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Approved Sep 26, 2007 - SHIP Partnership Advisory Committee Minutes


September 26, 2007
Milton, Florida

Present:  Cindy Cotton (acting Chairman) and members Diane Collar, Michele Tucker, Danny Holt, and Michelle Parker.  Also present were Janice Boone (Housing Program Manager), Beckie Faulkenberry (Planning & Zoning Director), Kevin Wagner (West Florida Regional Planning Council), Debbie Nickles (West Florida Regional Planning Council), Melissa Welch (West Florida Regional Planning Council), and Sharon Marsh (Grants Coordinator).  The meeting was called to order at 3:00 p.m. Chrys Holley arrived a few minutes late.

HHRP Report

Wagner gave a brief update on the different strategies.  He said he was asked to give an update on Nonprofit Construction Development.  Wagner said he has brought in each of these developers, and they will give their own updates later in the meeting.

Boone said there are several strategies that have been closed out on the HHRP funding report. She said once the strategies are closed, no more reports will be distributed.

Affordable Housing Solutions, Tom Drysdale-HHRP Development Update

Drysdale said Affordable Housing Solutions has decided to build town homes instead of single family homes.  He gave updates on construction due to pricing and the market.  Drysdale said his company is involved in the Planning Expo coming to Santa Rosa County.

Crawford-McBride Development L.L.C.-HHRP Development Update

Johnny Crawford said Santa Rosa County is doing as well as surrounding counties in the area as far as the market is concerned.  He gave an update on current construction.  Crawford said additional staff has been added to help with projects.

Kelly Arthur said Crawford-McBride is gearing construction more towards the work force housing market.

Holt said he wishes to keep construction money in Santa Rosa County.  Crawford said it is his company’s goal to build a modular building facility in the Northwest Florida region.  He said he is currently working to bring a modular building facility (120,000 square foot facility) to the area. Crawford said the ability to have a modular facility in this area will have a direct benefit to Santa Rosa County.

Boone asked Crawford the price of homes constructed by his company. Crawford said his company wants to place homes in the historic district and prices of the homes will be at the $145,000.00to $160,000.00range.  He discussed the proposed square footage of these homes.

CEII, Dan Horvath and Sherry Duffy

Horvath said CEII has currently completed three new homes in Santa Rosa County.  He distributed a pamphlet with pictures of these homes.  Horvath said he is sorry to say that the homes that are complete have been complete for four months.  He said CEII is doing everything they can to get information to the low income families that need these types of homes.  Horvath said he is present to request for an extension to make sure families still get a $50,000.00 subsidy. He said the homes he has built are high quality homes with great features.  Horvath said he felt there is a market problem in Santa Rosa County.  He requested an extension of his contract to build the 10 homes proposed for Santa Rosa Countyand an additional $70,000.00to maintain his current staff.  Horvath said CEII is using a local builder based in Santa Rosa County, Blackie Black (Bagdad Home Builders), to build these homes.

Holley discussed the market in Escambia County and said a large majority of his homes are presold.

Boone discussed the current contract with CEII. Horvath said he wants the committee to know that the $70,000.00 is an administrative line item, and construction dollars are another line item. Cotton asked Nickles if this is correct.  Nickles said there were two line items, but she is not able to allocate those funds.  She said this decision is made by the Executive Director of West Florida RegionalPlanning Council.

Cotton asked if committee members are open to try and find these monies in any other fund if money is available.

Holley requested tabling this item until next month to see if there are any other funds available for the administrative costs as requested; Parker seconded, and the motion
carried unanimously.

Boone discussed time constraints associated with selling homes using this program.  She said it is something that probably needs to be lookedat.

Holt said he will vote to maintain CEII’s original commitment.  He said Horvath has already built the homes.

SHIP Program Reports

Melissa Welch discussed the SHIP Reports in detail and presented activity and changes since last month’s report.

Reallocation of funds 2006/2007 fiscal year

Boone said the First Time Homebuyer strategy as of mid-September has remaining funds to assist approximately five families.  She said there is a recommendation from staff to consider moving $100,000.00 from Disaster Mitigation to the First Time Homebuyer Strategy.

Holt moved approval to move $100,000.00 from Disaster Mitigation to the First Time Homebuyer Strategy; Holley seconded, and the motion carried unanimously.

Parker said at the last meeting she requested amending the Local Housing Assistance Plan. Welch gave an update to Parker’s response regarding Moderate Rehab/Emergency Repair. Boone said the overall goal is to help low income families, and there is currently a waiting list for low income families.  Parker said she felt the moderate level income families fall within cracks and she felt these people should be helped as well.  Collar asked Parker who she is trying to target.

Parker moved approval to table discussion on her request until the next meeting.

Boone said she will make an inquiry to the State regarding other counties that allow funding to moderate income families.


Boone said Blackie Black has resigned.  Boone read Black’s resignation letter to the committee.

Cotton said a replacement can be discussed at the next committee meeting.  She asked committee members to bring forward names of individuals interested in serving on the committee.

Next Meeting Date

The next meeting is scheduled for October 24, 2007 at 3:00 p.m. in the Public Services Community Room.


There being no further business to come before the committee at this time, the meeting adjourned.