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Approved May 12, 2009 - Navarre Area Architectural Review Board Minutes


May 12, 2009

The meeting was called to order at 3:00 p.m. with the following members and staff present:
· Mr. Greg Fountain, Chairman
· Mr. Gaius Bruce, Co-Chairman
· Ms. Shirley Brown, Committee Member
· Ms. Joanne Connor, Committee Member
· Mr. Kenneth Walter, Committee Member
· Ms. Sarah Hernandez, Committee Advisor
· Ms. Leslie Statler, Planner I, Staff to the Committee

· Mr. Sharon Bryant, Committee Member

Mr. Greg Fountain opened the meeting by asking if there was discussion of the minutes from the April 14, 2009 meeting. Ms. Joanne Connor questioned the next to last sentence in the second paragraph which pertained to the discussion of the placement of signage on both sides of the tamteck Pools & Spa freestanding sign. Mr. Fountain asked Ms. Leslie Statler for explanation. Ms. Statler stated that during discussion of the item, the question was raised of whether signage would be placed on both sides. She directed the Board to the portion of the minutes where the motion was made to approve with the stipulation that signage was to be placed on both sides. Mr. Gaius Bruce moved to approve the minutes. Mr. Ken Walter seconded the motion and the Board voted unanimously for approval.

The Board then moved on to consider the first item on the agenda.

Mr. Fountain introduced the first case, The Slippery Mermaid Sushi Bar (2009-NAARB-010). Ms. Karen Hineman, The Slippery Mermaid Sushi Bar, presented the project. She explained that she forgot to seek approval for the sign when she originally presented the project to NAARB last year. Ms. Connor stated that she felt the posts would not be required to be covered since they are part of the architectural element. The Board concurred. Ms. Connor asked about the stain color for the posts. Ms. Hineman said it would match the color on the building. Ms. Connor asked about the lighting. Ms. Hineman stated that the sign would have lighting mounted on top to illuminate the sign face. Ms. Sarah Hernandez asked to clarify whether the architectural style of the beams would be consistent with the pencil drawing or the photograph included in the packet. Ms. Hineman stated it would be consistent with the photograph.

Mr. Bruce moved to approve the freestanding sign as presented at the meeting. Mr. Ken Walter seconded the motion. Mr. Fountain asked if the Board had further discussion. They did not. The motion was unanimously approved.

Mr. Fountain introduced the second case, Higher Ground Coffee & Tea Company (2009-NAARB-011). Mr. Andrew Isaac and Mrs. Julie Isaac presented the project. Mr. Walter asked if they were moving forward with the previous site (2009-NAARB-007). Mr. Isaac explained that the previous location was no longer an option. He told the Board that the only changes made to the color scheme were switching from a 4-color scheme to a 3-color scheme with the deletion of the blue background. He continued by telling the Board that the changes to the exterior would include adding shutters, a deck, and lattice around the base of the building.

Ms. Hernandez asked staff if they would have to return to the Board since this was a conceptual and some elements were not included (landscaping). Ms. Statler explained that the Board could approve the exterior modifications and color choices as they are presented. Ms. Hernandez asked about the lattice, skirting and rafter tails. Ms. Connor asked for clarification on the shutters, specifically if they are false. Ms. Hernandez stated that the center needs more detail of the posts with dimensions and specifications of the pickets. She also suggested that the wood be stained a lighter version of the proposed color palette. The Board discussed the differences between a slab and a deck with Mr. Walter noting that a slab may require stormwater management. Ms. Hernandez asked for clarification on the attached sign. Mr. Bruce asked if they could approve the conceptual and inquired about the timeline for the project. Mr. Isaac stated that he would rather have a deck now with their future plans to include a porch and re-roofing of the building with a metal roof. He added that he was meeting with County staff to discuss the site plan requirements later this week. The Board discussed the phases of the project. Ms. Hernandez offered to review the project for consistency with the conceptual. She stated that the project would need to include skirting, signage location, shutters, railing style, ramp location, trim color and any future phasing.

Mr. Bruce made a motion to approve the project with the Board’s recommendations from today and assuming that Planning & Zoning will approve the site plan and Ms. Hernandez will confirm the architectural elements. Ms. Connor asked about the trim color. Ms. Hernandez stated tat the baluster should be lighter. Ms. Connor seconded the motion. Mr. Fountain asked for discussion. The Board then unanimously approved the motion.

Ms. Statler did not having Planning Department matters other than to tell the response to the Board membership was positive and that the applications were in review. Mr. Fountain asked if the Chairperson needed to change. Ms. Statler told him the Board that was up to their discretion as some boards change annually and others do not.

Ms. Connor asked Ms. Statler if the packets could be emailed. Ms. Statler said they could not due to size restraints. Ms. Hernandez also stated that colors may vary depending upon monitors and printers. The Board discussed postage and mailing fees.

Mr. Fountain asked for a motion to adjourn. Mr. Bruce made a motion to adjourn. Ms. Brown seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

The meeting adjourned at 3:51 p.m.

Minutes approved by the Board on June 9, 2009