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Approved Apr 26, 2006 - Local Mitigation Meeting Minutes


Santa Rosa County
Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) Task Force
Steering Committee
April 26, 2006
Milton, Florida

The Santa Rosa County LMS Task Force met on the above date with 15 members present. A copy of the sign in sheet showing attendees is attached. Walker called the meeting to order at 1:35 p.m.

M. Adams moved approval of the minutes from the February 15, 2006 meeting; Szymanski seconded, and the vote carried unanimously.

Presentation & Discussion of eligible HMGP (Hazard Mitigation Grant Program) projects – Sharon Marsh

Marsh discussed the HMGP workshop she and Combs attended a few weeks ago in Pensacola. She provided a handout to the committee members of the items discussed at the workshop (Attachment in File). Marsh reviewed the three tiered county allocation system. She said Santa Rosa County has been allocated a little over $3 million for Hurricane Dennis; if a county does not spend all of their allocation for Tier Two projects for a particular declared disaster,the funds can be applied for byother counties as long as the funds are for the same declared disaster. She said Tier Three funds become available statewide. Donna Adams asked if application has to be made under each Tier or if Tier One projects not funded automatically drop to Tier Two. Marsh said the eligible projects not funded in Tier One will automatically drop to Tier Two or designation can be made on the application for Tier Two or Tier Three funding.

Szymanski asked if any of the projects previously submitted for HMGP funds were funded. Marsh said she has been told most of the County’s hardening projects will be approved. She asked the municipality representatives if they have heard of any approved projects within the municipalities. D. Adams, Carden, and Szymanski said no. There was discussion regarding the long and tedious process of submitting HMGP applications, and the importance of everyone being well prepared with adequate documentation for the next round of HMGP. Marsh said HMGP approval requires a benefit cost analysis and this is why so much information is required on the application. She said she will provide the municipalities with a CD of the HMGP application checklist. Marsh said the committee members have to get better at collecting and sharing data with each other.

Marsh discussed what is considered to be hazard mitigation eligible projects. She read a list of the types of projects that have been funded in the State of Florida. Marsh also reviewed the project eligibility requirements provided in the hand out.

Discussion & Addition of any public projects to the LMS project list

Marsh asked if there are any additions to the LMS project list. D. Adams said the City of Milton has no additions. Marsh said the county has two projects to add. She said the first addition is shuttering of “at risk homes” in the county, and the second project is non- profit shuttering of the Bagdad Museum Complex.

D. Adams moved approval of adding the two County projects to the LMS priorities list; Szymanski seconded, and the vote carried unanimously.

Discussion &Addition of shutters for private residences & acquisition projects

Bracewell asked Marsh to review the process residents will use to apply for HMGP funding. Marsh discussed the application process and the information residents need to provide. Bracewell said Emergency Management can do a public announcement. Marsh said she will work with Don Chinery to get the information out to county residents.

Furman asked the criteria for someone to receive funding assistance for shutters. Marsh said the resident has to have some type of repetitive loss from previous storms. She said
the greater the risk area the higher the resident will score with their application. Marsh said there is no income limit requirement. She said the resident will pay for the shutters and apply for 75% reimbursement. Gomillion asked if there is a funding limitation. Marsh said she applied for about $300,000.00 in the first round. She said there is another grant that has opened up, and she may be able to submit some additional applications through this grant. Gomillion asked if the property has to be the primary residence. Marsh said she prioritized the applications by primary residence. Greene asked the application deadline date for property owners. Marsh said the end of May. Walker said there will be a running list of projects. Marsh said she encourages residents to apply for any potential projects to get on the list. She said she will notify the resident when their project gets in the next group to be funded.

Furman discussed the advantages of county and city employees obtaining shutters to quickly secure their homes before reporting to work during disasters. There was discussion regarding the cost of installing storm shutters and the importance of using a licensed contractor.

Re-prioritization of consolidated LMS project list

After discussion it was agreed for Marsh to set aside funds for additional projects within the city limits of Milton and Gulf Breeze. Gomillion said there is not a representative present at today’s meeting from the School District, and Emergency Management is interested in the School District’s hardening projects. Marsh said she spoke to Steve Ratliff and the only thing the School District has left to purchase is generators;generators do not qualify for HMGP funding. Gomillion and Bracewell discussed shuttering of Jay Elementary School so it can be used as a shelter. Bracewell said there is a need for a shelter in the north end of the county. Marsh said the School District will need to complete the application and cost estimates if they want to apply for funds. Carden said the Jay Community Center will be retro fitted, but it is small to be opened up as a community shelter. There was discussion regarding the FEMA DRC location in Jay. Walker requested Bracewell contact Ratliff regarding the shuttering of Jay Elementary School so it can be used as a shelter. Marsh said she will add Jay Elementary School to the list of LMS priorities.

Bracewell said it has been determined that Item 21 (Santa Rosa County Auditorium) is not suitable for a special needs shelter, and she requested this project be removed from the priorities list. She said the new Avalon School will be complete in the fall of 2007, and it is being constructed to be used as a special needs shelter. Bracewell said Sims School will be used as the alternate special needs shelter.

Szymanski moved approval of the LMS project list as amended; D. Adams seconded, and the vote carried unanimously.

Other Business/adjournment

Bracewell said Emergency Management now has the capacity to do tele-conferencing in the EmergencyOperations Center.

The next scheduled meeting of the LMS Committee will be Wednesday, August 23, 2006, at 1:30 p.m. in the Emergency Operations Center.