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Approved May 8, 2003 - Local Mitigation Meeting Minutes


Santa Rosa County
Local Mitigation Strategy Task Force
Milton, Florida
May 8, 2003

1.  Welcome and Introductions

The Santa Rosa County Local Mitigation Strategy Task Force met on the above date. A sign-in sheet showing all members present is attached.  Scott Paul, Vice-Chairman called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m., and welcomed everyone in attendance, who introduced themselves.

2.  General Business

A.        Approval of February 19, 2003 meeting minutes.

            Donna Adams moved approval of the February 19, 2003 minutes; Donna Tucker seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

B.         Mitigation Project Proposal(s)

            Bill Stubstad, requested the City of Milton Fire Department and the City of Milton Warehouse /Garage be added to the project list. He said packages have been passed out explaining the need for the facilities, the benefit cost ratio and  how the priority scoring was calculated. (Attachment in file)  Donna Adams said  the goal for having these projects on the list is to apply for grant funds. Roger Blaylock asked Adams if all projects had to be on this list to apply for FEMA grant money.  Adams explained that points are awarded by certain grants for     projects that are on the LMS list.  Blaylock moved approval to add the City of  Milton Fire Department and the City of Milton Warehouse/Garage to the mitigation list; Donna Tucker seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

C.        Other Business

            No issues

 3.  University of West Florida, Small Business Development Center Presentation    by Harris Barker. 

             Barker presented information on a grant program the University received to provide Continuity of Business counseling and services to small business.  He  handed out brochures explaining the free service to small businesses. (Attachment      in file)  Barker said the small businessman has a thirty one item check list to review and decide how to prepare for disasters for the items that relate to his  business. He said businessmen need to review their insurance coverage and be sure they have sufficient coverage for all disasters. He also discussed ways to protect business records. Barker said he offers individual counseling for small businesses.  Larry McDonald asked Barker how he wanted the LMS Committee     to assist him with his grant program.  Barker responded that the LMS Task Force could assist by advertising the free service to small businesses.

 4. State Planning Grant Application for Preparation of DMA2K (Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000) LMS Plan.  

            Jerrie Lewis said counties will be required to conform to the new federal requirements to be eligible for this grant.  She said all counties in Florida have a LMS Plan in place developed under State guidelines. Lewis said the Local  Mitigation Strategy Committee is now working to conform to the new Federal   requirements.  She said the committee will be getting federal grant planning dollars to help fund the development of this plan. Lewis passed around a copy of the State’s application. (Attachment in file)  She said the grant can be up to $20,000.00, and Paula Davis is working on a letter stating why Santa Rosa  County needs the full $20,000.00.  Lewis said there is a 25% match the county will have to provide in cash or in-kind service or a combination of both.  Lewis explained that every participant’s time in attending the meeting and/or working on LMS tasks, etc., can be documented and applied towards meeting a 25% in-kind match.  Lewis said the application dead line is June 13, 2003.  The State’s scope of work will follow the federal guidelines and the contract will run for a period of  24 months. 

Lewis provided information about a new federal grant called the Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant (PDM), which is an open ended and nationally competitive grant.  Lewis said this grant requires a 25% match, which can be in kind services, cash, or a combination of both. Lewis said with this new grant local government will have to do their own benefit cost analysis. She said because the PDM grant program is nationally competitive, the projects need to have as high a benefit cost ratio as possible.   She said FEMA and the State of Florida are having workshops for training on FEMA’s benefit/cost analysis on May 22 & 23, 2003 in Tallahassee and that she will be attending.. Lewis said there will also be workshops in Orlando and Miami in June. 

Faulkenberry asked if there was a projected cost of putting the plan together.  Walker asked if the $20,000 would be sufficient to do the work.  Larry McDonald said WFRPC would make the $20,000.00 grant be sufficient to complete the revisions to make the LMS plan a DMA2K compliant plan.  Walker asked if Santa Rosa County will be required to fund the 25% match.  McDonald said the LMS committee will be able to use the hours spent in participating in LMS meetings and in developing the plan as well as approximately $4,200.00 a year from WFRPC staffing, so the County will not have to budget for the 25% match. McDonald said the State of Florida will contract directly with the planning council for this grant if the County so desires.  He said this will save the County time and paperwork. Lewis said the $20,000.00 is to fund the initial submittal of the DMA2K-compliant plan and that work will be ongoing for the next five years.

Lewis explained that the plan would include a 5-year action plan of additional work that will be done to bring the plan into total completion and compliance at the end of the 5 year planning period.  This could be accomplished through utilization of geographical planning areas where the Task Force would focus on only one or two planning areas that are at the greatest risk from disasters for the initial plan.  Planning areas determined to be at less risk would be addressed during the next 5 year planning period.

Lewis emphasized that this is a multi-jurisdiction plan and documentation of each municipality’s participation in the planning process is crucial for that municipality to be eligible to receive funding from the various federal mitigation grant programs.

Lewis reviewed the HMGP/PDM Comparison Table (Attachment in File) explaining the various plan submittal dates and other differences between the two grant programs.  She explained the County could submit their DMA2K compliant plan in March 2004.  Lewis asked for confirmation of this date from Dan Crabb, from the Florida Department of Emergency Management.  Crabb responded affirmatively and explained that money for the PDM program will not be appropriated by Congress until that time. 

5.         Brief Report of FDEM Workshop held on March 14, 2003.

            No discussion.

6.         LMS Committee “Bylaws” Discussion/approval.

Scott Paul opened discussion on the proposed bylaws of the committee.  Lewis said she e-mailed the bylaws out along with today’s agenda a week ago and asked if everyone had enough time to review them.  Lewis said there are two additions to the bylaws which are highlighted in the draft (Attachment in file). Faulkenberry recommended             adding Commissioner Bob Cole to the Steering Committee. Lewis said she found an inconsistency with the words appointed vs designated alternates under the steering committee section (A. The Steering Committee Alternate) and asked the group which one they preferred.  “Designated” was the word of choice.  McDonald asked whether the Committee wanted to approve them with actual people’s names in the Steering Committee table.  He suggested that it would be better to put actual names in an attachment to the bylaws so that changes could be made in the membership without amending the bylaws themselves.  Faulkenberry moved approval; Adams seconded and the motion carried unanimously for the bylaws to be approved with the organization/department name to be included but not the persons name.

Lewis asked if everyone was okay with the two member information forms they received with the bylaws.  There was no discussion about the forms and copies of blank forms were passed around for attendees to complete.  Lewis emphasized that one form was for Steering Committee Members and their alternates and the other one was for Working Committee members.

7.         Discussion about the Next Step in “Organizing Resources”

Lewis explained now that the Task Force is organized with bylaws and planning money will be forthcoming to fund planning efforts, she will begin to plan for training and overview workshops.  She said the public and municipalities will be invited to discuss and identify areas that need risk assessment. McDonald suggested one workshop be held in the north end of the county and one in the south end.  Lewis said the meetings will need to be advertised to encourage as much public participation as possible.  McDonald said he would like the county staff members and municipal members to help identify areas, locations, and infrastructures that are at risk and need consideration for mitigation purposes. Lewis said she will have to show in the plan that the LMS projects directly link to the risk assessment data and analysis.  She said that she will be following the risk assessment guidance in FEMA’s How-to-Guide:  Understanding Your Risks.       

Commissioner Cole asked if he should be a non-voting member on the steering committee because he will be voting when it comes before the Commissioners.  Walker said it helps for a Commissioner to be on the committee because through the planning process he will be able to articulate the Task Force’s recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners.  He said there is no conflict of interest.  McDonald said ultimately what the committee is trying to do is make recommendations to the Commissioners.

Rosalyan Bates said one of the purposes of the plan is for each county to develop their plan through collaboration with neighboring counties to get information from a broad spectrum.  She said this will help to insure nothing is overlooked in developing the plan. 

8.         Other Business

            Carol Calfee said there will be a roundtable training workshop June 10, 2003 at the Berryhill Administrative Complex on their incident command system and how it works.  She said the goal is to have everyone working together and on the same page.  Calfee said they recently had a field test with a real life scenario, and it  worked very smoothly.

            McDonald said there will be a Level 1 Hazardous Materials Training Class in Bonifay next Saturday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.  He said the purpose of the class is to increase the number of fully qualified HazMat trainers in the eastern part of our region.  He said there will also be a Trainer’s Class in June and a Level  2 Class in July.

            Lewis asked how long the committee meetings should last. Adams suggested one hour to one and a half hour maximum.

Lewis asked that anyone on the committee spending time on this program to keep a record and turn it into her so it can be used for the 25% match on the County’s planning grant.  She said the-in-kind services report has to be submitted with each deliverable on the State’s Scope of Service.

            Donna Tucker said the Santa Rosa County Chamber of Commerce sends out a  newsletter once a month and she could have the date, time, and place of the   meetings included in it.  She said she also has a website she can update with any information businesses will be interested in.

9.         Establish Next Meeting Date

            The next meeting date of this committee will be June 19, 2003 at 1:30 p.m.

10.       Adjourn

             The meeting adjourned at 3:15 p.m.