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Approved Jun 17, 2009 - Aviation Advisory Minutes



Aviation Advisory Committee
June 17, 2009
Milton, Florida

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 5:00 p.m.

Review/Approval of Minutes

Elbert requested an update on the following topics:

  • What is the status of the Air Methods lease at this point? Simmons responded it has not been completed; she has not received any response back from the company where they are as far as getting it through their process.
  • What ever happen to Mr. Ron Mason? Diaz stated this issue has been resolved by obtaining one of the large hangars. Walker stated the county handled this issue administratively along the lines Mr. Mason had requested at the previous meeting.
  • Glass reported last time that there were some threshold lights burned out. Glass stated he would report on this item during the FBO agenda item.
  • What ever happened with the derelict aircraft? Glass stated this has been taken care of.
  • Has there been any further work on the paving of the parking lot? Diaz stated that this really needs to be done; however, he believes the problem with this project is the county finding the funding. Blaylock stated the county is going to make application through FDOT to participate with funding in next years cycle.
  • Why are we not making calls to people on the waiting list? Simmons responded that they have made two calls and written two letters to everyone on the waiting list and they have declined but wished to stay on the list; they have been informed that we will not be contacting them anymore, that we do have available hangars and they will have to contact us when they are ready to lease one. Right now when someone calls for a hangar we put them into one. Diaz questioned the number of people on the waiting list. Simmons responded, "50".
  • At the last meeting there was discussion of an organization on the Gulf Coast concerning general and commercial aviation users. Roy questioned if they were speaking of the Gulf Coast Regional Airspace Strategic Initiative (GRASI)? There is no final product yet. Diaz questioned who was involved in the study? Roy responded right now we have FDOT, the Pensacola Regional Airport, anyone who does scheduling in or out of airspace, and any one who has a stakeholder in airspace. Diaz stated that the FBO has not been invited to participate. Elbert stated the question is why is Santa Rosa County or the FBO not a participant and felt there was going to be some movement to involve us or deny us? Diaz questioned who has that study? Roy responded a north east college has it right now; the actual contact for it is with Chief of Naval Air Training (CNATRA) which has the lead on GRASI. You have an infusion of the military missions, the civilian aviation, and commercial air. Diaz questioned if the study could lead to reclassifying areas from military operations areas (MOAs) to a more restricted area? Roy responded it is a possibility. Diaz questioned if any other airports beside Pensacola Regional is represented. Roy responded Okaloosa, anybody that schedules or manages airspace; Peter Prince does not schedule airspace. Diaz responded we are utilizing airspace. Roy responded after the study is done he feels others will be allowed feedback. I will ask how we are funneling the information back to the county and the folks that are operating out of the county airport which are privately owned airports. Diaz asked Roy if someone could give this committee a presentation as to what is going on and what we can expect in the future at our next meeting. Roy responded yes.

New Business

FBO Lease

Chairman Issues

No items.

Pensacola Flight Watch, Inc

No items



Dave Glass reported the REIL lights are working, the PAPI’s are working, 2 runway lights on the west side on North ½ of runway are out, and the rotating beacon is okay.

Glass has received some complaints about flooding in the new hangar area on some of the hangars. Blaylock responded that this is being addressed as a warranty issue by the contractor.

Glass stated the security gate is working.

Glass stated the contractor that is building the new jail complex reported they will be using a 150’ Crane; it will not affect our traffic pattern. Glass referred them to the Whiting Safety Officer because of the helicopters. Roy responded that they did contact Whiting.


Blaylock reported the money from the State to build new hangars has been recalled.

Walker requested Roy provide the GRASI presentation for the next scheduled meeting. Walker further stated that he will bring back to the committee at a later date the limited use agreement with Whiting. Roy responded the agreement is under the Secretary of Defense stating it was okay for the county to enter into an agreement with the Navy to

use the runways at South field, in the interim there will be a limited access use agreement basically saying they could use the runways, the county will look at building a taxiway to go into the 269 acres that has already been purchased. Nelms questioned if there has been any thought to the possibility to access the runway prior to the taxiway being completed? Would a user of the park be able to land on the runway and move cargo or supplies off the aircraft and to the park? Roy responded he did not know.

Other Business

No items

Next Meeting/Adjournment

The next meeting will be at 5:00 p.m. on July 15, 2009.
Meeting adjourned at 5:45 p.m.

Diaz questioned if this is the first time this committee has seen this lease?

Elbert stated he had never reviewed the FBO lease. Elbert stated there were several reasons he wanted to look at it; one being the light that was out several months ago. Elbert stated there were a couple things I would like to ask about and make sure these provisions are being met:

On page 4 there is something about lease rates, it says on each third anniversary of the commencement date of this agreement (i.e. October 1, 2003, 2006, 2009 …etc.) rental rates shall be re-determined based on the change in the Consumer Price Index; is that something that has been done? Walker stated the FBO pays whatever the base rate is. Diaz stated the square footage has not been calculated by the Consumer Price Index. Walker concurred. Elbert questioned if the county plans on following the lease?

In exhibit B, the last page, the lease states that after 5 years of the lease term, the flowage fees will in any event be automatically increased at a minimum of .5% yearly. Is this something that has been done? Walker stated not to his knowledge. Walker stated the lease was audited in 2004 and indicated that the FBO had overpaid according to the lease.

Elbert stated his next question was going to be about an audit. Walker stated Simmons is in a position to do a desk audit on a month-to-month basis.

Elbert stated in Article 7 - Services to be provided by lessee item 6 concerning the courtesy car. Elbert questioned the FBO if they have a courtesy car? Diaz stated there is a courtesy car; however, they cannot find insurance for an open driver policy. What we try to do is if someone needs a ride the staff tries to give them a ride. Elbert questioned if anyone has any ideas how the insurance could be handled? Item 10 states respond to Unicom radio calls when practical on a continuing basis during working hours, I have heard some complaints that this is not done. Diaz responded there is now a Super Unicom which answers all of the calls. If someone calls the Unicom and specifically ask to speak to the Unicom we have a dispatcher there during working hours. Number 11 says, "On a regular basis, inspect all the aircraft operations areas (AOA), including taxiways, ramp areas, and runways for structural integrity, cleanliness, and security". Elbert stated Dale Holbert asked me to bring up two things: 1. weeds growing out of the runway and some taxiways: I believe this is something that the FBO under section 11 should do rather than have users do? Diaz responded there is no grass or weeds at the airport that keeps anyone from flying. Diaz stated that the FBO is in the process of asking the county to modify the lease to reflect the current conditions. Elbert stated that the item that caused me originally to review the lease is number 12 which states, "oversee and inspect the operation of all airport lighting and equipment on daily basis, and make timely reports to the County authorities or contractors concerning any malfunction or other problems". Diaz responded Glass drives the airport every day plus our instructors fly it every day whenever we have any problems we call Simmons and it is addressed. The county has a contract with Ingram Electric for these issues. Elbert’s concern is that the users are the ones discovering the lights are out and not the FBO. Diaz stated it often is because the lights can be working one minutes and out the next.

Nelms moved approval of the minutes from the March 18, 2009 meeting; Elbert seconded, and the motion carried unanimously.

Old Business

The Aviation Advisory Committee met on the above date with the following members present: Chairman Carlos Diaz and members Wayne Nelms, Randy Compton, Mike Harris, Theodore Elbert, and Randy Roy (NAS Whiting Field representative). County staff present was the County Administrator (Hunter Walker), County Engineer (Roger Blaylock), and Administrative Services Manager (Tammy Simmons).