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Approved Feb 10, 2009 - Navarre Area Architectural Review Board Minutes


February 10, 2009

The meeting was called to order at 3:05 p.m. with the following members and staff present:
· Mr. Gaius Bruce, Co-Chairman
· Ms. Shirley Brown, Committee Member
· Ms. Sharon Bryant, Committee Member
· Mr. Kenneth Walter, Committee Member (via teleconference)
· Ms. Leslie Statler, Planner I, Staff to the Committee

· Mr. Greg Fountain, Chairman
· Ms. Joanne Connor, Committee Member
· Ms. Sarah Hernandez, Committee Advisor

The meeting was called to order at 3:05 p.m. Mr. Gaius Bruce opened the meeting by asking if there was discussion of the minutes from the January 13, 2009 meeting. There was none and Ms. Sharon Bryant moved to approve the minutes without objection. Mr. Bruce then asked if there was discussion of the minutes from the December 17, 2008 meeting. There was none and Mr. Kenneth Walter moved to approve the minutes without objection.

The Board then moved on to consider the first item on the agenda.

The first case was Coldwell Banker, United Realtors (2009-NAARB-002). Mr. Steven Carney, CAD Signs, presented the project. He explained the timeline of events beginning with his initial contact with the Santa Rosa County Building Department. He stated that he was told that the property was not within a special district. With that in mind, he told the Board that he took the appropriate steps to garner approval from Coldwell Banker and to construct the sign. The installer applied for a building permit and was notified that the sign could not be approved without NAARB approval. He said he then contacted Ms. Leslie Statler in Planning & Zoning regarding the regulations within the Heart of Navarre. He asserted that Ms. Statler had informed him of the criteria and emailed him the Land Development Code regulations pertaining to signage. He stated that he understood the letters may only be illuminated and that their intent was to have an opaque backer behind the lighted part of the sign so that only the letters would be illuminated.

He continued by stating that he did not agree with the determination that the pole sign was too tall and wished to discuss that with the Board. Ms. Statler interjected to clarify that the Board did not receive the rendering of the pole sign he was referencing. She explained that staff had reviewed the sign and determined that it did not meet the performance standards since the posts were more than fifty percent of the overall height of the sign noting that the applicant had been told this the previous week. She told the applicant that he was within his right to seek NAARB approval for the pole sign but that it would also require Board of Adjustments action if it was approved by NAARB. She further explained that such action would delay the issuance of the sign permits until mid-April at best.

Ms. Bryant suggested that the applicant erect the monument sign since a tall sign is not necessary with the relatively flat area in Navarre. Mr. Carney then expressed concern over visibility as well as the engineering of the monument sign. Ms. Statler told him that although she had contacted the Building Department and that Mr. Bruce Teston indicated additional engineering would likely not be required, Mr. Carney should contact Mr. Teston to verify the engineering requirements. Ms. Deena Smith, Coldwell Banker United Realtors, asked Mr. Carney if the sign which has already been constructed could be made into a monument sign without additional costs and time. Mr. Carney said that it could. He explained that they would mount it on an aluminum base which could be finished with stucco to match the building.

Mr. Ken Walters asked if the monument sign was the one in the Board’s packet. Ms. Statler said it was. Mr. Walters asked about landscaping around the base of the sign. Ms. Smith said they intended to landscape around the base and asked if they could move the sign to the west side of the property. She asked staff if they would be allowed to move the landscaping on the northwest corner, specifically a cypress tree, to accommodate the sign. Ms. Statler said that they could move the landscaping along the right-of-way as long as it remained within the right-of-way landscape strip along the perimeter of the project. She cautioned them that the sign could not be located within the parking island and must meet setbacks from the property line. Mr. Carney said that it would meet the setbacks.

Mr. Bruce asked if the Board had further questions. They did not. Ms. Bryant moved to approve the 11’ 2” monument sign as presented with a stucco finish in a color to match the building. Ms. Shirley Brown seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

Ms. Statler then began the discussion of the Planning Department matters. She gave the Board updates on the compliance issues previously brought up by the Board. She stated that the complaints for TC’s Front Porch signage and mermaid and pirate decorations, Tamteck Pools freestanding sign, and Accent Interiors freestanding sign had been reviewed by Code Compliance. She told the Board that Mr. Robert Benaquis, owner and proprietor of TC’s Front Porch, had contacted Planning and Zoning the previous week to seek a resolution. She explained that staff was going to review the Code Compliance officer’s assessment and discuss a plan of action. She also told the Board that Mr. James Dular had contacted her regarding the TamTeck Pools sign. She told the Board that she was going to call him on the next day to discuss his options. Ms. Statler told the Board that Accent Interiors was no longer in business and had been replaced by a reaching supply store. She added that the owner of the building has been notified of the violation but
has not made contact with County staff.

Mr. Bruce asked for a motion to adjourn. Ms. Brown made a motion to adjourn. Ms. Bryant seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

The meeting adjourned at 3:34 p.m.

Minutes approved by the Board on March 10, 2009