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Approved Jan 13, 2009 - Navarre Area Architectural Review Board Minutes


January 13, 2009

The meeting was called to order at 3:00 p.m. with the following members and staff present:
· Mr. Greg Fountain, Chairman
· Mr. Gaius Bruce, Co-Chairman
· Ms. Joanne Connor, Committee Member
· Mr. Kenneth Walter, Committee Member
· Ms. Sharon Bryant, Committee Member
· Ms. Leslie Statler, Planner I, Staff to the Committee

· Ms. Shirley Brown, Committee Member
· Ms. Sarah Hernandez, Committee Advisor

The meeting was called to order at 3:04 p.m. Since the minutes from the last meeting were not available, Mr. Greg Fountain moved on to consider the first item on the agenda.

The first case was Winn Dixie Store #501 (2009-NAARB-001). Mr. Shaughn Thomas, cubellis, presented the project. He explained that Winn Dixie is redesigning and improving the façade many of their locations. Ms. Joanne Connor asked about the entrances and the awnings. Mr. Thomas explained that the renovations include creating 2 distinct entrances into the store with a separate third entrance into the liquor store. Each entrance will have a metal awning which will serve as a rain guard. He further explained that Winn Dixie worked with the landlord to develop a color palette which was mutually agreeable; the result is an earth tone color palette for the building with the roof remaining teal.

Mr. Fountain asked staff if Ms. Sarah Hernandez had made comments and/or a recommendation. Ms. Leslie Statler verified that Ms. Hernandez reviewed the project and was satisfied with it as presented.

Mr. Gaius Bruce made a motion to approve the project as presented. Ms. Sharon Bryant seconded. Mr. Fountain asked for discussion and then called for a vote. The Board unanimously approved the project.

The next item of business was the discussion of the Chairman’s matters. Mr. Fountain began the discussion on membership and reviewed Land Development Code Article 2, specifically 2.11.00, with the Board. The Board then discussed the current membership and their criteria and experience. Ms. Statler clarified that with Ms. Seanor’s resignation, the criteria that one member must own property within the Heart of Navarre is not met. The discussion turned to the expiration of the members’ terms and the members immediately effected. Ms. Statler stated that the members whose terms expired would need to reapply. She further explained that Planning & Zoning would also have to advertise when applications are being accepted for the Board. She expected that that would happen in the very near future. Mr. Fountain expressed his concern that the legality of the Board’s decision with several members’ terms currently being expired.

Mr. Fountain then directed the discussion to the Planning Department matters. Ms. Statler gave the Board updates on the compliance issues previously brought up by the Board. She stated that the complaints for TC’s Front Porch signage and mermaid and pirate decorations, Tamteck Pools freestanding sign, and Accent Interiors freestanding sign were turned over to Code Compliance the week prior to the meeting. She stated she would have an update at the next meeting.

Ms. Statler then opened the discussion on the conflict between the commercial use allowed within the Town Center 2 zoning category and the deed restriction that prohibits commercial use. Ms. Bryant suggested sending letters to property owners within the Town Center letting them know of the disparity between the deed restrictions and the zoning category. Ms. Joanne Connor suggested that the notification be expanded to include local realtors. Mr. Bruce asked if staff could identify the specific parcels affected so they could better discuss the situation. Ms. Statler said they would do so and bring it back to the Board at a later date.

Ms. Connor also suggested that future approvals need to include appropriate verbiage when the Board is being accommodating to an applicant. The members present agreed.

Mr. Fountain reminded the Board that their charter relates to the standards of Planning and Zoning and not to civil matters. He suggested it is best to stay away from that which is not within their realm of authority.

The meeting adjourned at 3:45 p.m.

Minutes approved by the Board on February 10, 2009