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Approved Dec 1, 2004 - Local Mitigation Meeting Minutes


Santa Rosa County
Local Mitigation Strategy Task Force Committee
December 1, 2004
Milton, Florida

Welcome, Introductions, Purpose
The Santa Rosa County Local Mitigation Strategy Task Force met on the above date with several members present. A copy of the sign in sheet showing attendees is attached.
Paula Davis, Chairperson, asked all attendees to introduce themselves. The meeting was called or order at 1:50 p. m.
Approval of Minutes
Larry McDonald requested “Rawls” be changed to “Rawls Howard” in the July 26, 2004 minutes. He explained Howard is his last name.
Bill Stubstad moved approval of the minutes of July 26, 2004 as amended; Bob Cole seconded, and the motion carried unanimously.
Change of Staffing Services
Davis said there have been a lot of staffing changes in the committee from West Florida Regional Planning Council. She said Larry McDonald has left West Florida Regional Planning Council and is now with Ecology and Environment Inc. Davis said the county decided to enter into a contract with Ecology and Environment Inc. (E & E) for McDonald to continue staffing the LMS committee and complete the DMA2K Plan. Davis said McDonald has extensive experience in his field.
Briefing on DMA2K Plan Completion and Submission Status
McDonald said E & E has until December 31, 2004 to get the DMA2K plan compliant for the LMS Committee. He said we are at the stage of developing the five year plan. He said it is very easy to become obsessed with Hurricane Ivan, and he urged the committee to stay alert keeping all the hazards in mind as the five year plan is developed.
McDonald announced his new e-mail address and telephone number. He said he will write the plan with the information he has received from prior committee meetings along with the information he receives from today’s discussion. McDonald said the five year plan will be comprised of a five year overview of what the committee will be focusing on. He said the plan can be changed as needed during the five year planning cycle. McDonald said he will have the plan completed on January 3, 2005 for the committee to review. He said it will include the vulnerabilities, the hazards assessment, and maps. McDonald said a meeting can be planned for mid January to discuss any changes.
He said the next step will be to submit the plan to the DCA (Department of Community Affairs) for review and pre-approval. McDonald said HMGP (Hazard Mitigation Grant Program) grant applications are due by April 15, 2005, and the PDM (Pre-Disaster Mitigation) grant deadline is February 28, 2005. He said this provides two opportunities to apply for grants, once the adopted plan is submitted to DCA.
McDonald discussed the initiatives list and said he will e-mail the current list to everyone for review. He said there is a new Initiatives List Proposal and Assessment Form to be used for any new initiatives to be included on the list (Attachment in File). Hank Erikson, Department of Community Affairs Bureau of Mitigation and Recovery, said to be sure and track time spent on the plan because it can be used towards the 25% local match.
Davis reiterated the timeline. She said on January 3rd the final draft of the plan will be sent to committee members. McDonald agreed. He said everyone on the committee, along with local government officials and staff, needs to review the document to make sure it is ready to submit to DCA. McDonald said any corrections will be made at the mid-January meeting. He said the next step will be to transmit the plan to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and DCA for approval. There was discussion on the municipalities adopting the DMA2K plan by resolution. Erikson said a public meeting is required to review the draft before the municipalities can adopt the plan. It was decided there will be one resolution with four signatures of approval, including the county and each municipality. After transmittal by the local governments in January 2005, and anticipated plan approval by DCA and FEMA during February, the plan will go back to the local governments to be adopted. At this point, the adopted plan will be sent to FEMA and DCA for their records. This will allow local governments to receive grant funding under the HMGP and PDM programs over the five year planning cycle. The adopted plan might also be used to bolster other grant programs by mentioning that a given proposal or project is consistent with the LMS plan.
LMS Committee Officers for 2005
Davis asked the committee members to be thinking of nominations for chairperson and vice chairperson. She said she will be stepping down as chairperson because she is leaving the area. Davis said nominations can be e-mailed to McDonald. She said the elections will be held at the January meeting.
Current Mitigation Planning Issues
1. FEMA or State DEM Mitigation Staff Briefing – Richard Thibedeau, FEMA representative, and Hank Erikson, DCA representative, gave a power point presentation on the HMGP (Attachment in file). Erikson also distributed a document from DCA which provides additional information on the HMGP (Attachment in file). There was discussion on applying for funds by grouping projects together or applying for each project separately, the types of projects that qualify for mitigation funds, and FEMA’s allocation process.
2. Hurricane Ivan Mitigation Issues – Beckie Faulkenberry discussed two new possible mitigation projects. She said one is in the Floridatown area where some older mobile homes were damaged by Hurricane Ivan, and the second project is in the Navarre area where townhouses were destroyed by Hurricane Ivan. Davis said she was contacted by approximately 17 families interested in elevating their homes and obtaining shutters. Dave Ling discussed an emergency radio station and expansion of Emergency Communications. McDonald said the Initiatives List Proposal and Assessment Form should be completed for all new mitigation projects. He said by having all projects on the initiatives list, if the project does not qualify for PDM funds there may be other grants available.
3. Initiatives Listings – McDonald said it is important to have everything on the initiatives list because the project will not get funding if it is not on the list.
4. Public Participation and Document Availability – McDonald said LMS (Local Mitigation Strategy) records are in Escambia County at West Florida Regional Planning Council. He said the records are public record, and he will check into having them added to Santa Rosa County’s internet site.
Other Business & Public Comments
Ling recognized Davis on a job well done as chairperson.
Next Meeting Date / Adjourn
The next meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, January 12, 2004 at 1:30 p.m. in the Public Services Conference Room on Old Bagdad Highway.
There being no further business to come before the committee at this time, the meeting adjourned at 3:50 p.m.