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Approved Jul 10, 2007 - Navarre Area Architectural Review Board Minutes


July 10, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 3:05 p.m. with the following members and staff present:
· Mr. Greg Fountain, Chairman
· Mr. Gaius Bruce, Co-Chairman
· Ms. Joanne Connor, Committee Member
· Ms. Shirley Brown, Committee Member
· Mr. Kenneth Walters, Committee Member
· Ms. Julie Seanor, Committee Member
· Ms. Sharon Bryant, Committee Member
· Ms. Sarah Hernandez, Committee Advisor
· Mr. Bill DuBois, Assistant Director and Staff to the Committee

Mr. Greg Fountain paraphrased the minutes from the June 12, 2007 meeting. The minutes were approved without objection.

The board then moved on to consider individual cases on the agenda.

The first item under old business was The Home Depot (2007-NAARB-013). Mr. Dan Pellissier with Greenberg Farrow presented this project.

The Board discussed the changes presented in the architectural elevations for the proposed building, comparing the new proposal favorably. The garden center screening, color choices, and the signage were all discussed. All aspects of the design were determined to be consistent with the NTC approved style with the exception of color choices. In order for Home Depot to keep the franchise Orange color, a variance will be required from the Board of Adjustments. Home Depot agreed to change the color of the shutters to match decorative roofing.

Mr. Ken Walker moved to approve this project with the above conditions. The motion was seconded. The Board unanimously voted to approve the project with stipulated conditions.

The Board moved on to new business, and first considered a recommendation by Mr. Phil Babiak to review Land Use Restrictions in the Heart of Navarre Overlay District, as specified in LDC article 6.05.24. The essence of Mr. Babiak’s presentation centered on SR 87 being a commercial corridor through Navarre, and extensive use restriction
prevented many businesses that residents would probably want to see. Similar use restrictions exist along Navarre Parkway, but traffic conditions on that roadway may preclude significant additional business growth.

Ms. Julie Seanor moved to task staff to review the criteria for Land Use Restrictions in the Heart of Navarre Overlay District, with specific guidance to limit the review to property on SR 87 north of Laredo Street. . The motion was seconded and approved 6-0, with Mr. Gaius Bruce abstaining due to a business relationship with the applicant.

The second case was Navarre Nails (2007-NAARB-016) represented by Southern Signs. Mr. Terry Akens presented this project. Ms. Sharon Bryant moved to approve the project with the condition that the color be changed to SW 6601 (Tanager) or equivalent. The motion was seconded. The Board unanimously approved the project.

The Board discussed a recent case (2007-NAARB-005) where an approved color was listed as SW-6607 (Tomato Red). Reports of the actual sign being constructed with a brighter color have been received. The Board asked staff to initiate a code compliance request.

The meeting adjourned at 4:20 p.m.

Minutes approved by the Board on September 11, 2007