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Approved Jun 22, 2005 - Bagdad Architectural Advisory Board Minutes


Bagdad Architectural Advisory Committee
Minutes of the June 22, 2005 Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 8:30 a.m. with the following members and staff present: Dr. Charles D’Asaro, Chairman; Mrs. Jan Davis, Committee Member; Mr. Michael Johnson, Committee Member; Mr. David Bailly, Committee Member; Mr. Joshua Wilks, Committee Member; LaVerne Frye, Office Assistant and Beckie Faulkenberry, Planning Director.
The minutes of the May 25, 2005 meeting were approved without objection.

The first item on the agenda was case 2005-BHAAB-007, Adrian Cato, represented by Angie Jones of Locklin & Jones. Ms. Jones began her presentation by saying that Mr. Cato wants to reach an agreeable compromise. Dr. D’Asaro reminded everyone that the Board had already heard Mr. Cato’s case and asked Mr. Wilks to identify their previous recommendations from the minutes of the April 27th meeting. Ms. Jones said that Mr. Cato would like to keep the front entrance garage; he would be willing to adjust the roof, the columns and windows.

Mrs. Davis stated that she would like to see the front entrance garage adjusted to a side entrance garage and Mr. Bailley stated that he also had a problem with the front entrance garage, because it was not characteristic of Bagdad.

Dr. D’Asaro asked Mr. Cato how strongly he felt about the brick and asked if he would consider putting vinyl on three sides; he explained that in Bagdad, Brick was historically used on public buildings and not on residential buildings. Mr. Cato was adamant about keeping the brick façade, but Ms. Jones explained that Mr. Cato had selected a “historic brick.”

Mr. Bailly and Mr. Johnson both expressed concern with the overall style of the home as being contemporary rather than historic. Ms. Jones noted that there are other brick homes in the area and pointed out the provision in the Land Development Code that requires new construction to be similar to other nearby homes. Dr. D’Asaro explained that previously-approved brick homes were mistakes and said that the inconsistency in the Code was the reason he was willing to compromise on the use of brick and vinyl in this case. Mrs. Davis noted
that the Board has worked on changes to the Land Development code, and noted that those proposed changes have not yet been adopted. Ms. Faulkenberry explained the inconsistency of the Code that requires the Board to ensure that new development is compatible with specific historic time periods, but also says that new development can be consistent with existing surrounding development.

Dr. D’Asaro reminded everyone that the BOCC directed both sides to come to a compromise. Ms. Jones asked if the house was raised and the garage moved to a side entrance would the board be willing to compromise on the brick. Mr. Johnson explained that a key issue related to raising the house was the distance between the finished floor elevation and the finished grade of the lot. He was concerned that the recommendation as proposed would not have any real impact. Following additional discussion on the proposed changes, Mrs. Davis moved to accept the plans with the following revisions: raise the slab four inches (3 blocks high), a side entrance garage and columns bricked a portion of the way up and wood
above that. Mrs. Davis moved to accept the plans as changed; Mr. Wilks seconded the motion. The motion failed with Mrs. Davis voting in favor and Mr. Wilks, Mr. Johnson, and Mr. Bailley voting against. Ms. Jones thanked the Board members for their time, and she and the applicant left the meeting. There was no further discussion on this item and no additional action taken.

The second item on the agenda was case 2005-BHAAB-011, Calvin L. Slack, request for new construction. Mr. Slack, hearing the discussion on the previous case, said he understood the Board would not approve a full brick façade, and said he would be willing to revise his plans to include a rear façade of brick with vinyl siding on the front and sides. Following brief discussion, the board asked for the following revisions to his plans: a longer porch, side entrance garage, raise elevation of slab from finished floor to finished grade by twelve inches (four blocks), vinyl siding on front and side façade and brick on the rear. Mr. Wilks moved to approve the plans with changes, Mrs. Davis seconded and the motion passed with Mr. Wilks, Mrs. Davis, Mr. Johnson, and Mr. Bailley voting in favor. Mr. Slack accepted the Boards decision.

Mr. Gil Doughtery approached the boarding concerning the beautification of Bagdad, particularly with regard to junk automobiles, fences, lawns and garbage cans. Dr. D’Asaro agreed that while beautification is needed, the Board is charged with Architectural design and review. Ms. Faulkenberry explained that much of Mr. Daughtery’s concerns were not things that the County addressed, but that derelict vehicles and some trash issues could be handled by Code Enforcement. Mr. Dougherty also reported that there was destroyed mobile home across from 7020 Bushnell and Ms. Faulkenberry said that she would ask Code Enforcement to evaluate that site for possible abatement.

The Board discussed use of the Secretary of the Interior’s “Standards of Rehabilitation”. Copies of the Standards were provided to the Board with their agenda packets. Ms. Faulkenberry noted that the Land development Code specifically references the “Standards for Rehabilitation,” pointing out that these cover rehabilitation and not new construction. The board agreed that restoration and rehabilitation are two different things, and moved on to discuss problems with the Land Development Code related to standards for new construction.

The Board was provided copies of draft Land Development Code changes that were begun in February 2004. Dr. D’Asaro asked that the Board members review the draft and provide comments to the Planning Department. Ms. Faulkenberry then explained that the BOCC had approved hiring a consultant to update the Code, and discussed the possible overlap of that project with a pending Waterfronts Florida project. She suggested that she look at the project scope to see how the goals of both can be accomplished without duplicating the process. Dr. D’Asaro stated that he would like for the board to continue with the redrafting of the Land Development Code and Ms. Faulkenberry recommended public input so that the board would have the support of the community.

The Board next discussed the Sunshine Law. Ms. Faulkenberry provided a copy of a memo from the County Attorney’s office explaining that as an appointed board, members are prohibited from discussing outside of a public meeting any items that may come before them for a vote. Ms. Faulkenberry further clarified that the Board could not discuss changes to the code outside of a public meeting but that the board could discuss cases after they have been voted on and could discuss issues with the community.

Mr. Johnson informed the Board that he spoke with Levi King concerning the replacement of windows in his home. Mr. King’s contractor had already pulled building permits to replace the windows. Ms. Faulkenberry agreed to coordinate with the Building Department to ensure that remodels and repairs would come before the Board for approval. Following brief discussion, Mr. Wilks moved to ask the Building Department to rescind the permit for the windows; Mrs. Davis seconded and the motion passed 3-1 with Mrs. Davis, Mr. Bailly, and Mr. Wilks voting in favor and Mr. Johnson voting against.

The Board discussed options for providing information to the public relative to historic district zoning requirements. Ms. Faulkenberry committed to send a notice to all historically-zoned property owners reminding them of the requirements.

The floor was opened to the public. Mrs. D’Asaro made comments concerning the Cato case, saying that she wanted to be of assistance to Mr. Cato and also offered assistance with obtaining addresses for mail outs. With regard to public input, Ms. Faulkenberry explained that the board should open the floor to public input sometime before voting on each case. Dr. D’Asaro stated that he would open the floor for public input before voting in the future.

The next regular meeting of the BHAAB will be at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday July 27, 2005.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 11:00 a.m.