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Approved Feb 26, 2004 - Local Mitigation Meeting Minutes


Santa RosaCounty
Local Mitigation Strategy Task Force Committee
February 26, 2004
Welcome, Introductions, Purpose
The Santa Rosa Local Mitigation Strategy Task Force met on the above date with Vice-Chairman Scott Paul and members (See attached sign in sheet). Paul called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. He welcomed everyone in attendance and asked everyone to introduce themselves.
Review of Minutes of October 8, 2003 Meeting
Bill Stubstad moved approval of the minutes from October 8, 2003; Commissioner Cole seconded, and the vote carried unanimously.
Priorities List Proposals
Walker said the County is in the process of applying for a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). He said he is not sure if the project was on the previous priorities list, but he said we do need to place this project on the current priorities list. Walker said the parameters of the project have not been finalized yet. He said it is a neighborhood revitalization project that primarily addresses installation of wastewater lines in Serosa Estates in the Navarre area and a portion of Bagdad. Walker said the Bagdad portion is part of a partnership with the City of Milton. He said the City of Milton will be the wastewater provider, and in the Navarre area the provider will be Holley-Navarre Utility System. Walker said the project is three or four years old, and with the change in criteria the chances of being awarded the grant have improved.
Howard said some projects being put on the list do not fall within the guidelines of hazard mitigation. He said some of the projects are capital projects and do not fall into the category for natural disaster. Howard said the project has to be affected by some sort of natural disaster such as a hurricane, flood, or fire. He questioned whether the wastewater line project could be included as hazard mitigation. Anderson said it will not hurt to add the project to the priorities list. He said the County can look for other funding sources while it is on the list.
Walker said it is his understanding every potential project should be put on the priorities list. He said if there is alternate funding available it will be used. Walker said in the aftermath of Hurricanes Erin and Opal, the County did receive hazard mitigation grant funds to extend sewer lines in the Floridatown area due to the high water table, the close proximity of the houses, and the problem with septic tanks malfunctioning causing fouling of Escambia Bay.
Bates said all projects with priorities should be on the list because there are a lot of grants coming out and if the project is not on the priorities list the grant funds will not be available. She said they look for that correlation in the grant approval process. Paul said Larry McDonald’s guidance has been in favor of inclusion of all projects on the priorities list. He said the process is to accept proposals to be included on the list, vetting them, and then getting back to the person submitting the request at the next meeting.
Walker said the deadline may not allow the CDBG project to be included on the priorities list because it may need to be submitted before the next LMS meeting. Paul said an item can be included on the priorities list without a vote from the LMS Task Force Committee, but by vote from the sub committee, as long as there is a quorum. He said he will review the by laws to confirm this. Walker said McConnell will be the contact person while Davis is out.
Howard said he recently attended a training session and benefit cost ratio analysis was a topic of discussion. He said he has the benefit cost analysis from the past priorities list for reference, and he will be the person assigning a benefit cost ratio for each project on the current priorities list. Howard said he is going to continue working with FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) to determine what methodology to use to assess large special areas versus single structures, and the benefit cost analysis for all projects. He said the priorities list will be updated constantly for new projects and tracking completed projects. Howard said in talking to the FEMA engineers it is his understanding they are running into too many different methodologies of how the projects are ranked. He said FEMA has developed a benefit cost ratio analysis methodology they recommend everyone use. Bates agreed this committee needs to follow the FEMA benefit cost ratio analysis for ranking. Anderson said the application and benefit cost ratio are the things FEMA uses to score each project.
Status of DMA2K LMS Plan Update
Warren Brown questioned the population figures in the incorporated and unincorporated areas in Section Five of the LMS Plan (Attachment in file). He said he felt the figures for the Navarre area are not accurate. Howard said Navarre is an unincorporated area so the figures are included in the unincorporated areas of Santa Rosa County. He said he received the information from the 2000 census data and explained section five is a draft document and not complete at this time.
Howard reviewed the changes made in Chapter four. He said the categories have been combined as a streamline process and for clarification. Howard said Chapter five is to provide a compilation of the information gathered and the judgments made about the hazards threatening Santa Rosa County as a whole and the potential vulnerability to those hazards. He went into detail on layering of the maps identifying the just values and the three categories of hazard potential. Howard said he used data from the Q3 database for flood zones and storm surges. He said the Department of Forestry provided the wild fire data. Howard said there is a fair market value and just value for property, so he included both values in the data.
Howard said there is a break down of the hazard assessment and vulnerability assessment. He said the maps identify the hazard, just value, number of parcels in the area, and the recommendations for mitigation. Howard said Chapter six will address mitigations in detail for each area. He said the completed document will have a breakdown of all the land in Santa Rosa County categorized with potential hazards, their degree of hazard, and mitigation recommendations.
Howard said there has been discussion on changing the priorities list to initiatives list. He said the list is not in priority order and projects are done in no particular order. Ling said the projects are completed as independent funding becomes available.
Howard said his projection is to do a five year plan. Ling said Emergency Management’s position is to keep adding data because everything identified and uncovered fills the voids and validates the vulnerability analysis. Howard said individual details will be in Chapter 6. He said the target date for DMA2K completion is April 2005. Howard said the Department of Community Affairs contact person is Miles Anderson. Howard said you can E-grant your applications now. He said the whole process is streamlined with the Grants Coordinator or a designated person with authority to submit the grant applications. Howard said the system allows you to save the information. Bates said the same information can be used for various grant applications. Howard gave the E-grant address and basic instructions on how to use the site.
Other Business/Open Floor
Brown said he felt a different break down of geographical areas besides incorporated areas and unincorporated areas might work better. Anderson suggested getting the plan completed to meet minimum standards and getting it approved. He said then we have five years to compile the details. Cole suggested using Highway 90 or Interstate 10 as a boundary line for the unincorporated areas. Howard said there are no boundary lines just sections. He said the information is available by incorporated and unincorporated areas and the LMS plan is for the county as a whole.
There was discussion on getting representation from each community within the County. Paul said inclusion of residential groups that have not been represented thus far is a key part of the by laws and structure of this committee. He said now that a plan is forming there is something to discuss with the public.
Walker moved approval to change the name of the priorities list to initiatives list without objection.
Howard said he will bring the updated initiatives list to the next meeting. He said he will have the new fields added with the levels of vulnerability to the different hazards.
Announcement of Workshop Following Meeting at 4:00 p.m.
Howard said the workshop is intended for the public that have never attended a LMS meeting. He said it is for information purposes, and he will be available for any questions.
Setting of the Meeting Dates and Adjourn
Bates recommended having monthly meetings due to the timeframe of the grants becoming available. The next scheduled meeting will be Thursday, March 25, 2004 at 2:00 p.m. located at the SRC Emergency Operations Center.
There being no further business to come before the Committee at this time, the meeting adjourned at 3:45 p.m.