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Approved Jan 20, 2010 - Aviation Advisory Minutes



Aviation Advisory Committee
January 20, 2010
Milton, Florida

The Aviation Advisory Committee met on the above date with the following members present: Chairman Carlos Diaz and members, Mike Harris, Theodore Elbert, Wayne Nelms, Clay McCutchan, and Randy Roy. County staff present: County Administrator (Hunter Walker), County Engineer (Roger Blaylock), and Administrative Services Manager (Tammy Simmons).

Chairman Diaz called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.

Old Business

Diaz provided an update on the FBO lease stating the courtesy car is up and running and the lease amendment or addendum will be addressed at a later date.

Walker stated the committee asked the Board to amend the lease and now it is the hands of the County Attorney.

Proposed Hangar Construction

Blaylock stated FDOT reinstated the funding for Phase II of hangar construction which will consist of one additional building with three rectangular cabin twin hangars equivalent to the current A hangar size on the existing taxiways. We hope to have the bids out at the end of March, first of April timeframe and then it will be a 120-150 day contract.

Blaylock stated the Engineering Department will look at the old cabin twin hangars which have bracing wires that prevent the wings of larger aircraft from going by them and make sure we do not have this problem with the proposed hangar construction.

Simmons provided an update on the current hangars stating there are four new nested tee hangars and 2 commercial hangars available for lease.

Blaylock stated warranty work was done by the contractor recently on the nested tee hangars with some work left to do on the doors to get a tighter seal on the bottom.

GRASI update

Roy provided an update on GRASI stating an executive steering committee meeting is coming up in New Orleans and as an official outside member of the GRASI initiative he can provide updates to this Committee.

The minutes of the October 21, 2009 meeting were approved.

FBO Lease update

New Business

Services at Peter Prince Airport

were requested to be added to the survey: propeller overhaul shop, engine overhaul shop, paint booth, and an airport café or airport restaurant. If the survey dictates additional services the county could issue a request for proposals for desired services.


Elbert questioned if anyone from the county had received the TSA Security Survey of GA Airports and read from an article titled "TSA surveys security practices at 3,000 GA airports" from the AOPA website:

Blaylock stated he would look into the survey.

Elbert stated even if Peter Prince Airport was not part of the survey, he would be interested in the results.

http://www.aopa.org/advocacy/articles/2010/100114tsasurvey.html (copy attached to minutes), "The Transportation Security Administration this week distributed airport vulnerability assessments to 3,000 general aviation airports nationwide, focusing on those facilities with a runway of at least 2,000 feet and those near major metropolitan or prohibited areas". Walker distributed the article to all committee members.

FBO Issues

Dave Glass stated last week Fred Aaron from Security Engineering came out and did a survey for security cameras, one thing he suggested for us would be an infrared camera where we can pick up any movement. Glass stated he has not gotten the proposal back from Aaron yet.

Blaylock stated that the security lights along Airport Road were reported to Gulf Power.

Glass stated there are a couple of taxiway lights and two threshold lights out at the south end of the airport and they have been reported to Ingram.

Diaz reported that the REILS lights on the south end are not synchronized which has also been reported to Ingram.

Roy questioned Glass if AMS would be a good source to pass general aviation notification to for unusual operations from Whiting Field.

Diaz responded yes.

Chairman Issues

Airport markings

Blaylock stated the markings are designed to wear out very fast as a function of the FAA specifications for paint. In the current federal spending bill there was an earmark tagged for Peter Prince Airport through Congressman Miller to construct the run-up aprons on each of the four quadrants at Peter Prince and that will require a match from the county. There will be striping associated with this project and we will re-stripe the appropriate areas that are deficient at this time. The allocation typically takes 8 to 12 month before funding comes through. We have an agreement and a letter of understanding dated August 2008 with DOT that we were going to move 1-8 to facilitate the threshold bar and to re-stripe at least half of the 1-8 end of Peter Prince. We have committed to doing the work within 5 years of the letter of understanding. If the markings become deficient before that time we will certainly have our consultant prepare the appropriate plans and specifications and we will re-stripe as needed.

Pensacola Flight Watch, Inc., Issues

Dale Holbert updated the committee on the success of the signs concerning the Class C air space at Peter Prince, the Pensacola Regional Airport PAPI lights, the Discovery Park, and the Northwest Florida’s Beaches International Airport (Panama City) opening.


No items

Other Business

No items.

Next Meeting/Adjournment

The next meeting will be at 5:00 p.m. on February 17, 2010. Meeting adjourned at 5:55 p.m.

The Committee determined this is a safety issue and needs to be repainted immediately.

Blaylock stated this is a maintenance issue; we will get the numbers repainted as quickly as possible. We may be able to outline the numbers in black and be able to see them much better.

Nelms stated this Committee may be able to assist with the Whiting Aviation Park project when they are looking at the design of the taxiway access over to the runway with issues such as where can high powered turns be done and how the taxiways are going to be maintained and marked. Nelms stated some of the safety issues that would be related to taxiing around would have to do with clearances, we would be concerned about controlling foreign objects in and around the taxiways and turn up areas, and it might be prudent for some aviation expertise to work along with the Economic Development as we start putting this whole plan together.

Blaylock stated Post Buckley Schuh, and Jernigan are the design engineers for the turn lanes in the entrance way and he will have them make status updates and presentations to this board.

Diaz stated the airport marking, numbers, and lines have faded out.

The Committee was given a draft FBO/tenant survey prepared by Administrative Services Department (copy attached to minutes) of proposed services that could be offered in addition to the services that are already offered. The Committee was asked to review the list and be prepared to comment on it at the next meeting. The following items


Walker stated the survey was recommended by Commissioner Salter to find out what services that may be needed. The Board is trying to work with the FBO and this committee on expanding the airport. Walker asked the committee to email Simmons with their input and bring the suggested ideas back at the next meeting.

Harris stated that Whiting Field has a paint booth that they are trying to get rid of.

TSA Security Survey of GA Airports