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Approved Oct 5, 2005 - Bagdad Architectural Advisory Board Minutes


Bagdad Architectural Advisory Committee
Minutes of the October 5, 2005 Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m. with the following members and staff present: Dr. Charles D’Asaro, Chairman; Mrs. Davis, Committee Member, Mr. Michael Johnson, Committee Member; Mr. David Bailly, Committee Member; Mr. Joshua Wilks, Committee Member; Karin Heaton, Committee Advisor, LaVerne Frye, Office Assistant and Beckie Faulkenberry, Planning Director.

The agenda contained two discussion items, the first being architectural requirements for Habitat for Humanity homes in Bagdad. Mrs. Betty Salter with Habitat explained to the board that the most significant problem Habitat has found with trying to address historic zoning requirements is roof pitch. The currently proposed LDC amendment to require a 7 on 12 roof pitch is steeper than Habitat is comfortable placing volunteers on. Mrs. Salter also explained that they prefer to use vinyl siding to reduce costs, but was willing to use hardy-plank in Bagdad and she did not have a problem with adhering to the proposed requirement for the front porch floor shall be 24 inches from the finished grade of lot. Mr. Johnson moved to accept the
plans proposed by Mrs. Salter with the compromises of using hardy-plank instead of vinyl siding, elevation of 24 inches from the finished grade of the lot, and a 6 on 12 roof pitch. Mrs. Davis seconded and the motion passed with all in favor.

The next item on the agenda for discussion was proposed land development code changes. The board reviewed a summary of the current code along with the proposed changes and reviewed a presentation prepared by Mr. Johnson for presentation to the Board of County Commissioners. Ms. Faulkenberry provided background information regarding the history of zoning in Bagdad, summary of number of cases per year, and information from the Bagdad Land Use Study.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 12:00 p.m.