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Approved May 27, 2009 - Bagdad Architectural Advisory Board Minutes


Architectural Advisory Board
Minutes of the May 27, 2009 Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 8:30 a.m. with the following members and staff present:

  • Dr. Charles D’Asaro, Committee Chairman
  • Mr. David Bailly, Committee Member
  • Ms. Jan Davis, Committee Member
  • Mr. Michael Johnson, Committee Member
  • Darliene Stanhope, Staff to Committee

There were 4 items on the agenda; 2 items were discussion items. Loaves and Fishes (2009-BHAAB-002),Bagdad Post Office (2009-BHAAB-003), Mr. and Mrs. James Owens (2009-BHAAB-004) and the rehabilitation of the Locke House on Forsyth Street. The Bagdad Post Office has requested that a sand live oak be removed along the northern property line. The Board discussed the fact that a request to remove this tree had been before the board in the past and it had been denied. Some discussion ensued concerning the possibility of trimming the limb that hangs over the parking lot. Jan made the motion to deny the tree removal, but to allow 10 feet to be removed from the limb that hangs over the parking lot of the Bagdad Post Office. Michael seconded and the motion carried unanimously. Mr. and Mrs. James Owens requested to remove a dying pecan tree in the rear of the property. The application to remove the pecan tree was approved without objection. The rehabilitation of the Locke house was discussed by the board. The rehabilitation of the house does not need board approval, but was brought before the board as a discussion item. The board suggested that the interior paint not be textured, windows to be repaired and recaulked, not replaced; no vinyl siding, use hardy plank or matching wood siding and on the steps do not use prefab steps, instead use wood, brick or concrete. Application number 2009-BHAAB-002 was a discussion item. The project was approved in house and brought before the board to apprise them of the situation.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:00 a.m.