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Approved Jan 26, 2005 - Bagdad Architectural Advisory Board Minutes


Bagdad Architectural Advisory Committee
Minutes of the January 26, 2005 Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 8:35a.m.with the following members and staff present: Mrs. Jan Davis, Committee Member; Mr. Charles Cook, Committee Chair and Kacey Wagg, Transportation Planner and staff to the Committee. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Leonard, Mrs. Sherry McNeil, Mr. Ronnie Mack and Mr. Sandy Wyatt, all applicants or representatives, were also in attendance. Mrs. Karin Heaton attended as an observer.

The minutes of the October 21, 2004 meeting were approved without objection.

The first case, 2005-BHAAB-001 was a request by Homer Leonard to remove a Live Oak tree in the northwest corner of his property behind the Bagdad Elementary School. Mr. Leonard explained that the crown of the tree was lifeless and had been losing branches, which is a hazard for the elementary school students. The lot contains approximately 15 other Live Oak trees. Mrs. Davis made a motion to approve the tree removal and Mr. Cook seconded.

The second case, 2005-BHAAB-002, was also a request for a tree removal by John & Sherry McNeil. The tree had been partially cut before a stop work order was issued as part of a Code Enforcement action over one year ago. The tree has not weathered the cutting well and sits directly adjacent to the new McNeil home, now under construction, and overhangs two neighbors accessory structures. Mr. Cook indicated that he made a site visit and feels the tree is dying. Mrs. Davis noted that the majority of the tree had been removed during the initial cutting. At least two other Pecan trees exist in the backyard and three Live Oak trees were replanted as a result of the Code Enforcement action. Mr. Cook moved to approve the tree
removal and Mrs. Davis seconded.

Mr. Ronnie Mack represented the applicant, Mary Fergus, his mother, in the third case, 2005-BHAAB-003. In this case, the applicant has requested permission to remove two pecan trees on a parcel on Simpson Street. Both trees were damaged in Hurricane Ivan and caused structural damage to the house. Mrs. Davis suggested replacing the Pecan Trees with a dogwood or red maple. Mr. Mack indicated he would be amenable to replanting a dogwood after the Pecans were removed. Mrs. Davis moved to approve the removal of the two trees with the request for replanting with a dogwood and Mr. Cook seconded.

The final case before the Board was a request for structure demolition and architectural plan approval for an addition at the HOM/ADE Foods site on the corner of Forsyth and Old Bagdad Highway. Mr. Cook and Mrs. Davis indicated that the proposed demolition used to be a hot dog stand in the Mill days. Since then it was converted into a gas station and eventually an office for HOM/ADE Foods. The structure now has no architectural significance. The site will have to go through the Site Plan Review process. The Board members were interested in requirements for right-of-way and parking lot landscaping. Mr. Cook moved to grant approval for structure demolition and approval of the architectural plan with the requirement that the
site plan be brought back before the AAB. Mrs. Davis seconded. (**NOTE: Following the meeting, Mr.Sandy Wyatt, applicant’s representative met with Planning & Zoning staff regarding  the site plan requirements. HOM/ADE Foods will be required to provide right-of-way landscaping on Forsyth and Old Bagdad Highway. Landscaping of parking lot islands will also be required.)

Following hearing of the cases, the Board members were briefed on the process for expansion of Board membership and appointment to the Board by the County Commission. Each person interested in serving on the BHAAB is being required to fill out an application for submission to Planning & Zoning. The list of applicants will be forwarded to the County Commissioners for consideration and appointment. Current and interested members were encouraged to not only meet with Commissioner Cole, whose district encompasses Bagdad, but also other Commissioners regarding their interest in serving on the BHAAB. The list will likely be sent to the County Commission at the second February meeting.

The Board was also briefed on the exemption of Bagdad from the new code allowance for replacement of Mobile Homes even in districts where they are not permitted. There was no discussion.

Under other business, Mrs. Davis requested that staff move forward with other Land Development Code changes. Ms. Wagg explained time constraints, but agreed that action was needed. She suggested the Board members express their desire for this project to take a higher priority when they meet with them about appointment.

The next meeting of the BHAAB will be at 8:30a.m. on Wednesday February 23, 2005.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 9:15a.m.