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Approved Jul 28, 2010 - Bagdad Architectural Advisory Board Minutes


Bagdad Architectural Advisory Board
Minutes of the July 28, 2010 Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 8:30 a.m. with the following members and staff present:

  • Dr. Charles D’Asaro, Committee Chairman
  • Mr. David Bailly, Committee Member
  • Ms. Jan Davis, Committee Member
  • Mr. Michael Johnson, Committee Member
  • Darliene Stanhope, Staff to Committee

Mr. D’Asaro asked if there was any discussion about the July 22, 2009 minutes. There was none; he called for approval and the minutes were approved with no objection. Darliene introduced case # 2010-BHAAB-001. Ms Julia Brown was not present so Ms Stanhope explained that Ms. Brown would like to demolish her house that had burned and cut down 2 trees and demolish a block building on the lot across the street so that she could build her home on that lot. The board discussed the possibility of saving one of the oaks until the location of the house was established. David made a motion to approve the removal of the oak on the corner and the house and building to be demolished. Jan seconded and the motion carried.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:15 a.m.