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Approved Feb 16, 2011 - Aviation Advisory Minutes


Aviation Advisory Committee
March 16, 2011
Milton, Florida

The Aviation Advisory Committee met on the above date with the following members present: Chairman Carlos Diaz and members, Mike Harris, Randy Roy, and Clay McCutchen. County staff present: County Administrator (Hunter Walker) and Administrative Services Manager (Tammy Simmons).

Chairman Diaz called the meeting to order at 5:08 p.m. The minutes of the January 26, 2011, meeting was approved unanimously.

Selection of Chairman/Vice-Chairman
McCutchen recommended the committee wait until the vacant chair (Nelms) is replaced and all members are present to vote on the selection of the chair and vice-chair.

Old Business
Aviation Advisory Committee Operating Procedures – Draft (exhibit 1)
Diaz stated the letter from Robert Arnold dated 2005 (exhibit 2) is documentation on the military’s position to this Committee.

Walker stated according to the county resolution, Eglin has membership on this Committee.

Motion for the full committee to be present when review and recommendations are made to the draft Operating Procedures was approved unanimously.

New Business
No items.

FBO Issues
Glass stated the construction on the run-up pad on the east parallel taxiway was completed March 16, 2011 and a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) was issued stating that formal construction on the west parallel taxiway run-up pad will begin March 17, 2011. The extreme south end of the west taxiway and the extreme north end will be blocked off for construction for another 6-9 weeks to complete this project. Last week Aircraft Management Services (AMS) issued flyers to affected tenants that they would assist, if necessary, in getting aircraft out of the hangars and towing across the grass to a hard surface where the aircraft can start up and taxi out to the runway. The completed run-up pads are very nice. The problem with the gate was that four (4) bearings were frozen up; Ingram is waiting for the replacement bearings. Two of the bearings have grease fittings, AMS will grease these about every two weeks and hopefully we will not have that problem again.

Diaz stated PBS&J has done a terrific job.

McCutchen stated AMS has started an air explorer post for young teenagers, 14 – 18years old, and requested support from the committee for this program. The explorer program is
co-ed and one of the senior leaders in the organization is award winning school teacher, Casey Oliver. McCutchen stated he would like for them to come to one of these meetings and see what the county staff does in relation to the airport.

Diaz stated the aviation curriculum with the School Board is a separate program that AMS is involved in as well.

Chairman Issues
No items

Pensacola Flight Watch
No items

No items

Other Business
Roy stated that military aircraft are operating on weekends more than usual as they are making up flight hours as they transition from the T-34 to the T-6, this will continue for another 6-9 months.

Next Meeting/Adjournment
The next meeting will be at 5:00 p.m. on April 20, 2011.

Meeting adjourned at 5:20 p.m.



Page 1 4/21/2011
Standard Operating Procedures
1. PURPOSE: The purpose of the Aviation Advisory Committee is to provide
advice and recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners on
the general subject of aviation issues.
a. The committee shall consist of 8 members. The members shall be
as follows:
i. Five (5) of whom shall represent the general aviation
community. Each member of the Board of County
Commissioners shall appoint one (1) member of the Aviation
Advisory Committee subject to the approval of the entire
Board of County Commissioners.
ii. One of whom shall be appointed by the Commanding Officer
of NAS Whiting Field.
iii. One of whom shall be appointed by the Commanding Officer
at Eglin AFB.
iv. One member shall be a representative of the Fixed Base
b. Each member may be removed from office at anytime with or
without cause by a vote of the Board of County Commissioners.
c. Each member shall serve until the appointment of a successor.
a. The committee shall elect a Chairman and such other officers as
they might deem necessary, who shall serve terms of one (1) year,
with a maximum of two (2) terms.
b. Officers will be elected at the first meeting of each calendar year.
a. The Aviation Advisory Committee shall meet the third Wednesday
of each month in the Board of County Commissioners Chamber at
5:00 p.m.
b. All meetings will be open to the public to attend.
c. The County Administrator shall provide notice in advance for
regular meetings and special meetings.
d. The County Administrator shall prepare the agenda in the following
i. Call to Order
ii. Review/Approval of Minutes
iii. Old Business
iv. New Business
v. FBO Issues
vi. Chairman Issues
Page 2 4/21/2011
vii. Pensacola Flight Watch, Inc.
viii. Administrative/Engineer
ix. Other Business
x. Next Meeting/Adjournment.
e. The County shall maintain a record of meeting attendance by
f. Minutes of meetings shall be prepared by the County, distributed to
all members and approved by the committee at the following
g. All records shall be a matter of public record: minutes, reports, etc.
a. Committee members must present agenda items to the County
b. All agenda items should be specific with respect to information,
content, and goal.
6. VOTING: A quorum shall consist of four (4) members present.
7. PARLIAMENTARY AUTHORITY: The rules contained in the Modern
Edition of Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the Santa Rosa County
Aviation Advisory Committee in all cases where they are not inconsistent
with these Standard Operating Procedures and any special rules of order
the committee may adopt.
standard operating procedures may be amended at any regular or special
meeting of the Board of County Commissioners upon recommendation of
the Aviation Advisory Committee.
9. OBJECTIVES: The committee shall have the power and duty to:
a. Make recommendations to promote and preserve the aviation and
the air transportation system and propose methods, strategies or
technologies that can be used to improve these systems.
b. Promote aviation systems and capital infrastructure improvements.
c. Review the Airport’s capital project program prioritization process
and provide recommendations on the method for determining.
d. Review and promote Federal and State aviation rules and
regulations as may be proper and necessary to promote and
develop beneficial aviation practices and operations.
e. Promote aviation education opportunities and encourage research
and development for aviation safety and security.
f. Provide a forum for exchange of information concerning the users’
view of needs and requirements of the aviation systems.
g. Projects may be assigned by the Board of County Commissioners,
or may originate from the Aviation Advisory Committee.
Page 3 4/21/2011
h. Review and recommend the current and planned use of air space
i. Review and recommend the use of land underlying air space
wherein peculiar hazards or noise may reside
j. Review and recommend policy issues
k. Review and recommend master plan of Peter Prince Field
l. Receive and evaluate reports of poor or improper services by the
contractual base operator
m. Receive and evaluate unsafe conditions
n. Receive and evaluate failure of parties to observe airport rules
o. May initiate discussions, observations, or investigations, in order to
make recommendations on aviation or airport matters to the Board
of County Commissioners.
p. May hear comments on airport and aviation matters from the public
or other agencies for consideration and possible recommendations
to the Board of County Commissioners.
q. Shall advance and promote the interests of aviation and protect the
general welfare of the people living and working near the airport
and the County in general.
r. Shall provide a forum for the managers of Peter Prince Airport
regarding operational and/or policy matters at and around the
a. Agendas will be copied to the County Commissioners.
b. Minutes will be copied to the County Commissioners.
c. The committees’ deliberations and conclusions are to be presented
to the Board of County Commissioners in memo form by County
staff upon approval of the Aviation Advisory Committee.
d. Committee chairman or his/her designee should submit a written
report and present it in person at the next following County
Commission meeting as determined by the committee.
e. Committee members should never revert to individual letters or
memos to the Commissioners as the official Committee stance.
f. Individual members can communicate with the Commissioners
when they disagree with a consensus opinion on behalf of their
personal opinion.
a. The Santa Rosa County Board of County Commissioners shall
provide appropriate staff support to enable the committee to
properly carry out its functions.
b. The staff coordinator will be the County Administrator or his/her
17 May 05
Mr. Robert J. Arnold
Eglin AFB Encroachment Committee
101 West D Avenue, Suite 222
Eglin AFB FL 32542
Mr. Hunter Walker
Santa Rosa County Administrator
6865 Caroline Street
Milton, FL 32570-4978
Dear Mr. Walker
Senate Bill 1604, signed into law by Governor Bush 5 June 04 requiring military
installation representation for land use planning or zoning boards has significantly
increased our workload. We have reviewed our activities and believe that the most
effective use of our limited resources is to consolidate military representation for the Santa
Rosa County Aviation Advisory Committee (SRCAAC) to one agent as we have for the
Santa Rosa County Land Planning Board.
We have coordinated with NAS Whiting to allow Mr. Marty Martin, Aviation Community
Planner for NAS Whiting, to serve as the single military representative to the SRCAAC for
both Eglin AFB and NAS Whiting Field. Mr. Martin will fully coordinate with Eglin AFB for a
consolidated position on those issues concerning our installation and we will always be
available for technical presentations on any issue.
We believe this forum provides a invaluable service in that it allows communications
to protect both the County and military missions. Please feel free to call me on any issue
at any time.
CC: Mr. Marty Martin, NAS Whiting Field