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Approved Jun 14, 2001 - Fire Protection Board of Adjustments Minutes


JUNE 14, 2001

The special meeting of the Santa Rosa County Fire Safety Administrative Board of Adjustments and Appeals was held June 14, 2001, at 6:00 p. m. in the Conference Room of the Santa Rosa County Building Inspection Department located at 6051 Old Bagdad Highway Room 202, Milton, FL 32583. Board members in attendance were Chairman John Reble, Vice Chairman Paul Hazucha, Dusty Rhodes and Steve Rowell.

Building Inspection Department Staff in attendance were Rhonda Royals, Office Superintendent; Tim Tolbert, Fire Official/Chief Plans Examiner; Tambre Weiland, Fire Safety Inspector; and Esna Cluck, Permit Analyst.

Mr. John Reble, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 6:15 p.m.

Agenda approval:
Royals asked the Board if time permitted at the end of the discussion of the ordinance if they could review some documents submitted in reference to the Lonnie Joiner variance request.

There were no objections. Hazucha made a motion to approve the agenda with the addition. There was a second from Rhodes. Motion carried with 4 ayes.

Approval of minutes:
Rhodes made a motion to accept the minutes from the June 6, 2001, meeting with a second by Hazucha. Motion carried with 4 ayes.

Next meeting:
The next scheduled meeting is to be held on July 19, 2001, at 4:00 p.m.

Old Business:
Open discussion of the proposed Fire Prevention Ordinance.

Reble decided not to read every section but to take discussion on each section. Reble explained that if a word or phrase is underlined it is an addition to the first draft and a strike through is a deletion. Reble stated that all changes would be looked at.

Reble read Section 3 aloud and also read from Florida Principles & Practices page 23. There was discussion about the ordinance giving authority to one individual as the Fire Official.

The board made a recommendation that the Fire Official and the Building Official should be co-equal authorities and one should not be subordinate to the other. Rhodes made a motion to accept this recommendation. There was a second by Hazucha. Motion carried with 4 ayes.

Reble discussed section 4 and asked if there were any comments on this section. David Burnett, Chief of Midway Fire Department, made a suggestion that the County Attorney look at this section to allow for jurisdictions to conduct inspections. Royals discussed the Inter Local Agreements that are in place. Hazucha suggested incorporating language referring to the Inter Local Agreements. Discussion ensued.

Reble discussed the change of wording in section 5. Royals stated the reason for the change was to let the contractors know that there are no plans to charge a fee for annual inspections.

Reble pointed out the changes in section 6 and 7 with no questions or discussion given by anyone else.

Reble discussed section 8. Hazucha stated that everywhere the Board is mentioned in the ordinance should be the same name. The official name of the Board was discussed. Royals stated that the official name is the Fire Safety Administrative Board of Adjustments and Appeals.

Burnett discussed the types of alternate water sources that are referred to in section 8a and asked if the fire departments would be allowed to have any input. Discussion ensued. Greg West, chief of Holley/Navarre Fire Department, suggested inserting, "in cooperation with the local fire department" at the end of section 8a. More discussion ensued.

Tests, section 8b, were discussed at length. Ken Walker, Holley/Navarre Water System, discussed conducting the flow tests. Reble read from Escambia County's Ordinance in reference to flow tests. Tolbert asked for clarification from the Board on how many tests should be required and at what point should they be conducted. More discussion ensued. West suggested conducting two tests, one test at the beginning of job and another test prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy to ensure no damage was done to the hydrant during construction. Hazucha proposed some language to add to section 8b. There was more extensive discussion.

There was no discussion on sections 8c and 8d.

Reble questioned the first sentence in section 8e. Discussion ensued. Burnett suggested removing the first sentence in section 8e. More discussion ensued. The Board recommended striking the first sentence in section 8e.

Reble read the changes in section 8f. There was no further discussion on section 8f.

There was no discussion on the rest of section 8.

Reble read the change in section 9 and there was no further discussion.

Section 10, penalty, was discussed briefly.

Reble reviewed sections 10 thru 14 with no discussion.

Royals brought up an individuals right to appeal a citation located in section 7d. This was an addition to the ordinance that was not underlined on the draft. Discussion ensued.

Alan Toler, Chief of Harold Fire Department, talked about new water systems being installed with a 3 inch main. Toler asked if the ordinance would address the size of main installed in a new system. Discussion ensued.

The Board discussed whether to recommend the draft ordinance to the Board of County Commissioners or to table it for another meeting. Rowell stated there could be a problem with section 3. Royals said she could speak with the County Attorney and take a phone poll of each Board member as to whether to accept the ordinance and forward it to the County Commissioners or table it for another meeting. The Board accepted to this idea.

Variance Request:
Lonnie Joiner - Airport Mini Warehouse.
Royals reviewed the request for the Board. Royals read a letter requesting an extension of time to install fire hydrant. Royals also read a letter from East Milton Water System regarding their intentions to install new water lines. The letter did not give a specified time frame. Discussion ensued. Rhodes made a motion to table this issue until the water system can give a specified time. There was a second by Rowell. Motion carried with 3 ayes. Hazucha abstained.

New Business:
Public Forum:

Hazucha made a motion to adjourn the meeting with a second by Rowell. Motion carried with 4 ayes.

Chairman Reble adjourned the meeting at 8:08 p.m.