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Approved Jul 25, 2007 - SHIP Partnership Advisory Committee Minutes


July 25, 2007
Milton, Florida

Present: Cindy Cotton (serving as Chairman), Diane Collar, Oakland Ard, Michele Tucker, Kevin Wagner, Kathy Ahlen, Danny Holt, and Janice Boone (Housing Program Manager). Chrys Holley arrived late.

Approval of Minutes

Collar moved approval of the minutes from the June 20, 2007 meeting; Holt seconded, and the motion carried unanimously. (7-0)

New Member Update

Boone introduced new member, Michele Tucker.

HHRP Report (Informational)

Wagner updated the committee on each of the strategies listed in the HHRP report.  He said the Board of County Commissioners approved Loaves & Fishes and Family Promise recommendations.

SHIP Program Reports

Ahlen updated the committee on these reports.  She said monies for 2005/2006 were committed by June 30 as required.

Allocation of recapture and interest 1/1/2007 through 06/30/2007

Boone said while the funds are committed,they need to be out the door within the time specified. She reminded the committee that there is $3 million to still be disbursed.  Boone said she would like to remind the committee that it is allowed under the Housing Assistance Plan to allot 5% for administrative costs.  She said she will make this adjustment.  Boone asked the committee to make a recommendation on which strategy the committee would like the money moved to.  She said staff would like the committee to consider reallocation of the funds.  Cotton said 5% will be taken off the top for administrative fees with the remaining amount reallocated. Ahlen said she would like to make the recommendation that the committee reallocate to Substantial Rehabilitation.   She explained her reasoning for this recommendation. Collar asked Ahlen if there is a waiting list for Substantial Rehabilitation.  Ahlen said she has 10 applications she is currently working with, and there are others on the waiting list.

Holt moved approval to take 5% of recaptured interest to be paid toward administrative costs; Ard seconded, and the motion carried unanimously. (8-0)

Ard asked the remaining balance after the 5% is taken.  Wagner said approximately $107,000.00. Ard asked the greatest need for the money.  Boone said she recommends transferring the money to the First Time Home Buyer’s Strategy.  Collar said there was discussion earlier in the meeting about Substantial Rehabilitation.  Ahlen said she recommends money be transferred to any of the rehab strategies this meeting, and money moved to First Time Homebuyer Strategy at the next meeting.

Holt recommended transferring money into the First Time Homebuyer Strategy because of the issues involving the economy.  He said he felt money in this fund would economically benefit a greater number of people.

Collar said these same economic benefits will be felt if money is transferred into Substantial Rehabilitation.  She said $7,500.00 is the maximum funding allowed under the First Time Homebuyer Strategy and $35,000.00 is the maximum funding under Substantial Rehabilitation. Collar said she felt the $35,000.00 will benefit more people.

Holt recommended placing the remaining money (amount less administrative costs) into the First Time Homebuyer Program.  Collar asked Holt how strongly he felt about placing money into the First Time Homebuyer Program.

Collar moved approval to recommend moving the remaining money into the SHIP Substantial Rehabilitation Strategy; Holt seconded, and the motion carried unanimously. (8-0)

Review of Local Housing Assistance Plan (LHAP)

Ahlen said the State approved the LHAP with some technical revisions.  She reviewed these revisions in detail(Attachment in file).

Discussion of Homebuyer Education

Boone said she printed some information concerning homebuyer counseling issues.  She said she printed an example of this counseling (Attachment in file) and explained the process for obtaining certification in Homebuyer Training.  Boone said this is an option for the homebuyer. She said this information will be given to First Time Homebuyer’s, and she recommends this to be a requirement for any individuals receiving SHIP funding. Collar asked if the online training programs are HUD approved.  Boone said she felt they are.

Holt recommended all high school seniors go through this type of counseling.  He said these students will be the next First Time Homebuyers.

Boone discussed future plans to partner with different organizations to educate First Time Homebuyers.  Holley said she felt this is a very good idea.

Holley recommended requiring all First Time Homebuyer’s to attend counseling and training (in person or online) for all SHIP recipients under the new LHAP for 2007-2008;
Ard seconded, and the motion carried unanimously. (8-0)

Other Business

John Gallagher, West Florida Regional Planning Council, said Melissa Welch will be joining their housing department.  He said Welch will be the SHIP Administrator for Santa Rosa County.

Next Meeting/Adjournment

The next meeting for the SHIP Advisory Committee will be held on August 22, 2007 at 3:00 p.m.

There being no further business to come before the Committee at this time, the meeting adjourned.