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Approved Oct 13, 2009 - Navarre Area Architectural Review Board Minutes


October 13, 2009

The meeting was called to order at 3:00 p.m. with the following members and staff present:
· Mr. Gaius Bruce, Vice-Chairman
· Ms. Joanne Connor, Committee Member
· Mr. Kenneth Walters, Committee Member
· Ms. Kathi Martin, Committee Member
· Ms. Lisa Epstein, Committee Member
· Ms. Susan Haddock, Committee Member
· Ms. Sara Hernandez, Committee Advisor
· Ms. Leslie Statler, Planner I, Staff to the Committee

· Mr. Greg Fountain, Chairman

Mr. Gaius Bruce opened the meeting by asking the committee and staff members to introduce themselves. He then asked if there was discussion of the minutes from the August 11, 2009 meeting. Ms. Joanne Connor moved to approve the minutes. Ms. Kathi Martin seconded the motion and the Board voted unanimously for approval.

The Board then moved on to consider the first item on the agenda.

Mr. Bruce introduced the first case, 2009-NAARB-016, located in the Town Center Core district on Presidio Street. Mr. Kevin Bock was in attendance to present the project. Mr. Bock, Bock Construction, explained that the property owner would like a detached garage to match the existing single family residence. Ms. Lisa Epstein asked if the proposed garage would align with the residence. Mr. Bock stated that it would be 35 feet from the front property line and would align with the existing building. Ms. Kathi Martin made a motion to approve as presented. Mr. Ken Walters seconded the motion. The Board unanimously approved the project, as presented.

Mr. Bruce introduced the second case, 2009-NAARB-017, located in the Heart of Navarre overlay district on Highway 98 and zoned HCD-HON. Mr. Charles Clary presented the project giving a brief history of the Navarre and Santa Rosa Sound area. He explained the goals and challenges of the project and the decision to have buildings similar to the Dutch Caribbean and Greek Isles architecture prominent in Alice Beach and Rosemary Beach. He identified the colors and materials to be used. Ms. Sarah Hernandez discussed the architectural styles of the Navarre Town Center Plan and the process by which these styles where chosen. She explained that Mediterranean styles and the Dutch Caribbean style were specifically disallowed. Ms. Hernandez pointed out that the lack of color on this project accentuates the fact that the style is not allowed. Ms. Epstein asked if the Board could approve projects if they do not meet the approved styles. Ms. Hernandez advised her that doing so would essentially be approving a new style. Ms. Joanne Connor noted that when the Board made deviations from elements of the approved styles which then had troublesome consequences.

Mr. Clary offered some changes to the project with Bahama shutters and a roof overhang. He also offered a metal roof. The Board then discussed with the applicant several elements of the project including the base, portico columns, awning frame, parapet walls, and fence. Ms. Connor expressed concern for not losing sight of Santa Rosa Sound and suggested restricting the height of the shrubbery. Mr. Clary stated that the view corridor requirements are being satisfied by not developing the easternmost section of the parcel. He clarified that the fence would not extend to this area. Mr. Clary also informed the Board that the project is seeking several variances from the Zoning Board of Adjustments (ZBOA). The Board inquired of Health Department requirements, the existing piers, and the ownership of the RV sites.

Ms. Martin clarified that the elements that the Board wanted to see on the buildings included:  dark wood columns, bumped-out base, shingle or metal roof, Bahama shutters, and a roof overhang of 2 feet. Mr. Clary offered to expose the rafters. Ms. Martin made a motion to approve the project with those conditions. Ms. Hernandez advised that the Board should have the opportunity to review the modifications prior to final approval. Ms. Epstein made a motion to table the project until the next meeting to allow the Board to review the changes as well as the fence. Ms. Susan Haddock seconded the motion. Mr. Clary asked staff about the deadline. Ms. Leslie Statler advised him that the deadline for revisions to be submitted was October 27. The Board approved the motion unanimously. Mr. Bruce polled the Board for their opinion of the project. Collectively, the Board felt positively about the project.

Mr. Bruce then introduced the third case, 2009-NAARB-018, located in the Heart of Navarre overlay district on Highway 87 South and zoned HCD-HON. Mr. Harold Dodd, C & S Signs, was in attendance to present the project. Mr. Bruce advised the applicant that there would be concerns about the color. Mr. Dodd explained that the property owner would like to replace the existing monument sign with a freestanding sign. He went on to say that the sign will have landscaping and the address number. He presented color samples to the Board. Ms. Epstein asked for clarification about the sign face. Mr. Dodd confirmed that the letters would stand out from the aluminum cabinet. The Board then discussed the colors presented after which Ms. Hernandez proposed the applicant use “Afterglow”. The applicant asked if “Sunrise” could be considered. The Board agreed that it is within the approved color palette and would be acceptable. Ms. Epstein asked staff if the applicant could have reviewed the colors with staff and Ms. Hernandez prior to the meeting. Ms. Statler and Mr. Walters explained that the applicants have access to the advisor and staff but they can only advise; often the applicants come before the Board seeking direction.

Ms. Hernandez stated her other concern was pole covers. Ms. Connor concurred with Ms. Hernandez’ concerns stating that there were no pole covers or landscaping indicated. The Board discussed the options for pole covers including having the color match the building color. Ms. Connor made a motion to approve the sign with the following change: color may be either “Afterglow” or “Sunrise”, pole covers which are a minimum of 12 inches in width are to be added to the poles between the ground and the bottom sign and should match the building in color, the poles between the two signs may be exposed, and landscaping is to be added. Ms. Martin seconded the motion. Ms. Epstein asked about the address numbers. Staff explained that the address numbers would be required in the permitting process. The Board approved the motion unanimously.

Mr. Bruce then introduced the fourth case, 2009-NAARB-019, located in the Heart of Navarre overlay district on Highway 98 and zoned HCD-HON. Mr. Terry Akens, Southern Signs, was in attendance to present the project. Mr. Akens suggested that in the future the Board consider using a formula to determine the width of pole covers (a percentage of the length of the sign cabinet divided by the number of poles) and that they consider having the poles the same color as the building. The Board discussed pole covers. Mr. Bruce asked staff to take that into consideration when code language is changed.

Mr. Akens then explained his project - two attached wall signs. He stated that the colors to be used are “Kumquat” and white. The Board discussed the colors and noted that the “Helen Back” sign is a logo. Mr. Akens explained that the “Helen Back” sign is usually red but that the applicant opted to have this sign white with “Kumquat” trim to match the other signage on the building. Ms. Epstein asked if he intended to place signage on the other elevations. Staff explained that they were not allowed because they did not have road frontage on the other elevations. Mr. Walters made a motion to approve as presented. Ms. Epstein seconded the motion. The Board unanimously approved the signage as presented.

The Board then discussed other items of concern including the ramp and windows at Boondocks, the memorandum about quasi-judicial proceedings and the Sunshine Law, the chain link fence at the Visitor’s Center, and the list of permitted species. Ms. Haddock expressed concern about the list including several species which have been identified as invasive and nonnative, specifically Elaeagnus (Elaeagnus pungens), Firethorn (Pyracantha coccinea), and Red-Tip Photinia (Photinia), and suggested that the list be reviewed and the extension office consulted. Staff advised the Board that the LDC is under review and that landscaping is one of the specific items to be visited. The Board discussed the origin of the existing list of species and palm trees.

Mr. Bruce announced the next meeting, November 10 and asked for a motion to adjourn. Ms. Connor made a motion to adjourn; Mr. Martin seconded the motion. The motion was
unanimously approved.

The meeting adjourned at 4:25 p.m.

Minutes approved by the Board on November 10, 2009