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Approved Oct 13, 2004 - Bagdad Architectural Advisory Board Minutes


Bagdad Architectural Advisory Committee
Minutes of the October 13, 2004 Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 2:10 p.m. with the following members and staff present: Mrs. Jan Davis, Committee Member; Dr. Richard Lewis, Committee Member; Dr. Charles D’Asaro, Alternate Committee Member and Kacey Wagg, Transportation Planner and staff to the Committee. Mr. Mike Johnson and Mrs. Lisa Lyle, both applicants were also in attendance. Mr. Charles Cook, committee chairman, was absent.

Prior to commencing with the agenda, committee members had some general discussion regarding the hurricane damage. Dr. D’Asaro noted that all the Live Oaks in Bagdad had survived the storm. Ms. Wagg made sure all the members had received the memo outlining how storm damage repairs were being handled.

The first item on the agenda was approval of the August 20, 2004 minutes. They were approved without objection. Dr. Lewis asked about the status of the code language increasing the membership of the AAB. Ms. Wagg said that the Local Planning Board had approved the language and the BOCC would hear the amendment shortly.

The next item on the agenda was case 2004-BHAAB-007. This was a request by Mr. Michael Johnson for restoration of the Old Post Office. He discussed issues with the handicapped ramp and the restroom. Since the handicapped ramp is a material change to a nationally registered historic structure, the Board approved supporting a variance for removal of it from the plans if that were necessary. The motion also included support for a variance not to install a bathroom until sewer is available. Dr. Lewis moved to support the variances and Mrs. Davis seconded. The Board approved the motion unanimously. Mrs. Davis moved to approve the plans and Dr. Lewis seconded. The Board approved the plans unanimously.

Mr. Johnson then also addressed case 2004-BHAAB-009, replacement of windows at 4545 Church Street. Mrs. Davis had a concern about the vinyl windows. Mr. Johnson explained that the existing windows were not original and replacing with wood windows was cost prohibitive. Mr. Johnson also explained that although they were trying to save the original siding, it was going to be difficult to weather and wind proof the house. He said the overall purpose was to expose the original shotgun design of the home. The Board unanimously approved replacing the windows with vinyl window with Dr. Lewis making the motion and Mrs. Davis seconded. Mrs. Davis did indicate that she objected to the vinyl windows, but wouldapprove the request due to the cost differential. Mr. Johnson also requested that the AAB approve  hardiplank if it were necessary to cover the original siding. Dr. Lewis made a motion and Mrs. Davis seconded to grant permission to use hardiplank if necessary.

The next item on the agenda was case 2004-BHAAB-008. David and Lisa Lyle were requesting to remove the chain link fencing in the front of the house, remove the awnings on the front  of the house and replace with working shutters, remove all window air conditioning units and replace windows as follows:

  • All windows on the front will be refurbished
  • The windows on the main house on the Ella Street side will be replaced with wood with a pattern identical to those on the front
  • The windows on the east end of the house on the Ella Street side will be replaced, two with the identical style as the front, four with simple glass panes
  • On the rear of the house all windows will be vinyl without the original pattern
  • On the interior side four windows will be replaced with vinyl in the mutton pattern

The AAB unanimously approved the requests with Mrs. Davis making the motion and Dr. Lewis seconding.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 3:15pm.