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Approved Mar 25, 2004 - Local Mitigation Meeting Minutes


Santa RosaCounty
Local Mitigation Strategy Task Force Committee
March 25, 2004
Welcome, Introductions, Purpose
The Santa Rosa County Local Mitigation Strategy Task Force met on the above date with Chairperson Paula Davis and members (See attached sign in sheet). Davis called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. and asked everyone to introduce themselves.
Review of Minutes of February 26, 2004 Meeting
Bill Stubstad moved approval of the minutes of February 26, 2004 meeting; Dave Ling seconded, and the vote carried unanimously.
Priorities List Proposals
Robin Phillips, Jones, Phillips and Associates, said the proposed project is a CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) project to provide sewer line extensions and hook ups to low to moderate income people in Serosa Estates, Navarre. She said presently they are having problems with the septic tanks because of the water table. Phillips said 80 residences will be served with this project. She said the hook up fees and septic tank abandonment will be taken care of with this grant. Phillips said they are requesting $700,000.00 which will also pay for all construction, engineering, and administration expenses.
McDonald asked if there are environmental problems relating to the project. Phillips said anytime you are on septic tanks in a flood prone area there is an environmental problem. McDonald said we need to accommodate projects of this type with mitigation due to public health issues. There was discussion on the perimeters of projects and qualifications for local mitigation. McDonald said back up is needed for every item on the priorities list for reference.
Dave Ling moved to add the CDBG project within Serosa Estates to the Priorities List; Bill Stubstad seconded, and the vote carried unanimously.
Status of DMA2K LMS Plan Update
Rawls Howard said at the last meeting there was discussion on certain verbiage in Chapter 5, and he has made the appropriate corrections (Attachment in file). He said he checked the 2000 Census and verified he had the correct figures. Howard said a new feature has been added that schematically classifies areas by the number of hazards that affect it. He said blue signifies one hazard, yellow signifies two hazards, and red signifies three hazards. McDonald said we need to focus on the highest hazard areas first. Howard discussed the few items needing to be added to Chapter 5 for completion.
Howard said in Chapter 6 he will be working with Building Officials and CRS Coordinators to develop strategies in land use ordinances for regulation creation and/or updating. There was discussion of ways vulnerability will change and designing a system for tracking these changes over long term. Howard said this can be part of the five year plan. He said the tracking can take place during everyday building official operations and inspections. Paula said she felt the Santa Rosa County Building Official will be in favor of assisting in identification of mitigation areas. Howard said there can be a questionnaire the Building Inspector can fill out as regular procedure when he goes to building sites.
There was discussion on fire vulnerability, and Howard obtaining information from the Forestry Service to incorporate in the map overlays. The discussion included specific areas in the county. Davis said this plan will be a great tool for pinpointing grant project areas.
Ling said in Chapter 5 you might want to look at standardizing hurricane category wind speeds. He said the categories need to be redefined in category 5.2B for consistency. Davis asked if we will be approving Chapter 5 at the next meeting. Howard said yes. He said it will be completed at the next meeting.
Other Business/Open Floor
Ling said hypothetically, if a project is recommended to the committee and rejected and the elected body votes differently, will it to be added to the LMS list. There was discussion on this type of situation. McDonald said if a City Council or County Commission requests an item be added, he recommends that item be added. Ling said we are redefining our efforts, and he felt this needed to be addressed and decided on as policy. McDonald said the documents, used as back up to justify the project, will be the historical documentation of who it came from and why it is there.
There was discussion on Rhonda Royals and the County GIS system interacting with Chapter 6 of the LMS plan. Ling said he is very excited with the detailed information that will be available when the LMS plan is complete.
Setting of Meeting Dates and Adjourn
Davis said the next meeting date will be contingent upon the completion of Chapter 5. It was decided everyone will receive Chapter 5 by mail or e-mail. McDonald said that will give everyone the chance to comment on any changes. Howard said the next meeting can be a dual purpose meeting to discuss any last minute changes to Chapter 5 and discuss what is wanted in Chapter 6. McDonald said the next meeting will be scheduled approximately in one month.
There being no further business to come before the Committee at this time, the meeting adjourned at 3:15 p.m.