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Approved Feb 15, 2006 - Local Mitigation Meeting Minutes


Santa Rosa County
Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) Task Force
Steering Committee
February 15, 2006
Milton, Florida

The Santa Rosa County LMS Task Force met on the above date with 16 members present. A copy of the sign in sheet showing attendees is attached.  Walker called the meeting to order at 1:40 p.m.

Bracewell introduced Bud Boomhouer. Boomhouser said he is the Administrative Coordinator of Long Term Recovery for United Way. Rosalynn Days-Austin said she is the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) Long Term Recovery Coordinator assigned to Santa Rosa County. Bracewell also introduced Emergency Management personnel Ed Rodriguez (Deputy Director), Rick Harris (Logistics Chief), and Brad Baker (Operations Chief). She said the vacant Plans Chief position has been offered to Daniel Hahn. Bracewell said she is expecting Hahn to fill this position the first or second week in March. Walker said Stephen Furman is now the Assistant Public Works Director.

Walker moved approval without objection of the November 16, 2005 minutes.

Updates on LMS Tier I-III submissions for Ivan
Marsh provided an updated list of mitigation initiatives (Attachment in File). She said a few weeks ago the City of Milton and Santa Rosa County had a long conversation with FEMA regarding a number of the projects. Marsh said two of the County projects have been approved, and the City of Milton is resubmitting the Locklin Lake Dam project. Adams said the City of Milton is moving forward with the Elva Street project and hardening of the Police Department. Marsh said she was verbally told most of the hardening projects will be approved.

Marsh said there are some issues with the sewer extensions and the County is continuing to work with the Stateof Florida to resolve the issues with FEMA.

Marsh said she will no longer provide hard copies of the initiatives at the LMS meeting because the updated LMS initiatives are on the County website. Stubstad asked the update process. Marsh said any updated information can be emailed to her prior to the meetings or submitted at the meetings. She said the form is online for submission of additional projects. Marsh said new projects will be added to the list after discussion and approval at a meeting.

Marsh asked Carden for an update on the Town of Jay HMGP (Hazard Mitigation Grant Program) projects. Carden said she does not have any new information at this time. She said the Community Center is going to be retro-fitted with CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) funds. Carden said the Town of Jay is working on receiving HMGP funds for the Fire Department and City Hall projects.

Discussion of the updated draft of By-Law changes and Steering Committee composition

Marsh said the committee has received an updated draft of the By-Law changes and asked if there are any changes. Faulkenberry said her alternate needs to be updated.

Adams moved approval of the By-Laws as presented; Carden seconded, and the vote carried unanimously.

Upcoming Flood Mitigation grant

Marsh said the FMA (Flood Mitigation Assistance) grant is currently open. She said there was prior discussion regarding using FMA funds to elevate homes. Marsh said the application is on the County website but she has not received any submissions. She said fifteen of the homeowners that met the criteria were contacted and none of them were interested in submitting an FMA application. Gomillion asked if the homeowners gave a reason for being uninterested. Marsh said the majority of the homeowners did not return her call. She said this committee needs to think of ways to get grant information out to the public. Royals suggested press releases. Walker said the Public Information Officer can send a press release. Marsh said county staff may need to compile an educational outline explaining the FMAgrant.

Walker asked Royals to explain what FEMA is getting ready to do with the rate map changes and freeboard. Royals explained the flood maps coming out will reflect pre- Hurricane Ivan data. She said public hearings will soon begin to allow the community to review the flood maps and submit any revisions. Royals also discussed the FIRM maps that set base flood elevations and changes in the ISO ratings for insurance. She reviewed the County V zone height requirements. Walker said he felt the public is going to think the FIRM map changes are Hurricane Ivan related, and this is not true. Gomillion suggested developing a press release throughthe Public Information Officer.

Other Business & Public Comments

Gomillion asked Marsh if she has any insight on how the County may receive any additional funding for hurricane related infrastructure projects. Marsh said everything she has read so far is general.

Adams asked if there will be another round of HMGP applications. Marsh said competitively HMGP opens very year. Adams said she is looking for funding for construction of the new Fire Station. Marsh said she felt the new Fire Station will not qualify for HMGP funding because it is not considered hazard mitigation. Sheryl Bracewell suggested Adam’s check into the Firefighters Homeland Security Grant.

Furman said the County was approached by Holley By the Sea Homeowner’s Association regarding the Holley By the Sea Stormwater Study and Improvement Project. He said he suggested an MSBU to the Homeowner’s Association to fund the stormwater study Furman said the improvement project will be much easier to accomplish with the drainage study complete. Marsh said the MSBU can be used for the 25% match funding ifthe project receives some HMGP funding.

Stubstad asked if there will be another cycle of funding. Marsh said Santa Rosa County submitted projects for about $21 million, and to date the County was allocated $13 million. She said the funds are allocated to Santa Rosa County but the projects have to meet criteria to receive funding. There was further discussion regarding HMGP funding.

The next scheduled meeting of the LMS Committee is scheduled Wednesday, May 17, 2006 at 1:30 p.m.

There being no further business to come before the committee at this time, the meeting adjourned at 2:10 p.m.