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Approved Sep 30, 2003 - Bagdad Architectural Advisory Board Minutes


Bagdad Historical District Architectural Advisory Board Meeting Minutes
September 30, 2003 at 8:30 AM

Mrs. Davis – Board Member
Mr. Lewis – Board Member
Mr. Cook – Board Member
Mr. & Mrs. McNeil – Homeowners
Mrs. D’Asaro – Bagdad Historical Society
Gregg Madsen – Planner I
Beckie Faulkenberry – Planning Director

Topic: Review of Architectural Design of McNeil House Plans

Beckie Faulkenberry presented information concerning a revised façade to the architectural plans for new house construction at 4566 Simpson Street in the Historical District as directed by the Board of County Commissioners. A motion was made to approve the new architectural façade.

This motion was then voted on and passed 2-0 with one abstention.

Beckie Faulkenberry proceeded to discuss with the board and Mrs. D’Asaro the following items:

  • Sunshine Law in regards to the Board members.
  • Gregg Madsen keeping track of meeting minutes.
  • Board member terms, re: 2 year terms and BCC approval.
  • Possible increase Board to more than 3 persons
  • The need to disperse more information about the BHAAB to homeowners, realtors, and builders
  • Checking out other historical districts and city planning departments re: rules & regulations
  • Gregg Madsen to organize Architectural and color samples

The meeting ended 10:00. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be on 10/28/03 at 8:00. There will be a special meeting on 10/7/03 at 8:00 to discuss the goals for 2004, and the DC