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Approved Jul 26, 2004 - Local Mitigation Meeting Minutes


Santa Rosa County
Local Mitigation Strategy Task Force Committee
July 26, 2004
Milton, Florida

Welcome, Introductions, Purpose
The Santa Rosa County Local Mitigation Strategy Task Force met on the above date with several members present. A copy of the sign in sheet showing attendees is attached.
Paula Davis, Chairperson, asked all members to introduce themselves. The meeting was called to order at 1:05 p.m.
Approval of Minutes
Larry McDonald asked that “Rawls” in the last paragraph on page 1 be changed to Rawls Howard the first time he is mentioned. He said “Howard” by itself will be fine after the first time his complete name is mentioned.
Bill Stubstad moved approval of the Minutes of the June 28, 2004 meeting, including the changes mentioned by Larry McDonald; Rhonda Royals seconded, and the motion carried unanimously.
Review of Draft Documents and Processing of Comments
Larry McDonald referred to a memorandum he wrote to the task force committee regarding a conversation he had with Hank Erickson at DCA/DEM Mitigation (Attachment in the file). He identified five areas of discussion with regards to the LMS Plan Submittal and PDM (Pre Disaster Mitigation) Cycles. McDonald explained the County can not get PDM dollars without an approved plan. He said it will take approximately 45-90 days to get the plan signed off from DCA (Department of Community Affairs).
McDonald said Royals stated she contacted the ISO (Insurance Service Officer) and the need for the LMS Plan to be completed and adopted on October 1, 2004 is not critical to her. He said this is not critical to FEMA or DCA either, so there is no priority to reach the deadline on behalf of the County’s Community Rating System program. McDonald said an approved plan will be needed for the ISO review in 2005. Royals said she will still need an annual update by the end of August 2004.
McDonald recommended increasing the frequency of the meetings. He asked everyone’s opinion on holding public meetings in Jay, Gulf Breeze, and Milton to get public feedback on the document.
Rosalyn Bates asked how the CRS (Community Rating System) is incorporated into the plan. Royals said Rawls Howard, Karen Lowndes, Larry McDonald, and I met with the ISO representative in June. She said the representative suggested including everything Santa Rosa County is currently receiving points on into the LMS plan. Royals said this is what we intend to do.
McDonald said he submitted Okaloosa’s preliminary plan to DCA. He said the comments were very minimal. McDonald said Hank Erickson said the plan was a “good job.” He said one comment suggested expanding on all hazards instead of just the big ones.
McDonald asked each of the municipalities to review the comments and information listed in their geographic area of the plan. He said he wants to make sure each of these municipalities’ comments include everything they want to say about their area. Bill Stubstad made several comments with regard to the table on page 15 under the City of Milton. He said he would like to see City Hall, City Warehouse, Milton City Police Department, Old City Hall (Public Works Bldg.), Santa Rosa County Courthouse, Riverwalk, Russell Harbor Landing, and the voting precincts added to the table. Stubstad said all of these facilities can be considered “at risk” during a disaster. Dave Ling said he would also like to see schools, Milton Community Center, public works facilities, city hall’s, fire departments, law enforcement facilities, courthouses, and emergency communication centers added to the table.
Royals asked the true definition of a critical facility. McDonald said a critical facility is anything that helps a community operate after a disaster. He agreed building supply stores, hardware stores, and grocery stores would all be examples of a critical facility. There was discussion of whether or not critical facilities should be commercial franchise organizations. Most everyone agreed critical facilities should be both commercial franchise organizations and smaller retail organizations, including small “mom and pop” stores. There was continued discussion on this issue. Ling said there is a sensitivity issue on picking one over the other. He said we need to be careful to not show preference on one versus the other. Royals suggested getting guidance from the State level. McDonald agreed.
There was continued discussion on the CRS System with regard to National Flood Insurance. McDonald said National Flood Insurance is an added benefit to the CRS. He explained the process and its purpose. Royals said the City of Milton is not part of the CRS System. Stubstad said he does not have time to complete the paperwork. Royals and Bates encouraged Stubstad to complete the paperwork and become involved; they both agreed it will be very worthwhile for the City of Milton. Bates asked for a copy of the project list. She asked McDonald to please make it available on the web. Bates said she would like to add the CRS to the project list.
Warren Brown made comment to problems in Holley By the Sea associated with flooding. He explained some of the problems the area has had over the years. McDonald said this is a perfect example of what should go into the 5 year plan. He said the 5 year plan could address this issue in this neighborhood (Holley by the Sea). McDonald asked to meet with Brown so he could get some additional information.
Royals said the committee needs a Public Works attendee. Davis said she is sure the representative will be Avis Whitfield. She said she will check into this, and try to get someone with Public Works to participate on the committee.
Setting of Future Review and Adoption Schedules
McDonald said the goal to finish the plan is between November and December of 2004. He said he would like to have the different City Council’s involved in making changes to the plan.
Paula Davis suggested getting all feedback to McDonald no later than August 20, 2004. She asked everyone to please put all changes in writing and send them to McDonald by fax or email. McDonald said he will meet with the different City Council’s and the Board of County Commissioners in the month of August to solicit feedback on the plan. Davis said all public workshops will be held in September 2004 located in different areas of the County (Town of Jay, City of Milton, City of Gulf Breeze, and Navarre). Stubstad said the Milton City Council will meet on August 10, 2004 at 5:00 p.m. He suggested McDonald present the plan to the Milton City Council at this time. The following dates were decided on for presentations of the plan to the different municipalities.
City of Milton August 10, 2004 5:00 p.m.
Town of Jay August 16, 2004 3:30 p.m.
SRC Board of County Commissioners August 23, 2004 9:00 a.m.
City of Gulf Breeze undecided
Other Business/Comments
McDonald announced his resignation. He said his last day will be August 27, 2004. Royals asked McDonald to please do the annual update for her before he leaves. McDonald asked everyone to make sure he receives all feedback on the LMS plan no later than August 20th so he can make the necessary changes to the plan before he leaves.
Setting of Next Meeting Date and Adjourn
The next meeting was scheduled for August 26, 2004 at 1:00 p.m. in the Emergency Management Conference Room.
There being no further business to come before the committee at this time, the meeting adjourned at 2:25 p.m.