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Approved Jul 21, 2010 - Aviation Advisory Minutes











Aviation Advisory Committee
July 21, 2010
Milton, Florida 
The minutes of the June 16, 2010 meeting were approved.

FBO Lease update Elbert requested an update on the current FBO lease. Walker stated he check to see where the Attorney is on this. Gulf Regional Airspace Strategic Initiative (GRASI) updates Diaz stated he had gone to the GRASI website and downloaded all the documents from the site and will make them available to the committee members for review. He further stated he feels it is very important for one of the Aviation Advisory members to attend the stakeholders meeting. Walker stated the GRASI website address is in the June 16, 2010 minutes and any Aviation Advisory member can go to the site and sign up to view all the available documents. He further stated the stakeholders meetings are held locally. Walker will provide a travel voucher to the attending member for reimbursement of their travel expenses.

Hangar waiting list policy

Simmons provided the members prior to the meeting, by email, a draft hangar waiting list policy to review for discussion. Simmons explained the county does not have a hangar waiting list policy. Currently the county will contact the first person on the waiting list by all methods (except mailing) provided when they were placed on the list, the individual is informed that they have three business days to respond with their wish to take or deny, if they do not respond or they deny they are moved to the bottom of the list. Simmons recommends we charge an administrative fee, approve an option with a shorter time of response of acceptance/denial so not to allow a hangar to be empty for a long period of time, and accept an option that if an individual declines the hangar they are removed from the list.

Diaz and McCutchan liked the idea of an administrative fee to be placed on the hangar waiting list.

McCutchan requested that Simmons provide the committee with a policy that she feels is best for the county for the committee to review.2

Harris questioned if the County has a current waiting list for the hangars currently under construction?

Simmons stated the only list we have now is the current waiting list of ten individuals. Of the ten, three have stated they will only fit in a cabin and the other seven will fit into any of our hangars. We have a list with current tenants who have made a special request for a certain type of hangar, we allow for the current tenants on the special request list to be given priority over the waiting list. There are three current tenants on the special request list that has requested an "A" hangar; however, when the price is set for the new "A" type hangars, they may opt to stay where they are.

Simmons stated Mr. Mason is one of the current tenants on the special request list and will be offered a new hangars first, if he chooses not to move, I will bring this back to this board because when he was placed in the "H" hangar at a reduced rate it was with the stipulation that once we have an "A" size hangar he would be moved into it at the "A" hangar price.

Tenant Survey

Diaz stated he has created a list of the services that the FBO provides and will get that to the county to put out to all the tenants.

Run-up apron

Elbert requested information on the run-up aprons. Blaylock stated the County has solicited bids, the bid supports an application to FAA in the form of a pre-application, no award will be made until after the County enters into a FAA grant agreement, currently our consultant is preparing the pre-application and chances are that the application is setting at FAA ADO office in Orlando right now. The Board of Commissioners will be asked to approve the Grant Agreement and after FAA formally award the grant the County will be able to award to the apparent low bidder. The County anticipates a 30-60 day timeframe before we can execute a contract for work to begin.

New Business

Additional FBO Proposals

Diaz stated that the county has issued a request to receive a proposal for a new FBO.

Blaylock stated the county is a FAA entitlement airport because we have been receiving dollars for a number of years to do improvement to our infrastructure at Peter Prince. FAA rules and regulations state there is no such thing as an exclusive services provider.

Holbert stated FAA 5190 states a single FBO shall not be construed as an exclusive right if both of the following conditions are met:

1. Providing services at an airport by only one fixed base operator (FBO) is not an exclusive right if it is unreasonably costly, burdensome, or impractical for more than one FBO to provide the services

2. Allowing more than one FBO to provide the services requires a reduction in space leased under an existing agreement between one FBO and the airport sponsor.

A great deal of discussion took place between committee members on their dissatisfaction that the County Commissioners approved for staff to develop a RFP for an additional FBO at Peter Prince without consulting with the committee.

Issues of apprehension discussed by the committee members: duplication of services, limited market, method of splitting specific specialty contract items, the economy not being able to support two FBO’s at Peter Prince, safety, integrity, and creditability.

Blaylock stated the way to split specific specialty contract items would be to put a value on it and require they match that as part of their lease payment or re-negotiate the contract for bid.

Services that would be desirable for an additional FBO to provide discussed by the committee members: engine and propeller overhaul and paint shop.

Walker stated he expects responses to the RFP would come back before this committee to make some kind of review and recommendation.

Elbert moved for the County Commissioners to rescind the order to solicit RFP for FBO services and refer the issue to this committee. Motion seconded by McCutchan. Motion passed with Harris, Nelms, Elbert, and McCutchan in favor and Roy and Diaz abstaining.

Walker stated he would pass the motion to the Commissioners by way of a memo. Walker further stated felt from the committees’ discussion that it would desirable for the current chair not to participate in the discussion or vote.

Hangar inspections

McCutchan stated that he attended the June 2010 hangar inspections for about two hours with the inspection team and it was an eye opening experience: he viewed two hangars full of commercial grade equipment, a BD5 kit corroding inside of a box in a hangar, and non-aviation items.

Simmons stated the June inspection was the second inspection since the new lease went into effect stating storage had to be aviation related. On the first violation a letter is sent to the tenant explaining the violations so that they can correct them; after the second repeat violation we turn it over to the County Attorney for action.

FBO Issues

Diaz stated the gate is not working and one of the REIL lights on the south end of the runway is out. Mr. Glass will be out until September.

Chairman Issues

No items

Pensacola Flight Watch, Inc., Issues

Other Business

No items

Holbert discussed Flight Watch’s involvement in the previous FBO RFP process.

No itemsNext Meeting/Adjournment
The next meeting will be at 5:00 p.m. on August 18, 2010. Meeting adjourned at 6:40 p.m.

The Aviation Advisory Committee met on the above date with the following members present: Chairman Carlos Diaz and members, Theodore Elbert, Mike Harris, Clay McCutchan, Randy Roy, and Wayne Nelms. County staff present: County Administrator (Hunter Walker), County Engineer (Roger Blaylock), and Administrative Services Manager (Tammy Simmons).

Chairman Diaz called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.

Old Business