Burden said he was under the impression that when CEII was awarded the bid, the dollars were for the developer to purchase lots to build homes.  He said he was not of the impression CEII would build
homes on a contract basis. Nickles said she felt CEII should not be the name listed.  She said the homebuyer should be listed.  Cotton asked how the Home Purchase Strategy can be considered first come first serve if the homebuyer is unknown and a real estate contract has not been completed. She asked if this money is being held.  Nickles and Wagner said no.  Burden said it appears $200,000.00 is being reserved for something that may happen.  Marsh asked if there are specific homebuyer’s for the four slots.  Wagner said yes.  He said CEII has presented four homebuyers they are working with.  Wagner said CEII is trying to determine if the homeowner wants to do home purchase or not.  He
said he is not holding the money for CEII but waiting for the homebuyer to decide if they want to purchase an existing home. Wagner said the funds are being held for the applicant not CEII. Cotton said there are never enough funds to go around with the Home Purchase Strategy.  She said she thought first come first serve criteria included verification of employment and completion of a two sided real estate contract.  Cotton questioned how this has been completed because the real estate contract has to provide a legal description.  Wagner said he looks at verification of employment and income eligibility to set aside the money.  Cotton said she thought a two sided contract with a legal description was required to set aside money.  There was continued discussion on this topic.

Wagner said West Florida Regional Planning Council and Santa Rosa County issued a Small Development Rental RFP for the remaining $1,000,000.00 in the rental strategy.
He said there were two responders.  Wagner referred to the Memorandum dated May 22, 2007 stating staff does not recommend funding either of the responders and recommends reallocating the $1,000,000.00 (Attachment in the file). He said the total reallocation amount is $1,049,307.39. Wagner read aloud staff’s recommendations for the
reallocation listed in the memorandum. There was opposition from members of the committee concerning staff’s recommendation to increase the maximum flood award under Strategy 1.

Black moved approval to leave the maximum flood award “as is” under Strategy 1; Cotton seconded, and the motion carried unanimously.  (8-0)

Holley moved approval to accept staff’s recommendation as presented in the memorandum dated May 22, 2007 with the exception of the previous vote on the maximum flood award; Ard seconded. The motion failed due to the majority of committee members opposed to the motion.

Gomillion recommended placing some of the $300,000.00 from Strategy 2 (Emergency Repair) into the First Time Homebuyer Strategy.  Cotton agreed. Gomillion said Rebuild
Northwest Florida gets a lot of applicants, but there are a lot of problems getting people qualified for help. Parker suggested removing Rebuild’s money ($100,000.00) and
putting it into the First Time Homebuyer’s Strategy.  She said she felt his will benefit more people.

Holt moved approval to reallocate $1,049,307.39 as follows:

a. Strategy 1-Reconstruction-$649,307.39

b. Strategy 2-Emergency Repair-$200.00.00
(*Increase contract with USDA by $100,000.00)
(*Increase contract with United Way by $100,000.00)

c. Strategy11-Transitional Housing-$200,000.00
(*Increase maximum per unit award from $60,000.00 to $100,000.00)

Black seconded, and the motion carried by majority vote with Holt, Black, Holley,
Ard, Collar, and Parker in favor of the motion.  Cotton and Burden opposed.  (6-2)

SHIP Program Reports (Informational)

Holley said she is glad to see the itemization.  Burden expressed concern with names of individuals listed in the documents.  He said he would like to see these names removed. Burden said property addresses are a good reference.  Boone said she will remove names of individuals for committee purposes.


There being no further business to come before the committee at this time, the meeting adjourned.