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Approved Jun 6, 2001 - Fire Protection Board of Adjustments Minutes


JUNE 6, 2001

The regular meeting of the Santa Rosa County Firesafety Administrative Board of Adjustments and Appeals was held June 6, 2001, at 3:00 p. m. in the Conference Room of the Santa Rosa County Building Inspection Department located at 6051 Old Bagdad Highway Room 202, Milton, FL 32583. Board members in attendance were Chairman John Reble, Warren Morgan, and Dusty Rhodes.

Building Inspection Department Staff in attendance were Rhonda Royals, Office Superintendent; Tim Tolbert, Fire Official/Chief Plans Examiner; Tambre Weiland, Fire Safety Inspector; and Esna Cluck, Permit Analyst.

Mr. John Reble, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 3:20 p.m.

Agenda approval:
Royals stated she would like to move item 5b to item 5d because the representatives were running late. There were no objections and the agenda was approved as adjusted.

Approval of minutes:
Morgan made a motion to accept the minutes from the April 25, 2001, meeting with a second by Rhodes. Motion carried with 3 ayes. Rhodes made a motion to accept the minutes from the May 30, 2001, meeting with a second by Morgan. Motion carried with 3 ayes.

Next Meeting:
The next scheduled meeting will be a special meeting to be held on Thursday, June 14, 2001 at 6:00 p.m.

Old Business:
The special meeting to be held on June 14, 2001, will be to continue the discussion of the second draft of the proposed fire ordinance.

New Business:
Variance Request:
Sun Coast Outdoor Furniture Services Inc. Mr. William B. Ritter - Owner

Chairman Reble read the letter from Mr. Ritter requesting variance in regards to placement of fire hydrant.

Royals read into the record from the Fire Prevention Code Section 105.3.1 the guidelines by which the Board may vary a provision of code.

Ritter explained what type of building he plans to construct and the use of said building. He showed the Board a site plan of his lot, the nearest fire hydrant and the adjoining lots. Weiland gave distance from property line to fire hydrant to be approximately 1553' as the hose is laid. Ritter gave information regarding existing buildings. There was discussion about what the furniture is made of, how it is shipped and what it is packaged in. Ritter gave a letter to the Board from the Bagdad Fire Department stating they would be able to supply adequate fire protection to the end of Briarglen Road. Reble determined the amount of water that would be needed to fight fire in a building that size from NFPA 11-42. Reble asked if any other method of water supply was proposed. Ritter stated there was not. Ritter talked about changing the size and height of the proposed building. Discussion ensued.

Royals suggested that the Board could consider tabling the variance issue until such time as the applicant has the opportunity to resubmit additional criteria or information to amend what he has submitted as far as the size of the building, the height, etc. Ritter agreed with this.

Rhodes made a motion to table this request to a later date so the applicant could do some research on other methods of water supply and determine the size of the building. There was a second by Morgan. Motion carried with 3 ayes.

Variance Request:
Hudson House Restaurant - Michael Sanborn of Mike Sanborn Builders

Reble read the letter requesting variance to not have to place fire hydrant.

Tolbert stated that the building department has construction plans that have been approved and an approved site plan showing a fire hydrant.

Bill Sanborn, Michael Sanborn's son, is the representative for this request. Sanborn stated the reason for the request not to have to put the fire hydrant in is because they are very close to 500' and would rather save the money. Sanborn stated there are two fire hydrants nearby, one on Ibis Road and one on Avalon Blvd. Sanborn gave the measurements from each existing hydrant to the building. Sanborn stated that he spoke with the Chief and Assistant Chief of the Avalon Fire Department about this issue. They said they had no problem fighting fire there but were unwilling to give a letter to Sanborn because they worked hard to get these codes.

Morgan asked what the cost would be to put in the hydrant. Sanborn replied $2500. Discussion ensued.

A motion was made to deny variance by Morgan. There was a second by Rhodes. Motion carried with 3 ayes.

Royals stated a reason is needed for the record. The reason is it would not manifest an injustice to the property owners to install the required fire hydrant.

Break taken at 4:25 p.m.

Chairman Reble reconvened the meeting at 4:35 p.m.

Variance Request
Airport Mini Storage - Lonnie Joiner

Reble read the letter requesting an extension of time for the installation of the proposed fire hydrant by East Milton Water System. They request their final inspection from the building department not be delayed due to the fire hydrant.

Robin Plunkett was the representative for Lonnie Joiner. Plunkett stated she had a letter from East Milton Fire Department that says they do not have a problem with the extension.

Plunkett stated that Jimmie Moore, board member of water board, was supposed to be at the meeting and she would know the length of extension needed.

Tolbert stated he had spoken with Moore about new lines going in. The water department was not sure if the hydrant would be in before the building final was done.

Reble discussed having documentation from the water department providing a schedule of installation and having a specified time of extension. Reble suggested not interrupting construction but holding the certificate of occupancy until the hydrant is in place and if necessary they could come back before the board at a later date. Discussion ensued.

A motion was made to table this issue by Morgan. There was a second by Rhodes. Motion carried with 3 ayes.

Variance Request
First Apostolic Church Daycare - David W. Fitzpatrick, P. E.

Reble read the letter of request for a variance on placement of a fire hydrant. There was no one present to represent the Church.

Rhodes discussed the problem of granting a variance relating to a daycare and the safety of children. The board looked at the site plan and discussion ensued.

A motion to deny the variance request was made by Morgan. There was a second by Rhodes. Motion carried with 3 ayes.

Open Discussion:

Rhodes made a motion to adjourn. Morgan followed with a second. Motion carried with 3 ayes.

Chairman Reble adjourned the meeting at 4:45 p.m