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Approved Mar 30, 2005 - Local Mitigation Meeting Minutes


Santa Rosa County
Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) Task Force
Steering Committee
March 30, 2005
Milton, Florida

The Santa Rosa County LMS Task Force met on the above date with 20 members present. A copy of the sign in sheet showing attendees is attached. The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m. Chairman Dave Ling asked all attendees to introduce themselves.
Approval of Minutes
Dave Szymanski moved approval of the minutes of the February 2, 2005 meeting; Donna Adams seconded, and the vote carried unanimously.
Initiatives List Issues
Ling said the primary purpose for today’s meeting is to review the initiatives list, approve additions, and discuss ranking procedures.
Larry McDonald said the committee needs to prioritize the projects on the initiatives lists. He said the initiatives list is updated as of today, March 30, 2005. McDonald said he took all the initiatives that were on the various entity lists and consolidated all projects into one initiatives list. Szymanski said he felt a consolidated list will not be fair for ranking purposes because he is unfamiliar with projects in other areas of the county. McDonald said the committee will need to decide on how prioritization will be handled. There was discussion on if there should be one initiatives list for the entire county or a list for each entity. Ling said the state requires one consolidated initiatives list for all of Santa Rosa County.
McDonald said the purpose of the point system within the initiatives list is to help the committee decide how strong the project may be. Sharon Marsh said some of the projects still do not have LMS points which will assist with the ranking process. She suggested ranking the projects with LMS points with respect to each jurisdiction and to get the remainder of the forms to McDonald for ranking.
Steve Furman asked McDonald if there is a correlation with the LMS points and how the committee might rank a project. McDonald said no. He said the LMS point system is an assistance tool showing how much hazard mitigation may get accomplished with that particular project. Ling said only the HMGP (Hazard Mitigation Grant Program) projects are affected by priority. He said all other projects just have to be on the initiatives list to receive funding from other grant programs. Donna Adams asked the timeframe for submittal of the initiatives list. Marsh said the CDBG applications are due on Monday, so all CDBG projects need to be added to the initiatives list. She suggested each jurisdiction rank their projects internally, and this committee meet at a later date to consolidate the individual entity lists into one list. Furman asked if the various government entities will need to approve the ranking their staff decides on. Ling said when the Board of County Commissioners adopted the LMS plan they adopted the initiatives list.
Szymanski asked the deadline date for CDBG grant applications. McDonald said the CDBG applications are due Monday, April 4, 2005 and the HMGP applications are due June 15, 2005. Marsh reiterated the CDBG projects do not need to be prioritized. She said the sooner Santa Rosa County can get their HMGP applications in the better.
McDonald said all the submitted projects are on the initiatives list except Gulf Breeze projects. He said he has received the project information from Gulf Breeze and will be updating the list with their projects in the next few days. McDonald said there are two Gulf Breeze projects that were inadvertently dropped from the list, so they will be included in the updated list.
Marsh said each project should be ranked by how much benefit the community will get out of that project when it is completed. She said each grant has a different set of criteria and specific standards. Marsh said as grants become available, the committee will review the prioritized list for projects that are eligible for that particular grant.
Millard Adams moved to accept the amended initiatives list to include Gulf Breeze projects that need to be restored; Bill Stubstad seconded, and the vote carried unanimously.
Marsh said waiting any longer than what is absolutely necessary to submit HMGP applications will be a mistake. She said the applications should be submitted no later than the first part of May. Nancy Parker, FEMA representative, said the applicant has two years from the date the project is approved by FEMA to complete, and FEMA will allow an additional year for extenuating circumstances. She said all applications have to be settled by September 26, 2005. Parker said work can not be started on a project until approval is received from FEMA.
Donna Adams suggested setting Monday as the deadline for submitting HMGP projects. Ling said the committee can electronically submit their ranked projects to McDonald prior to the next meeting. He said McDonald can compile the list for discussion and a formal vote at the next public meeting.
Louis Green discussed his concerns regarding a lack of initiatives for the south end of the county. Ling said there has always been a resident from Navarre as a voting member of this committee. Gomillion and Furman named several projects on the initiatives list located in the south end of the county.
Gomillion suggested categorizing projects by:
1. Hardening of buildings and recovery systems
2. Health and safety issues
3. Other
McDonald said he will send an e-mail to all committee members requesting each entity categorize and rank the initiatives that pertain to their jurisdiction. He said he will consolidate the list for a poll at the next meeting when he receives the information from all entities. Rosalynn Bates said assistance can be requested from the State of Florida for anyone needing help with HMGP project applications.
DMA2K Plan Status
McDonald said FEMA has requested some changes to the proposed LMS Plan. He said most of the changes are administrative issues. McDonald said there are two changes that are of substantial importance.
1. A focus on how much future development is anticipated in the identified hazard areas.
2. The incorporation of the goals and objectives of the plan.
Other Business & Public Comments
Ling recognized and welcomed Millard Adams as the new designated representative of the American Red Cross of Northwest Florida.
Next Meeting Date / Adjourn
The next scheduled meeting is Wednesday, April 20, 2005 at 1:30 p.m. to be held at the Emergency Operations Center.
There being no further business to come before the LMS Committee at this time, the meeting adjourned at 3:15 p.m.