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Approved Jan 12, 2005 - Local Mitigation Meeting Minutes


Santa Rosa County
Local Mitigation Strategy Task Force Steering Committee
January 12, 2005
Milton, Florida

The Santa Rosa County Local Mitigation Strategy Task Force met on the above date with 15 members present. A copy of the sign in sheet showing attendees is attached.
Vice-Chairman Scott Paul called the meeting to order at 1:50 p.m. and asked all attendees to introduce themselves.
Approval of Minutes
Steve Furman moved approval of the minutes of December 1, 2004; Dave Szymanski seconded, and the vote carried unanimously.
Nominations of Officers for FY 2005
Paul said Paula Davis’s recommendations for FY 2005 officers are Dave Ling, Beckie Faulkenberry, or Rhonda Royals.
Beckie Faulkenberry moved approval of Dave Ling for Chairman; Hunter Walker seconded, and the vote carried unanimously.
Steve Furman moved approval of Scott Paul for Vice-Chairman; Rhonda Royals seconded, and the vote carried unanimously.
Paul said Red Cross representative, Rosalyn Bates, will be leaving the LMS committee. He asked Bates if there will be another person representing the Red Cross. Bates said Mr. Adams was previously on the committee, and she felt he will be replacing her as the Red Cross representative.
Ling thanked everyone in attendance and gave a brief history of the LMS committee. He discussed the importance of the LMS committee and the legislative requirements.
Briefing on DMA2K Plan Completion and Submission Status
Larry McDonald said the DMA2K plan is not ready for approval at this time. He said he felt the plan will be ready in two weeks. McDonald said time and the number of inquiries on initiatives has been extraordinary. He said the initiatives lists are compiled and separated by municipality. McDonald said all initiatives are required to be submitted on the initiatives list proposal form for scoring purposes. He said the scoring will provide important information on the amount of hazard being reduced.
Current Mitigation Planning Issues
1. Hurricane Ivan Mitigation Issues & Mapping Program
McDonald discussed the housing list provided by Robin Phillips. Phillips said the houses are housing elevation or demolition and rebuild projects. McDonald said before FEMA can issue funds on these housing projects, they will need to be placed on the initiatives list of the LMS plan. He said an initiatives list proposal and assessment form needs to be completed on each house for scoring. McDonald said each structure should be listed individually.
Royals asked when the committee will vote on the initiatives list. McDonald said not today. Royals said she has some projects to submit to Phillips. She discussed a townhouse project on Highway 98. Royals discussed partial demolition of the townhouses in detail. Furman discussed a possible complete reconfigured development of the property. There was lengthy discussion on the townhouses. Walker suggested McDonald set a specific date as a deadline for the initiatives list.
Donna Adams asked where to direct citizens wishing to be on the initiatives list. McDonald said if an individual requests to sell their property, an elevation, or some form of mitigation and the City of Milton wants to dedicate their HMPG funds towards that application, the City of Milton can fill out an initiatives form for the project.
McDonald said when this committee reconvenes, everything will be completed including the finalized initiatives list. He said at the last meeting FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and Hank Erickson, DCA (Department of Community Affairs) Division of Emergency Management, clearly stated any HMGP (Hazard Mitigation Grant Program) and PDM (Pre-Disaster Mitigation grant program) application not on the initiatives list submitted without approval in the LMS plan will not be funded by FEMA when funding is released.
Bates asked if all residential mitigation projects need to be on the initiatives list. McDonald said yes. Furman asked if all the homes damaged by storm surge are eligible to be on the initiatives list. Walker said this program was not set up for damage to individual homes, and residential homes will not score well compared to municipality issues. McDonald said to make sure the projects are true mitigation projects.
Bates asked FEMA the outcome of different projects such as a sewer treatment plant project versus a residential elevation project. C. Bailey Williams (FEMA Mitigation) recommended grouping the homes on one application. He said homes that are uninhabitable are the easiest to justify and the easiest to get approved. Williams said the townhouses discussed earlier will be more complicated because all occupants are not in agreement. There was lengthy discussion on the townhouses and voluntary participation. Bates asked if it will be better to submit one application on a whole area of homes as one project. Williams said there can be one application and project as long as the properties are connected by at least one corner.
McDonald said it may be necessary for an independent list to be maintained on residential houses for HMPG funding. He said unused funds from other areas will roll over and become available in this area after the April 15, 2005 deadline. McDonald suggested a running list for housing situations separate from the infrastructure items. McDonald said sometimes HMPG supplemental funding becomes available with a 30 day deadline. He said all the background information on projects should be compiled and ready for submission when the funds become available. Paul suggested splitting the list for committee use and having one initiatives list with categories in the LMS plan.
McDonald said the scoring form is designed for projects that are essential to the first 72 hours of recovery. He said individual houses will not score well, but they do need to be on the list to be eligible for supplemental funding. There was discussion on the benefit cost value and scoring of items on the initiatives list. Williams said Santa Rosa County has an allegation of funds available. He said the county is not competing for funding with other counties.
McDonald asked about privacy issues with residential addresses on the initiatives list. Faulkenberry said the houses can be listed as a “single family home” without an actual address. Williams agreed the houses can be listed as single family homes. Furman discussed concerns with regard to who will be responsible for choosing which houses will be approved for funding. McDonald said the by-laws allow for a working group to research this issue. There was discussion on “a first come first serve basis” being the best way to disperse funds for residential houses. McDonald said this is a multi-jurisdictional plan and the most important thing is for all projects to be on the list. Walker said in the past, grant applications have gone before the Board of County Commissioners for approval. He said more thought will need to be put into the disbursement of funds. There was lengthy discussion on the methodology of disbursing funds.
Furman moved to group residential houses as a single line entry on the initiatives list with a list of the residential houses maintained separately to be used with and part of the initiatives list; Faulkenberry seconded, and the vote carried unanimously.
McDonald saidPhillips and McConnell will be responsible for maintaining the residential housing list. He said the decision of who receives funding will be an administrative decision of the municipalities. Williams discussed three tiers of FEMA funding that will be available and said the projects should be ready to submit when funding becomes available.
2. Initiatives Listings
McDonald said there are projects that need committee approval to be added to the initiatives list. He discussed the School District, County, and City of Milton projects to be voted on today (Attachments in file).
Donna Adams moved approval to add the projects not previously approved to the initiatives list; Furman seconded, and the vote carried unanimously.
3. Other Items
McDonald said the City of Jay has formed a working group in the northern part of the county. He asked Linda Carden to discuss this working group. Carden said a town meeting was called for all citizens inside and outside of the city limits to discuss Hurricane Ivan issues. She said about 50 people attended, and there was discussion on problems that were encountered after Hurricane Ivan. Carden said a committee was formed and approved by the town council. She said the committee will be meeting soon, and any requests will be transmitted to the LMS committee.
McDonald asked the LMS committee if the Jay committee will be an official working group for the LMS Steering Committee. He said according to the by-laws no official action needs to take place for this to happen.
Ling said the next scheduled meeting is Wednesday, February 2, 2005 at 1:30 p.m. at the Santa Rosa County Emergency Operations Center.
There being no further business to come before the LMS committee at this time, the meeting adjourned at 3:40 p.m.