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Approved Dec 18, 2003 - Bagdad Architectural Advisory Board Minutes


Bagdad Architectural Advisory Committee
Minutes of the December 18, 2003 Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 8:40 a.m. with the following members and staff present: Dr. Lewis, Committee Member; Jan Davis, Committee Member; Kacey Wagg, Transportation Planner and staff to the Committee; and Beckie Faulkenberry, Planning Director.

The Committee reviewed and approved the minutes of the November 25, 2003 meeting.

Ms. Wagg presented a tree removal request from David and Luci Bailly for a pecan tree on parcel #15-1N-28-0120-00A00-0060. The committee briefly discussed the request; Dr. Lewis noted that he had visited the site. The committee agreed that the pecan tree was in decline and that the young magnolia in close proximity to the pecan would replace it as a specimen tree. The committee voted unanimously to grant the request.

The committee reviewed vinyl siding samples provided by Dr. Lewis. Three grades of vinyl siding were presented and one sample of “hardy board.” The committee generally agreed that only the highest grade of vinyl should be permitted in the Historic District if vinyl is permitted at all. The committee noted examples of vinyl covered structures for staff review. Dr. Lewis agreed to discuss the issue of vinyl siding with the Bagdad Historic Preservation Association and to bring cost estimates of each grade as compared to wood siding.

The committee discussed an issue resulting from requirements placed on the applicants in case  number 2003-BHAAB-004. The applicants of case number 2003-BHAAB-007 were not required to undertake the same tree protection and silt fencing requirements. The committee also discussed some of the architectural details negotiated with the 2003-BHAAB-004 case. Staff explained that it did not appear the County had full ability to require the tree protection and silt fencing on a residential lot. The committee concurred with staff’s findings and agreed to support whatever remedial steps were necessary. The committee also agreed to let staff work with the applicants on more appropriate architectural details.

Finally, Beckie Faulkenberry relayed to the committee that the BOCC would be asked to reappoint the BHAAB at one of its January meetings and recommended that each member meet with their commissioner regarding their appointment and service.

The next Committee meeting was set for January 13, 2004 at 8:30 a.m.

The Committee adjourned at approximately 10:00 a.m.