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Approved Mar 23, 2005 - Bagdad Architectural Advisory Board Minutes


Bagdad Architectural Advisory Committee
Minutes of the March 23, 2005 Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 8:33a.m.with the following members and staff present: Mrs. Jan Davis, Committee Member; Mr. Michael Johnson, Committee Member, David Bailly, Committee Member, Joshua Wilks, Committee Member, Dr. Charles D’Asaro, Committee Member, Karin Heaton, Committee Advisor, Beckie Faulkenberry, Planning Director, and Gregg Madsen, Planner II filling in for Kacey Wagg who is staff to the Committee.

The minutes of the January 26, 2005 meeting were approved without objection.

Elections were conducted for Chairman and Vice Chairman. Charles D’Asaro was elected Chairman and Michael Johnson for Vice Chairman. Jan Davis made a motion that “Roberts Rules of Order Edition 10” be used to conduct meetings Michael Johnson second the motion which carried unanimously.

The first and only item on the agenda was case 2005-BHAAB-005, a request by A Cut Above Tree Care to remove three trees from Ray Maroldi, at 6880 Old Bagdad Hwy. Dr. D’Asaro stated that the oak on the application was not a water oak but a laurel oak and asked that it be removed from the application. Mrs. Davis motioned to remove the oak tree from the application, Mr. Johnson seconded and vote carried unanimously.

The Committee continued discussion on the Pecan and Magnolia trees. The Committee determined that the Magnolia could be removed but needed to be mitigated with a native tree. The Pecan tree could not be removed, but pruned.

The Committee discussed the following items.

  • The AAB application needs to have the property owner’s signature on the application, to ensure that the owner is aware of the process.
  • Bagdad Cemetery boundary lines and encroachment of Ventura Estates and a plan to protect the cemetery and its graves both inside and outside of boundary lines. Staff agreed
    to review the subdivision plat file with regard to boundaries and access. Staff will contactEngineering Department concerning overflow of proposed retention pond onto Old BagdadHwy and onto private property.
  • Staff to follow up on restoration for residence located at 7824 Overman St with bottomless septic tank.
  • David Bailly brought the subject of accessory buildings on residence that are less than 700 sq ft and do not require a permit, should the AAB review these projects, Ms Faulkenberry feels that these projects should be reviewed by the Committee.
  • Jan Davis brought for discussion “Stormscaping”. Staff will invite Dan Mullins at County Extension Office to speak on this topic at next meeting. Mrs. Davis also presented for
    reference book “Florida Gardening Series, Volume 3, Stormscaping” by Pamela Crowford.

The next meeting of the BHAAB will be at 8:30a.m. on Wednesday April 27, 2005.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 9:44a.m.